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Breaking Amish Reunion Recap: The Shunning Truth, Part Two

November 19, 2012 02:00 AM by Melissa Stavarski

After last week’s season finale of Breaking Amish, TLC aired part one of Breaking Amish: The Shunning Truth. Hosted by Michelle Beadle, the first hour was fairly tame, focusing mostly on Sabrina, Abe, Rebecca, Jeremiah, and Kate‘s time in New York City and what has happened since they’ve gone home. This hour, however, deals with the lies and deceptions that led to many calling the show Faking Amish.

Here we go – part two of Rebecca crossing her arms and talking over Abe, Abe evading all questions, Jeremiah acting smug, and Sabrina trying to be witty and saying “like” too much. Kate doesn’t have much to say. Not that anyone is asking her many questions… poor Kate… she just doesn’t have as much baggage as the others.

Michelle asks the cast if they’re hired actors. They collectively answer, “No.” When asked about the Faking Amish rumors, Abe says, “The people that are talking are friends with the Amish or are ex-Amish. They’re pissed off because they think we’re making them look bad.”

Michelle asks the group why they went on Breaking Amish. Kate says she did it for the experience, and she doesn’t regret it. Abe shares, “I did it to try to educate people about the Amish. We’re not these perfect Christian people. We’re normal human beings.”

Michelle brings up the pictures of them “not being Amish” that have been circulated and picked apart on the internet. They pretty much say – while they might not have been living the lifestyle directly prior to the show, they’re still Amish. That’s not a lie. Jeremiah says, “I left multiple times. I grew up Amish, and I’ll always be Amish.” Sabrina adds, “I was always Mennonite, but I was kind of bad.” Sabrina insists that her 2009 wedding was a Mennonite wedding ceremony. While she’s now divorced, Sabrina says, “I’m not ashamed of the fact that I was married. He’s an awesome guy. We just had different life paths.”

They all tell stories about Amish teens sneaking out. Rebecca insists, “Just because we’re not dressed Amish [in the leaked photos] doesn’t mean that’s not what we are.” Kate agrees, adding, “If you go to Lancaster County on a Saturday night, you’ll see groups of kids dressed English who are Amish.” The focus turns to Kate. She’s in Florida, going through the DUI process. She has two more classes and a couple months of probation to fulfill, and then she hopes to move back to New York to pursue modeling.

Michelle asks Jeremiah about his past marriage. Jeremiah admits that he’s divorced and has three children. Since appearing on Breaking AmishJeremiah’s wife has trashed him in the media, saying he’s abusive and not paying child support. Jeremiah says, “Supposedly, I was abusive and stalking her. I have one thing to say to America – do your freaking homework. I did spend three days in jail, okay? When my court date came, I went to court and they thew out everything. I say do your freaking homework and see that it’s not true.” If he wasn’t abusive towards his ex- wife, then why did she seek refuge in several shelters for women during their time together? Jeremiah explains, he would simply get tired of her and tell her to leave their home.

Jeremiah says his children are now 3, 5, and 7, and he sees them as much as possible. When he lives in OH, he sees his kids every other weekend. But, when he lives out of state, he travels back to OH once a month to see them. Michelle asks Jeremiah why he’s so angry. He answers, “So many people believed what she said instead doing their freaking homework. I know what’s right. I know what happened. I know that stuff is a lie.” Next, Michelle asks Jeremiah if he pays child support. He says he does now, but he didn’t used to and regrets it.

Michelle questions Abe and Rebecca about their past relationship. They insist, while they’ve known each other for a long time, they never dated before going to New York City. When asked about the baby (in a photo circulating the internet), Rebecca says, “That is my daughter, but she’s not signed up for the show. She’s part of my private life. She’s still part of my grandparents’ lives. I cannot talk about her… I promised my grandparents.”

