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Flipping Out Recap: In Charge Of The Balls

November 13, 2012 08:50 PM by Lisa Princ

Last time on Bravo‚Äôs, Flipping Out, Jeff Lewis’ drama revolved around the cat, and tonight it was Andrew who stole the show. Oh, and did we mention that this week’s theme was balls? Yeah, not surprised here either…

Ah, there is never a dull moment for Jeff Lewis and his crew. I mean, honestly, can you just imagine how much fun it must be to work there? Last week’s show stopping emergency was Jeff’s cat, and this week it was Andrew who stole the show by winning employee of the week award. You’re probably wondering how in the heck he did that, right? Poor Andrew had been trying his hardest to impress Jeff, but this week he was focusing on getting Gage to like him.

Andrew was put in charge (well, directly underneath Gage) of overseeing some of the loose ends at Gramercy. But when Andrew almost let the pool overflow, Gage made sure that Jeff knew how much he did not trust Andrew. Andrew would not back down though, and demanded to make peace with Gage by taking him out to dinner – can you say suck up? Despite the nice gesture, Gage was not impressed and let Andrew know that he did not need to “like” him, but would respect him if he did his job properly.

Part of Andrew’s job was to make sure the landscaping was done properly. And by properly in Jeff eyes, the trees and bushes and needed to block the views of the neighboring homes. Needless to say, Andrew humored Jeff the entire time with his “ball” shaped shrubs…something like 200 of them or so. Some of the fun commentary during that discussion included, “You need to make sure you maintain my balls,” and of course, “I like big balls.” Surely, you need to have a sick sense of humor to work there. Despite all the crazy talk, Jeff then awarded Andrew employee of the week for his hard work and dedication at the house. Neither Gage nor Jenni were amused though.

The funniest moment of the night for us was when Jeff decided to prank his grandmother. While driving with Jenni, Jeff called up grandma and pretended to be a roofer, trying to sell her a new roof. The best part of the entire joke was that grandma slammed the phone down on him! As Jeff finished up his grandmother’s living room, he then learned that she was planning on leaving the house to Jeff’s brother when she passes on. Jeff was not happy with that news, and went to chat with the therapist.

Alone at the therapist this time, Jeff shared his frustration with the doctor. And if you are one of the ones who was clueless like I was, we learned that Jeff’s mother passed when he was 18, and grandma raised him. It was one of those few moments that we actually felt sorry for him. Yes, only for a moment as he was quickly back to his old self. Jeff ended the night by playing a prank on Andrew, and leaving a dead bug on his computer – Andrew almost went through the ceiling!

Next week, it appears that Jeff and Jenni will have a major blowout! Will she get fired? Tune in to find out!

Are you enjoying this season of Flipping Out? We know you have an opinion and we want to hear it! Comment below to share your thoughts with us!

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One Response to “Flipping Out Recap: In Charge Of The Balls”

  1. stewie Says:
    November 14th, 2012 at 9:07 am

    I thought Gage acted like a jerk this week. All Andrew wants is a little respect and even took Gage out to dinner. But Gage showed his respect by telling him he “didn’t have to like him” and when Andrew offered him the peace offering, Gage not only turned it down but insinuated that it was “poisoned”. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Gage and I have no idea what Jeff sees in him. Another ungrateful person was Jeff’s grandmother who is leaving the house to one of his brothers when she dies. I think about when Jeff said his brothers did nothing to finacially help their grandmother. And she leaves it to them! What an ingrate!


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