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Teen Mom 2 Recap: Season 3 Premiere – Bring On The Drama

November 13, 2012 05:44 AM by Donna W. Martin

Tonight was the season 3 premiere of MTV’s, Teen Mom 2. And boy was there loads of drama for the four teen moms, Leah, Chelsea, Jenelle, and Kailyn! Find out what happened after the jump.

Here’s what happened with the teen moms this week.


Leah’s been living with her friend Kayla in a trailer and Kayla helps with Ali and Aleeah. Corey sees the girls on the weekends and is paying Leah child support. Leah had to quit her job at the dental office and would really like to work things out with Corey. She wishes he felt the same way but he shows no interest and the divorce is still on.

Leah talks to Kayla about Corey and tells her she’s lost 50 pounds and that she cries at night. Leah still loves Corey and would go to marriage counseling if he would agree to go.

Ali’s therapist comes to the house and said Ali is doing goods but encourages Leah to request more hip X-rays when she takes Ali to Shriner’s Hospital for a checkup and x-rays. Later that day, Leah gets a call saying Corey is going with her to the Shriner’s appointment. She’s shocked because he’s never went before and figures he’s only going this time to look good in the divorce.

The day come for Ali’s appointment at Shriner’s and Leah is upset about things are going to go. She texts Corey and asks him about counseling but he says no. When Leah and her friend Amy get to the hospital, Corey is there with his dad Jeff and his stepmom Joetta. There’s definitely some tension but nobody has much to say – they just make over the babies.

Leah and Corey take Ali back for her appointment while everyone else waits out front. They don’t talk. Thankfully, Ali gets a good report and the doctors are hopeful that she will walk – just maybe later than her sister. When the appointment is over, Leah and Corey walk outside with the girls and sit on a bench. Leah is having a difficult time accepting that their relationship is over and said, “I hope we can get to a point where we can look in each other’s eyes and not be arguing.”

“I don’t think we’re arguing now,” Corey said.

Leah smiled and said, “No, but there’s a lot of tension.”

“We’re just now starting this process. It’s a little bit awkward,” Corey, told her.

Leah and Corey walk to her car. He helps her get the girls in the car and then he walks away without another word. Leah gets in the car and downs her head in silence.


Chelsea moved into a place of her own, got a job, and is working on her GED. So far, she’s passed the first test on writing and she’s busy studying for the other sections, reading, social studies, science, and math.

Chelsea hopes she and Adam have a future together but she’s not sure. They’re hanging out but she’s unsure where they stand. Adam comes over and takes Chelsea and Aubree out to dinner. Aubree is very fussy and doesn’t want to cooperate. Chelsea tries to get Aubree to sit in a high chair and color but she cries and sits on Chelsea’s lap while throwing her crayons and coloring sheet on the ground. Adam laughs and thinks it’s cute, which doesn’t sit well with Chelsea and she tells him about it.

Adam gets tired of it and said he wished they had gotten take out and just went back to her place where it’s air-conditioned and Aubree has her toys to play with. Chelsea asks him if he wants to, they agree, and they’re off to get take out.

Aubree calmed down during the ride and when they get back to Chelsea’s place, Adam tells her, “It feels good hanging out with you and Aubree.”

Chelsea tells him she’s glad they’re hanging out and taking it slow. They agree that they have an understanding of not hanging out with or dating anyone else and they’ll decide later what they are. Chelsea tells Adam it feels weird when they’re not together and when they hang out, “its back to feeling normal.”


Jenelle is home after a 30-day stint in rehab to kick alcohol and marijuana. She said being home and clean is an adjustment but she’s off to a good start. They diagnosed her as being Bipolar while she was in rehab and she is now on medication for that. Her mother, Barbara has temporary custody of Jace. Jenelle is taking summer classes and has an interview for a job at a daycare. Jenelle takes Jace to the interview with her and it goes well but she doesn’t know if she has the job yet.

After a day at the beach, Jenelle goes to her mother’s house with Jace and her friend Marissa. Jenelle and Barbara argue over hoe to give the baby a bath and then how quickly Jenelle should diaper him. Jenelle gets upset and shouts, “Shut up. I’m done. Don’t talk to me.” After she diapers Jace, she and Marissa leave.

After the argument with her mom, Jenelle messes up pretty bad. She calls her friend Amber to come over and talk to her the next day. She admits to smoking marijuana and says she’s afraid of failing her drug test that is next week. Amber is disappointed that Jenelle can be headstrong alone but crumbles when she is with someone else and said Marissa knows the situation and should not have brought marijuana around Jenelle. “No one forced me,” Jenelle said. “I feel like 30 days in rehab just got flushed down the toilet.”

“You’re screwed on your drug test next week unless you can find a way to clean your system out,” Amber told her.


Kailyn gets a report card from daycare for Isaac. The 45-day evaluation said Isaac doesn’t talk much and he’s not a very social baby. She admits to friends that she misses her ex-boyfriend, Jordan (who she cheated on with Jo) but said she can’t be with Jordan and think about Jo.

Kailyn hasn’t seen Jo much lately because he’s been working on his music career but they have hooked up a few times and have talked about taking things slow. But when Kailyn sees Jo’s first music video online, she quickly questions where they stand and has concerns about her son, Isaac.

Kailyn talks about the situation with two of her friends, Mark and Stephanie. She expresses concern about Isaac being around this new girl and wonders where that leaves her and Jo going forward.

Jo has Isaac for visitation and Kailyn is concerned so she goes to check on her son. Jo looks frazzled to see her, which tells her the girl is there. She questions Jo and he admits that yes, the girl is there. It’s 11 am and Isaac hasn’t been fed yet. Kailyn gets angry and takes him home. She tells Stephanie, “He’s giving up time with his son to be with that girl.”

Kailyn is bothered by the situation between her and Jo and the other girl so she asks him to come by so they can talk. Kailyn is visibly hurt that Jo has started dating someone else. He’s been having sex with both girls but he tells Kailyn that he considers having sex with her a mistake.

Kailyn told Jo, “I don’t want her around my son. There’s no reason why she should be playing mommy.” Then she starts to cry and tells Jo to leave.

There was a lot of drama in the season 3 premiere. What did you think of tonight’s episode? Who is your favorite teen mom? Do you think Leah and Corey will get back together? What about Chelsea and Adam? Do you think Jenelle will fail her drug test and be shipped off to jail? What about Kailyn? Do you think she will run back to Jordan or keep trying to get with Jo? And let’s not forget mother Barbara. Is she a loud mouth or what? Post a comment below and let us know what you think.

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  1. Amber Says:
    November 14th, 2012 at 2:12 am

    I think Kailyn Lowry will go back to Jo. Jenelle Evans will go to jail. If Jo loves Kailyn he should try to be in a relationship with her.


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