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Teen Mom 2 Recap: The Good The Bad & The Ugly

November 20, 2012 05:37 AM by Donna W. Martin

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah, Chelsea, Jenelle, and Kailyn continue to struggle as they try to cope with all the drama in their lives. Who got a ring? Who gets back together? And who says their final goodbyes? Take the jump to get all the details.

Here’s how it all went down…


Leah is still upset that Corey doesn’t want to work on their relationship. She received a settlement letter in the mail from her attorney calling for a mediation conference between her and Corey to make decisions concerning Alianna and Aleeah.

Leah meets up with her friend, Kayla to talk about the mediation. Leah said she didn’t want their relationship to be over but it is what it is. She said it was all about trying; she didn’t want the divorce but he wouldn’t go to marriage counseling.

The day of the mediation came and Leah was nervous about how it was going to go. Two hours later, Leah and Corey come out of the attorney’s office. They agreed that Corey would have the girls three weekends per month and that Leah would have them one weekend per month plus through the week. They chitchat a bit and Corey said what they’ve agreed on is best for the girls. Leah agreed saying the girls need to be able to see them both.

Their divorce isn’t final but it won’t be long, all they need is the judge’s signature and it will be done. Corey said, “It’s not what I wanted but, oh well.” When Leah asked him what he meant by that, he said, it’s not how I pictured things going.

“It’s what happens when giving up is easier than holding on,” Leah told him. Corey said he didn’t give up but too much had happened. He said he wouldn’t go to marriage counseling because he knew it wouldn’t work.

Then they began to go back and forth but the conversation ended when Corey said, “I feel like I was good to you. I put up with a lot.” And then he asked her, “How many times did you go back to Robbie while I was with you?”

“I don’t want to talk about it, please,” was all Leah could say as she turned her head.

Later, Corey has the girls for the weekend. Leah has been hearing rumors that Corey has already started dating someone else. She wants to know so she checks his email and sure enough, she finds messages from another girl. Leah talked to Kayla about it and Kayla said it sounded like he was back in high school; he had a different girlfriend every week.

“But I thought he was different with me,” Leah said crying.

Back at her mom’s house, Leah called Corey and asked him if he was talking to other girls. He admitted that he was and said he knew she was also talking to other guys but she denied it. Alianna and Aleeah knew Leah was on the phone and they kept calling for her. After she talked to them, they started to cry wanting mommy. Leah and Corey got off the phone so he could deal with the girls.


Jenelle’s drug test is coming up and she’s afraid of failing it. Plus, her car has broken down and she has to get another one, but mom, Barbara loaned her some cash. On a more positive note, Jenelle’s summer classes are going well.

He attorney called her and encouraged her to keep doing everything right and to be careful not to mess up. He reminds Jenelle that her probation officer is ready to violate her.

The drug test is tomorrow and Jenelle is freaking out. She decides she needs to come clean with her mom. When they sat down to talk, Barbara asked her how school was going and how Jenelle thought her drug test was going to go. Jenelle told her “probably not good.” She explained what happened with Marissa and Barbara told her she was disappointed because “you just got out of rehab – what do you think is going to happen?”

Jenelle explained to Barbara that the maximum she can get is 45 days in jail and she will lose her financial aid if she has drug charges. They talk and Barbara asked Jenelle what she was going to do. Jenelle told her there was a detox drink she could buy that was supposed to clean her system for 2 hours. Barbara told her to get the drink and that she needed to stay clean and think of Jace.

The next day, Jenelle drank the detox drink on the way to see her probation officer. The drink made her sick and she was afraid of throwing up but she held it together and got there on time. One hour later, she came out and she was crying. You guessed it; she failed her drug test.

Barbara called to see how it went and Jenelle told her the detox drink didn’t work, she had failed the drug test, and the probation officer was going to violate her on Friday.

Freaking out over failing the drug test, Jenelle went to see her attorney. He explained that she had tested positive for marijuana and that she could face up to 45 days in jail. But her probation officer was willing to give her a second chance, which meant no jail time but that she’d remain on probation and could not use drugs. Jenelle told her attorney she didn’t want to be on probation anymore. She said she was sick of probation and wanted her freedom. So her attorney asked her if she was ready to serve 45 days in jail.

Later on, Jenelle went to meet Barbara and Jace at the park but she wouldn’t get out of the car. Barbara came to the car and tried to talk to her. She told her mom that her attorney wanted her to stay on probation but she said she needed to smoke pot to calm down when she gets upset. And when Barbara reminded her that she didn’t have the money to buy marijuana and asked her if she had learned any coping skills in rehab, Jenelle got angry and drove off without even seeing Jace. Poor kid!