Michelle pushes the photo issue, saying, “It’s a very intimate photo of two people with an infant. We are to believe that you’re just friends?” Rebecca answers, “You can believe whatever you want.” Abe says to Michelle, “It’s just like Rebecca said – it’s an innocent child. We can’t talk about it, and we’re not going to talk about it. You can continue talking but we’re not going to listen.”

Michelle asks Abe if he’s the father of Rebecca’s baby. He says, “Ma’am, How clear do I have to be? It’s an innocent child for crying out loud. Stop talking about the baby before I get angry.” Then, in a condescending and mocking tone, Abe asks Michelle, “Do you understand English?”

Michelle tries one more time to get a more definitive answer from Abe and Rebecca…

Michelle insists, “I’m giving you the opportunity to set the record straight. I’m not trying to disrespect.” About her daughter, Rebecca says, “There are legal issues involved. I don’t have the privilege of talking about it.” Michelle follows that with, “Legal issues involved? With an ex?” Rebecca refuses to say more. Speaking in Pennsylvania Dutch, Abe asks Rebecca, “Can you go tell this woman to go f*** herself?” Rebecca says, “I’m about to.”

The final two questions: Are you happy that you went on Breaking Amish and, if you would be accepted, would you go back to being Amish/Mennonite?

They all say yes and no, respectively. Abe says the experience made him a better person. While Kate is glad she did it, she admits that she misses her family and often wonders if it was worth it or not. Jeremiah says going to New York CIty was the best experience of his life… he’s just a little bummed, now, to know he cannot afford to live there all the time. Sabrina shares, “I’m definitely glad I did it. You can’t live your life wondering what if.”

The show’s closer comes from Rebecca, “Are we done yet? I have to go the bathroom.”

Tell us – Your thoughts on the series as a whole, the cast, and the reunion special? Would you watch a second season of Breaking Amish

In my opinion, Sabrina, Jeremiah, Abe, and Rebecca were unnecessarily rude to Michelle Beadle, especially Abe and Rebecca. After all, they each agreed to do the interview, and she was just doing her job.

Given the amount of time they’ve all spent outside of their communities before going to New York City, they couldn’t have been that fascinated by light switches and coffee makers. They chose to go on this show, putting themselves in the public eye, and they portrayed themselves as fresh from the farm, which was a lie. What did they think? They’d do this show on TLC, fool everyone, collect a paycheck, and then go back to their lives without a single person ever typing their names into Google?

Personally, I hope to never again see these people on my TV. Jeremiah is insufferable. Sabrina has anger issues and never accepts responsibility for her actions. Abe is rude. Rebecca thinks she’s better than everyone else. (I did enjoy the Abe & Rebecca love story though.) While Kate seemed crazy on the show, she did come across as nice and down to earth during the reunion special.

Prior to the start of the Breaking Amish, I was looking forward to the show. Unfortunately, from beginning to end, TLC handled it horribly.

I know you have opinions too! Sound off in the comments below.

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10 Responses to “Breaking Amish Reunion Recap: The Shunning Truth, Part Two”

  1. laura Says:
    November 19th, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    I watched many if not all episodes of this show. I found Jeremiah in dire need of an education on life and to learn respect for women. I believe Amish women are used to being torn down by their husbands and are treated as slaves. Jeremiah believes women are there to take care of him. Sabrina is just plain weird. The time she met her dad and grandmother, I guess yes…….you’re numb and overwhelmed but where was the emotion? He’s your dad!!! Kate….potential alcoholic and in need of help. Abe and Rebecca? Trash mouth talkers who sat there and disrespected Michelle during the interview. I must say you were raised well by your Amish community. NOT! I think there’s more to them than we’ll ever know. Shunned or not, you’re grown adults. Grow up!

  2. Kathy Says:
    November 20th, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    What horrible producers! The simply fact that all the “Amish/Mennonites” who had “no phones and no tv and no contact with outsiders” and yet they all used current American slang in almost every sentence was a dead giveaway. Viewers are not idiots. Clearly these people were actors and the show was a sham.

