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Guy Fieri Responds To Criticism On Today

November 16, 2012 07:16 AM by Megan Wilson

There’s trouble with The Next Food Network Star‘s Guy Fieri, circling around his restaurant, Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar.  Earlier this week, Pete Wells of the New York Times produced a SCATHING review of the casual restaurant.  Guy Fieri defended himself and his restaurant, saying that the critic had an agenda.  Well, Today brought Guy on, along with Dr. Phil, Star Jones, and Donny Deutsch to further delve into the mind of the food critic.

Star Jones started off the conversation after a overview of the scathing critique, and said the piece was “Mean and unnecessary”.  Dr. Phil rehashed some of the comments and said that “the language the critic used was trying to find ways to flourish, embellish, and lift himself up than it was about telling people about the restaurant-completely out of line.”  He also said that “the critic was entertaining himself and inflating his ego at the expense of 250 hard working people trying to do a good job.”  Donny said, “If we have no problem taking out the knives….let’s remember it’s JUST FOOD.”   Guy finished off the conversation saying,”Well, I came back to New York to come here and face this.  The restaurant business is not exact.  We know there’s critics.  Am I worried about it? Yeah.  Especially when it got to this level.  But the reality is that the support will continue.  I’ve got a great team and great chefs.  This will move on.”

I wonder if this is the last we’ll be hearing from Pete Wells, or if he’ll defend his critique further.  The group also boasted on Guy’s food, saying that every time he’s appeared on the show he’s brought a host of dishes that have all more than satisfied their taste buds!

One of Guy Fieri’s PR members also brought to light the fact that the day the actual review appeared, the Times actually had a 160 person staff party at none other than Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar!  How crazy is that?

Do you think that Pete Wells will say anything else?  Or is this the end of the controversy?

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2 Responses to “Guy Fieri Responds To Criticism On Today”

  1. Henry Says:
    November 30th, 2012 at 10:34 am

    What did spike head think he was going to open a grease pit in the big apple and not get chewed up and spit on ? He so lucky cause i don’t think he’s this great chef he was in the right place at the right time Its just fast food anyone can do this maybe he should charge 1000 dollars a plate like that fat mario does!

  2. Iz Says:
    November 30th, 2012 at 11:46 am

    What a thin-skinned little pipsqueak Fieri is! This no-talent makes a fool of himself and gets on TV. That’s “off-the-hook” as he so often and uncreatively puts it. Grow up Fieri.


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