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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: A Princess Party, But Not A Fairytale Ending

November 12, 2012 08:25 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills is all new tonight on Bravo.  Kyle is throwing a fabulous birthday bash for Portia and most of the women attend. Will the ladies be able to act like adults at this kiddie party? 

Kyle walks into a store with her over-sized sunglasses and even bigger Starbucks coffee to meet Adrienne.  The ladies are shopping at an over-priced children’s store.  But what Adrienne is really shopping for is some scoop on Lisa’s party.  Yes, the party Adrienne was not invited to! Ms. Maloof thinks that Lisa is acting very immature about the whole thing and she is ready to just move on.   ”Don’t hold your breath,” Kyle tells her friend about waiting for an apology from Lisa. 

Taylor is at home prepping dinner with her housekeeper for Adrienne, Kyle and their families.  How does Taylor afford a housekeeper? Everyone agrees that Taylor is looking fabulous and the weight gain works for her.  In an emotional plea to Mauricio and Paul, Taylor asks them to walk a mile in high heels for domestic abuse.  The women are excited to see the men sweat it out in high heels.  

Mommy Yolanda stops by her daughter’s photo shoot to deliver a coffee.  Yolanda brags about her gorgeous daughter and how she can land any modeling job.  She doesn’t want to be a stage mom, but  then Yolanda tells her daughter to get back on a diet and tells the make-up artist to redo her eyes.  It definitely seems Yolanda is living through her daughter at the moment. “She was bred for this,” Yolanda tells the guys on the shoot. 

In true Beverly Hills fashion, the gang boards a private jet to attend the charity event.  In an awkward moment, Paul asks how Lisa’s party was.  Taylor doesn’t really know what to say, but does mention Lisa received the giant flowers they sent.  Adrienne is insisting that Lisa owes her an apology. Finally at the charity event, Mauricio and Paul put on the heels and strut their stuff.  Both men agree that wearing heels isn’t as easy as women make it look.

The day of Portia’s birthday party has arrived and it’s going to be quite the BH bash!  There are rides being built in Kyle’s backyard and Portia is getting all glammed up for the event. “Don’t smudge your nails, you gotta be a big girl,” Kyle tells her four year-old.  Kyle is now outside trying to organize the ponies (dressed as unicorns), the petting zoo and the photo booths. 

Kyle was hoping that Lisa and Adrienne would make up at Portia’s party, but Lisa is sneaking out early for a work event.  “Thank you anyways, you tried,” Lisa tells Kyle.  Adrienne doesn’t want anyone involved in her fight with Adrienne. With that said, Lisa bolts from the party.  

Brandi is very apprehensive about being at the party, especially without Lisa there to back her up. “No one is going to be rude a child’s birthday party,” Kyle reassures Brandi.  Does Kyle know these women? When Taylor walks into the party she completely ignores Brandi and talks to Camille.  Brandi feels that Taylor is being aggressive by not talking to her, so she leaves the party.  Taylor might not be talking to Brandi, but she is talking about Brandi with Adrienne and Kim.  On the other side of the party, Adrienne is upset that Lisa is avoiding her.  “It’s very high school, very childish,” Adrienne tells Kyle.

So what did you think of tonight’s RHOBH?  Let us know what you think, leave us a comment below.

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Photo Credit: Bravo

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