  3. B Ott Says:
    November 20th, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    TLC . . . “The Learning Channel” has sunk to a new low. “Learning” is surely a figurative word these days for this channel. “Breaking Amish” was transparently fake from beginning to end, and TLC got caught. I had looked forward to the show hoping to gain insight into the Amish community and thought it an interesting premise. I know so little about the Amish. I didn’t need to know too much to realize the Amish were miserably and unfairly represented by these attention and money seeking individuals. At the very beginning the cast was “amazed” by turning lights switches on and off, and seeing their “first” microwave. All staged.

    It wasn’t long before the audience wondered how they could take such huge leaps in such a short time from dress, tattoos, piercings, colorful language and their general knowledge of the “English” world. They were very poor actors. It became obvious that all of these young adults had broken from the Amish community years ago. Finally, I believe the reunion show was TLC’s attempt at damage control. It didn’t work. TLC has jumped the shark and lost all credibility.

  4. chele Says:
    November 25th, 2012 at 12:13 pm

    What a total sham this mess was! Let’s just pretend the whole thing was not a fraud for a second. Rebecca and Abe were so rude to the host that they certainly did not represent a supposedly “Christian” upbringing– and besides, why have a “reunion” if nobody is willing to address the obvious discrepancies? This show was about as real as Pam Anderson’s boobs.

  5. bob Says:
    December 1st, 2012 at 10:14 am

    I am worked with the Amish and Menonites outside of their community, and found them to be sweet, hard working, kind-hearted – and the men, reticent. These people did not seem a bit Amish to me. Not one bit. And I know, as a playwright in NY when holding auditions for my play, many actors put as their experience that they appeared “Five times on the Jerry Springer show as an unwed Dad, an alcoholic, a homeless man,” etc. etc. Other shows these actors listed as credts: The old Maury Povitch shows, Sally Jessie Raphael shows – all guests were actors. Why should this be any different? TVLand is full of lies and deceit. Watch with caution. And TLC ought – REALLY OUGHT – to change their name (The Lying Cycle, or The Low-Life Crap, comes to mind).

  6. virg Says:
    January 5th, 2013 at 10:59 am

    We all know who the real baby dad is to Rebecca’s kid is… Its Abe! They have been hooking up since the was teens!!! I think Abe and his wife lol are so fake and rude who do they think they are talking ti the host the way they did!!! dont let the 15 min of fame get to your head!!! But I did like the rest of the cast.

  7. Liz Says:
    January 13th, 2013 at 6:33 pm

    well,,I was wondering and then I saw when they went to that chinese place and Rebecca knew how to eat with chopsticks..there were a few other things,.,like how did they know how to text etc..yea.if they are they have been out for quite awhile..I agree with Virg tho,,.I think Abe is the daddy

  8. Edie Says:
    January 16th, 2013 at 7:19 am

    I watched a few mins of this show, some girl was getting her hair done. The few mins I watached did not match the documentaries I’ve seen. You actually fall in love with the Amish if “real”. This was not real – too fake for me.

    Based on your comments I was right.

  9. m.j. Says:
    January 18th, 2013 at 4:14 am

    they treated each other very disrespectfully. they spoke offensively. I find it unbelieveable that these people are fresh off any farm. Slouchy-lazy and unkept. Get real jobs and quit trying to decieve the world with what appears to be some kind of personal agenda. The kind of tempers and behaviour was too out there.

  10. Val Says:
    August 1st, 2013 at 12:27 pm

    Man I cannot believe how many people were fooled. As soon as I watched it I could see that it was all put on. I mean the foul language, and the things that they were supposed to be fascinated by – oh come on. Things just did not match up at all. I did love the Abe and Rebecca love story, but it was way too fast. These two were my favourite on the show.I admired them for not drinking and going to strip joints. But after this interview they are now just TRASH to me


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