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Dancing With The Stars Recap: Triple Threats Followed By Double Elimination

November 13, 2012 10:10 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

It’s the night we’ve all been dreading: double elimination on Dancing with the Stars. Double eliminations are never easy, but given the calibre of the all-star dancers, they have been made that much more difficult to bear. Usually I’m crossing my fingers for one or two dancers, but this season, my finale wish list has more entries than the number of contestants able to compete in the finale! Please, DWTS, can we please, please just keep everyone for another week?

Kylie Minogue is here to lighten the mood a bit before the dreaded double elimination occurs. Joining her are Tristan, Kym and the talented troupe. The professional performances are always my favorite part of elimination episodes and I can’t say that tonight’s high-spirited dance is an exception.

Shawn & Derek and Melissa & Tony are first on the chopping block tonight. I can’t stand the thought of either of these lovely ladies going home already. In my opinion, both deserve to be in the finale. And…it looks like both of the season 8 alums still have the opportunity, because they’re safe! Yay!

I’ve been a fan of Dancing with the Stars for a long, long time, but before that, I was the ultimate Newsies dork. So nothing could please me more than to see two of my biggest obsessions combined! The Broadway cast performs a rousing rendition of Seize the Day, which would be very inspiring if I wasn’t already on pins and needles over the upcoming elimination.

Another musical diversion performance is delivered by Ne-Yo, and (sorry Ne-Yo fans) it just doesn’t compare to the amazingness of Newsies. If there are any straight male DWTS fans out there (is there such a thing?!), I’m sure they’ll disagree, because there were plenty of attractive women featured during Ne-Yo’s performance.

Ne-Yo departs the stage, allowing Kelly & Val and Kirstie & Maks to take his place. One of these pairs will most definitely be going home, and I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t be Kelly & Val. Looks like my finger crossing worked out okay, because it’s so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye for the comedienne and her perpetually angry counterpart. And just to clarify (because I’ve been accused of being a Kirstie hater): I do not have a problem with Kirstie!! In any other season, she’d be deserving of a spot on the finale. But as I’ve said before, her dancing just was not at the level of the other contestants.

Before we learn who will be joining Kirstie & Maks, it’s time for the teams to choose dances for the other teams. Get ready for some eye-rolling and uncontrollable cussing (which, lately, all seems to have come from Karina). And here are the dances you can expect next week:

Melissa and Tony will perform the hustle.

Shawn and Derek have the misfortune to be assigned the banghra.

Gilles and Peta are excited to perform a sexy merengue.

Apolo and Karina will be dancing jazz. Karina’s obviously relieved that she doesn’t have dance hip hop again.

Emmitt and Cheryl will dance the lindy hop…should be interesting.

Finally, Kelly and Val are awarded the flamenco, which I think should definitely work out in this team’s favor, especially given this couple’s incessant flirtation.

The last three teams take the stage to find out if they will actually be performing the dances their fellow all-stars have selected for them. Emmitt is the first of this bunch to be declared safe. Meh, he’s okay but not as good as Apolo or Gilles. The two hunks of the season look very nervous as the usual suspense shtick is played out. Apolo’s already made it clear that, if eliminated, he’ll have to be dragged out kicking and screaming. But we’ll just have to witness that catastrophe, because Gilles has been eliminated. NOOOOO!!! Not Gilles!!

I have mixed feelings about tonight’s results. I thought it was time for Kirstie to go — yes, Kirstie fans I get it, she’s likeable and funny and perhaps the only contestant able to keep Maks in check. But her dances were simplistic and often sloppy. I did not think it was time for Gilles to head home. He’s one of my favorites (well, him and Melissa and Shawn) and beyond that, clearly possesses quite a bit of natural talent.

What did you think of tonight’s double elimination? Are you glad Kirstie and Gilles are headed home? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below!

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Photos courtesy: ABC

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