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Project Runway All Stars Recap: Every Picture Tells A Story

November 16, 2012 06:11 AM by Donna W. Martin

On tonight’s episode of Project Runway All Stars, the 10 remaining designers compete in an interactive fan challenge. Which designs captured the essence of the challenge? And which ones fell short? Take the jump to find out!

The designers assembled in the workroom where they were met by Joanna Coles, Editor in Chief at Marie Claire Magazine and Sandra Micek, SVP, Marketing at USA Today who described this week’s challenge. Joanna said, “Every picture tells a story,” so for this week’s challenge, she explained, “We went out to all your fans and asked them to tweet us inspiring pictures. We received thousands.”

The designers’ challenge was to take a picture and turn it into a fashion design perfect for the runway. “Think about what is the headline you want to communicate with your look,” Sandra Micek explained.

Two desktop computers, courtesy of H.P. were set up in the lounge for the designers to choose a picture. Emilio won last week’ challenge so he was allowed to select who he would like to choose a picture with him. He chose Casanova.

Laura Kathleen was one of the last two designers chosen to go to the lounge to select their photo and of course, she was in a tiff about it. Joshua told her, “You need to be more soft with how you say things because sometimes they can come off very harsh”

After all the designers chose their photo, they sketched their designers and then they were off to Mood where they had 30 minutes to shop and a $150 budget each.

Back in the workroom, the designers begin working on their creations. Joanna and Alison Maxwell, USA Today Style Editor come in and tell them they are going to visit each of their stations and help them with their designs. Andrae was up first and explained he was working on a panel garment. Joanna told him his design was either bonkers or brilliant, to which he said, “Bonkers, brilliantly so.” And of course, Laura Kathleen puts in her two cents worth saying Andrae always creates something “wackadoo – we’re used to it by now.”

Then Joanna and Alison took a look at her design. Alison told her it was important to focus on “something everyone can wear” but Laura Kathleen didn’t agree, later saying, “I’m not trying to make clothes that are accessible to the farmers of America. I am trying to make clothes that are fashion forward and progressive.”

Emilio loved the attitude of the girl in his photo and worked on a tee shirt dress.

Joanna told Joshua to “Pay attention to the top so it doesn’t look too arts and crafts.” And again, Laura Kathleen had a comment, “Joshua’s look is disheartening because I know he’s better than what he’s doing.”

Alison told Uli, “One thing we say at USA Today is when you’re looking at a design, you want to look at it and feel it. And in looking at the picture and what you have going on so far, I think it’s perfect.”

Joanna told Kayne “To be careful with black lace and red – it can read very hookery.” And she told Casanova, “I love the pants but the hat is making me crazy.”

Ivy said her picture made her think of how things evolve. “I think you have found a real energy – a place where you feel strong this time,” Joanna told her referring to this season.

Anthony explained his headline had to do with “always moving forward” and compared the concept to his battle with and journey through cancer.

Joanna told Althea of her trouser suit design, “I’m glad you’re stretching yourself but I wonder if the design is as special as the photo.”

After making their rounds and before leaving the workroom, Alison addressed all the designers’ together saying, “I’m sure you felt emotion when you chose your picture. Make sure that emotion transfers into your final product.”

The designers continue working while Laura Kathleen comments that, “Kayne has bad taste and it’s too late in the season to fix it – really boring.” Wow! Does she have anything nice to say?

The next day, the designers continue working and fit their models. Then it’s time to hit the runway.

After all the designs have been reviewed, Carolyn asks Laura Kathleen, Andrae, Joshua, Anthony, Emilio, and Althea to step forward. She tells them that one has the highest score and one has the lowest score. The remaining designers whose names were not called were safe and could leave the runway.

The models return to the runway and each design was critiqued. Isaac told Althea he was “not getting the pants at all.”

Guest judge and designer, Charlotte Ronson added, “I like the jacket, but the trousers are throwing me off.”

The judges loved comparing Anthony’s photo with his dress and how they referenced each other. Georgina told him he needed to “take a risk – we’ve seen these colors and this dress.”

And guest judge and fashion blogger, Tavi Gevinson added, “You’re good at capturing the spirit of the photo and the woman who chose the photo. I love how it’s reflected.”

Georgina told Joshua, “It feels a touch costumey. In the picture, the colors bleed into one – I want to see something more organic.”

Isaac added, “I love the color but it’s too much to think about.”

And Tavi said, “It’s hard for me to like the two pieces together but it’s also hard to imagine them working with other parts of someone’s wardrobe.”

Andrae described his design as forlorn. “I don’t get forlorn,” Isaac said.

Georgina told him when you put a “zipper and stretch fabric together, it buckles.”

And Charlotte added, “I like the punch of color but it may have been better if you had more time.”

Tavi told Laura Kathleen, “I like that you dyed the fabric yourself. You capture the mood of the photo and directly reference what it is [in the photo].”

Isaac said Emilio’s design was “Light as a feather – totally modern.”

And Charlotte added, “It’s a harder dress to wear. The shape could have been pushed out more, but I think it’s fun and playful.”

The designers then left the runway so the judges could deliberate. They said Anthony, Laura Kathleen, and Emilio had the high score designs and Andrae, Althea, and Joshua had the lowest scores.

The designers returned to the runway. Carolyn told Emilio he was safe and could leave the runway. Then she called Anthony and Laura Kathleen’s names – one was the challenge winner.

Anthony won the challenge and Laura Kathleen was safe. Carolyn told Althea she was also safe, which left Andrae and Joshua as the bottom two. Joshua was in and Andrae was out.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Which designer had your favorite design? Did you agree with the judges’ decision to send Andrae home? Post a comment below and let us know what you think.

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Photo Credit: Lifetime

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One Response to “Project Runway All Stars Recap: Every Picture Tells A Story”

  1. stewie Says:
    November 16th, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    I liked Emilio’s dress but I thought his referring to the project as “Sophie’s Choice” was just wrong. And I’m glad Andrae went home instead of Josh.


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