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Ex Sues Shakira for $100 Million Big Ones

November 22, 2012 08:21 AM by Donna W. Martin

Shakira, singer and new judge on NBC’s, The Voice is facing a mega lawsuit from her ex-boyfriend and manager, Antonio de la Rua, to the tune of $100 million. Now that’s a lot of dough! Take the jump to find out what’s going on!

According to the New York Post, Shakira and ex-boyfriend Antonio de la Rua started dating in 2000. After she went on tour in 2004 and the tour lost money, Shakira asked de la Rua to take over as manager of “the business behind the Shakira brand.”

With de la Rua at the helm, Shakira earned staggering amounts of money; “tens of millions” on subsequent tours and thanks to de la Rua, the hit singer landed a $300 million deal with Live Nation.

In 2010, Shakira and de la Rua’s relationship ended but they vowed to remain friends and he stayed on as her manager. However, in 2011 Shakira asked her attorney to give him the ax. Since then, she has refused to pay de la Rua any profits from her work or property he believes he is owed. So much for remaining friends, right?

Therefore, de la Rua filed a $100 million lawsuit in a Manhattan Supreme Court. Shakira’s ex-boyfriend/manager, Antonio de la Rua claims he turned “the struggling Shakira Mebarak Ripoll into a financial powerhouse.” And that she breached an agreement they had to “to keep paying him his share of her business profits after they broke up.”

We were unable to determine what Shakira thinks about the lawsuit because her rep declined to give a comment on the situation. But we do know she’s moved on and is dating soccer star, Gerard Pique, and they are expecting a baby.

What do you think of the lawsuit against Shakira? Do you think he will win? Post a comment below and tell us what you think.

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3 Responses to “Ex Sues Shakira for $100 Million Big Ones”

  1. Jane Says:
    November 22nd, 2012 at 9:05 am

    Nice lady. I dont think he will win, if there was no contract that binds her to give him any profit after she fired him. but I dont blame him to trying

  2. Dan Says:
    November 22nd, 2012 at 10:53 am

    Without having any of the facts of the case and only the cursory knowledge contained in the article I have to say I would side with the plaintiff. Too many individuals garner fortunes and forget who got them there. They tend to think that their money and celebrity somehow should relieve them of any previous deals. Money and power doesn’t give you carte blance to treat people anyway you choose. If anything the dollar amount should be larger as a punitive measure to prevent future behavior.

  3. Carsten Says:
    November 22nd, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    Will he win? no. Why? She has more clout.


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