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The Real Housewives Of Miami Recap: Elaine Confronts Marysol

November 16, 2012 07:03 AM by Donna W. Martin

Talk about drama! Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Miami was drama filled from start to finish. Who got in whose face? Who is the bacteria that feeds off pond scum? And who is near their expiration date? Take the jump for all the details.

Tonight’s episode startedwith Elsa visiting Lea in an effort to put an end to an ongoing feud Lea has with Marysol but after some back and forth, nothing much got accomplished. Meanwhile Marta has decided to move back in with Joanna and Romain.

Then all the ladies attend a shoe fashion show at Lisa Pliner’s house. Everything seems to be going well for the housewives as they enjoy a nice luncheon, but then Elaine shows up. And she has a bone to pick with Marysol. As it turns out, Lisa Pliner and Elaine [James] have known each other for some time and Marysol went behind Elaine’s back and tried to talk Lisa out of hiring her to MC the fashion show. Lisa told Elaine that Marysol asked why she was inviting Elaine and told her she was making a big mistake by having Elaine attend and MC the show.

Elaine was mad to say the least. After all, this is how she earns her money. Elaine told Lea she had had enough and the situation was coming to a head today. Though Lea encouraged her [him] not to confront Marysol this way at a party in front of everyone, Elaine charged on.

Elaine went up to Marysol and told her it was coming to a head and demanded that she own up to what she had done but Marysol only said “leave me alone.” Elaine was determined to be heard. When Marysol tried to walk away, Elaine blocked her way and told her, “Marysol, you’re not going to bully me.”

When Elaine repeated what Lisa Pliner had told her, Marysol denied saying it and Elaine called her a liar. Marysol finally gets by Elaine but it didn’t take her long to catch up. They continued to argue and then it got nasty when Elaine told Marysol she’d done the same thing at Hard Rock “but they fired you and hired me,” she said. Then Elaine made reference to Marysol’s Botox face. Lauren tried to step in but Elaine wasn’t having that either and told her to shut up.

Eventually, Lea told Elaine to stop it. And Lauren said, “I won’t be bullied by a housewife with a wiener.”

“Everybody just go have a seat and call it a day,” Lea told them. “I wish it hadn’t happened here in front of everyone but at the same time, it had to happen,” she added.

Elaine went on to MC the fashion show while Marysol sat shocked by the confrontation wondering if Lea had prodded Elaine into confronting her.

Then Karent decided to invite the wives to a party she was hosting with Thomas Kramer, at his house. You could tell from the start it was going to be a wild one as Thomas lifted a flap on his apron and a fake penis shot out, and a rubber set of boobs were on the scene too.

Some of the ladies were talking as everyone mingled before dinner and Elsa came to the conclusion that Karent and Thomas were having an affair.

Once everyone moved inside, Thomas and Elsa sat chatting and Elsa told him everything is perfect except she’s hungry. But he misunderstood her through the thick accent and asked if she said she was horny. They share a laugh and then Thomas calls everyone to the table for dinner.

Joanna toasts and invites the ladies to Bimini, including Elaine so they can all work out their differences. Romain has to leave on business but promises to be back by dessert. Thomas asks Joanna if Romain was cheating, which made her angry.

Marysol makes it quite clear that she does not want to talk to or work things out with Elaine. So Lea speaks up and defends Elaine, which caused Ana to chime in as well. Then Marysol calls Elaine a notorious liar.

At this point, Thomas is getting tired of the bickering so he tells everyone to stop it and to enjoy their evening. But Ana won’t stop talking so he starts screaming at her and reminds her that she’s in his house. He  told her she was acting like a kindergartener. Ana calls Thomas a misogynist and gets up to leave. Joanna follows her intending to leave too. Some of the other wives follow them out and they talk about the situation. Ana said Thomas was the “bacteria that feeds on pond scum.”

Joanna had a change of heart and decided to stay for fear Romain would think she’s causing problems at yet another event or even worse, she’s drinking again.

Marysol stays outside with Ana as the other wives head back inside. The  bickering continues and Lea stands up to defend Thomas. Elsa tells her to sit down and to simmer down. Then things go from bad to worse as Thomas lets go. He screams at Elsa to “shut up” and said, “I know you’re near your expiration date – do I have to tell you this? Sit down, shut up, or leave!”

Elsa shuts up and goes back outside with Ana and Marysol saying Thomas is “a stupid man.”

Meanwhile, inside, Lisa gets on the table and pole dances trying to diffuse the drama.

Outside, a teary-eyed Ana talks to Marysol about not having her back inside and decides she’s done defending Marysol because she isn’t loyal to her. Ana decides Marysol can defend herself.

What a mess! How did you like tonight’s episode? Who do you side with Elaine or Marysol? And what did you think of Thomas? Post a comment below and let us know what you think.

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2 Responses to “The Real Housewives Of Miami Recap: Elaine Confronts Marysol”

  1. Michele Says:
    November 16th, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    I thought tonight’s episode was hilarious. Thomas is an ass. When everyone started getting reprimanded at the dinner party it was so ridiculous, that it was funny. When Elsa got thrown out I almost peed my pants. I loved when she made the comment about the French fries. The whole episode was a riot!

  2. Lala Edwards Says:
    November 16th, 2012 at 6:42 pm

    Mama Elsa has to be the ugliest human ever. what the hell happened to her face? Plastic surgery gone wrong? And if she’s been in the USA for a long time (since her daughter is in her 50s), how come she speaks English horribly?


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