Chelsea’s been having problems with her boss over the schedule. They argued and Chelsea considered quitting the job. On a more positive note, things have been getting more serious between her and Adam. He came by the day before her birthday to see her and Aubree and to give Chelsea a birthday present. What was it? A ring! Not an engagement ring, but a ring just the same. It was a promise ring. He promised he wasn’t going anywhere and that they were going to work things out. Chelsea’s concerned about her dad finding out about Adam and about her problems at work. She decided to quit her job and left a voicemail for her manager.

The next day, it’s Chelsea’s 20th birthday. She went to see her mom and told her about the ring and what’s going on between her and Adam before going to her dad’s house for a birthday party. On the way there, she’s nervous about her dad finding out about Adam and her job.

When she gets there, her dad asks her how she’s been and she tells him she’s going to get another job. He told her not to quit until she had another job lined up, but she told him it was too late. Then he said, “What’s that on your finger?”

She told him it was a birthday present from Adam and it was a promise that they were going to work things out and not cheat. Her dad was silent for a moment and shook his head, and then he said, “It’s been a pretty good birthday. You’ve quit your job. You’re back with Adam. Anything else?” Guess that didn’t go over so well…


Kailyn has been feeling lonely since Jo doesn’t want to get back together and is dating a new girl, Vee. But she’s happy to see her friend, Kim whose home for the summer from college. They talk about Jo and Jordan and about the fact that Kailyn hasn’t talked to her mom in 5 months.

Later, Kailyn calls her mom but she gets her voicemail. She tells Isaac to talk to grandma on the voicemail.

Meanwhile, Jo and Vee are on a date and Jo promises her that his baby mama drama won’t affect her.

When Kailyn doesn’t hear back from her mom, she decides to call her again. But this time, she got a recording that said, “The number you have called has calling restrictions that have prevented the completion of your call.” Wow, mom blocked Kailyn’s number!

Later, Kailyn’s friend, mark comes over. They talk about the situation with her mom, the fact that Jo has a new girlfriend, and how she feels like she burned a bridge with Jordan. She said she felt bad for cheating on him with Jo but she doesn’t know how to redeem herself. Mark told her, “You should talk to him.”

Kailyn decided to call Jordan and they plan to meet each other so they can talk and he can see Isaac. He told her that he missed her and Isaac and she told him she’d missed him to and that she was sorry for what she did.

Kailyn went to meet Jordan. At first, they talked about her mom and how she’s missing Isaac’s life. And then the conversation turned to the two of them. Jordan told her they were in the same book but on different chapters and that, she needed to catch up because he was ahead of her. Then he told her, “I’d like to move forward and make things work if that’s what you want because that’s what I want.”

“It wouldn’t hurt to try,” Kailyn said.

Then Jordan said, “Give me a kiss.” And she did!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you think things will work out between Kailyn and Jordan? Will Jenelle stay on probation or will she go to jail? Will Chelsea and Adam stay together? And where will Leah go from here? Post a comment and tell us what you think.

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One Response to “Teen Mom 2 Recap: The Good The Bad & The Ugly”

  1. Tom Says:
    November 20th, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    Teen Morons 2: It’s difficult to know which of these intellectually-stunted females is the most stupid. For my money, Janelle is at the top of that list. To avoid jail, all she had to do was refrain from doing something against the law….and she refused. She only wants to smoke pot, hang out with her “friends” (if that’s what you’d call them) and have “fun”. So go to jail and make new friends and improve your life there. Coming in a very very close second is Chelsea who, having obtained the ripe old chronological age of 20, still nurtures the emotional and intellectual makeup of an 8 year old. Clearly, this example of female protoplasm is unable to process facts and the reality of the world around her. I am convinced that she will do anything to remain with her baby’s loser-father, no matter what kind of abuse he throws her way. It appears to be the case that the family will not be finally rid of this moronic animal until such time as he physically damages either or both Chelsea or his daughter…..and that *will* happen eventually; he has every characteristic of a violently abusive male. I’m sorry for Chelsea’s parents, but they did after all “raise” her to be exactly the spoiled and useless twit that she is. The real victims, in all four situations, are the little kids who will have to try to find their own way in the world, beyond the dubious distinction of their lineage. Between Kailyn and Leah, the result is essentially a tie. Both display an abundance of negative emotional and intellectual characteristics and are only slightly more functional than their peers from Teen Morons 2.


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