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Octomom’s Kids Release Christmas Song

November 18, 2012 10:00 AM by Megan Wilson

Well we knew Octomom would find some way to make more money off her kids, and here it is, just in time for the holidays!  It seems the fourteen children of Nadya Suleman have been busy with their nannies laying down tracks in the studio while mom’s been in rehab.  You’ve guessed it- Octomom’s children have released a Christmas song, which I’m sure is going to make it on everyone’s playlist this holiday season. (Ha!)

The song is called, “Ready For Christmas”, and was originally written by rapper Romeo Holloway.  Romeo happened to perform at the Octuplet’s birthday party, and was booked for the gig shortly thereafter.

The children’s publicist released an image of the CD, which looks like a $2 bargain bin CD cover featuring the 8 octuplets as faces photoshopped into Christmas ornaments on cheap-looking tree clip art.  The older children are delightfully rendered as snowflakes surrounding the tree, complete with a weird red ball down at the bottom saying “Happy Holidays!”  Yes, it’s as awful looking as it sounds.  And the font on the CD is everyone’s favorite, Comic Sans!  The kids have named themselves the “Rocktuplets” -  How cute.

The Rocktuplets must be pretty serious about this gig, as they’ve hired their own publicist, Gina Rodriguez.  She released a statement to OMG today, saying,”This is just one of many children’s songs they are going to come out with.  The kids had a lot of fun recording and shooting the video.”  Oh wow.  So I guess they’re going to be a regular Partridge Family now?

Octomom must have having some money problems again, which begs the question, “How low can you go, Octo?”

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One Response to “Octomom’s Kids Release Christmas Song”

  1. NewShoes Says:
    November 18th, 2012 at 10:55 am

    To answer the question “how can she go?” Pretty low apparently. A minor correction: There are not 14 children – the autistic one appears to be missing. Has she placed him in a home, as is now rumored?

    So, let’s recap: Nadya Suleman works for 18 months of her life, claims she is injured at work and is too disabled to any work whatsoever and collects 10 years worth of disability to the tune of $165k of taxpayer money while at the same time she pays for IVF treatments for back-to-back pregnancies in the hopes of becoming rich and famous. When that fails, she begs, she lies, she strips, she does porno. She stiffs her landlord for tens of thousands of dollars in rent money and squats in his property for over a year without paying him a dime. When a video of her (admittedly) too drunk to drive her children home surfaces on the internet she claims to enter rehab (despite being spotted out and about in Los Angeles)and turns the care and control of her 13 remaining children over to her anal porn actress “manager” and her entourage who have now filmed this pathetic mess and put the Suleman children on the internet for $$$. Did I miss anything? Other that “where is child protective services?”


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