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The Amazing Race Recap: Backstabbing Chippendales?

November 25, 2012 09:00 PM by Stephanie Gustafson


We’re down to a mere five teams on The Amazing Race, and with the possible exception of Josh and Brent, they’ve all proven themselves to be hardcore competitors. This week, the race moves to Amsterdam! There might be a few more English speakers on the racers’ paths as they travel across Europe, but that doesn’t mean the challenges are about to let up!

We start tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race with yet another sob story. And once again, it involves a James/Jaymes. As you may recall, James of James and Abba had announced that his dad was diagnosed with stage four cancer prior to being eliminated from the competition. Now, Jaymes has a rather similar announcement — his dad is battling a rare form of cancer and he wants to win the race so that he can help pay for treatment. I hope that both James and Jaymes’ fathers are able to get the treatment they need!

Now, on to Amsterdam…which according to Abbie and Ryan, is now located in France. How has this team’s lack of geographical understanding not gotten it knocked out already? To be fair, not too many Americans are capable of immediately recognizing the flag of the Netherlands. Still, my incredulity further increases when Abbie and Ryan once again manage to mess up their airplane tickets. The two are bummed about getting “franked in Frankfurt” but are relieved to be within a short trip to Amsterdam. That is, until they hear the dreaded technical difficulties message and are forced to once again waste valuable time waiting for transportation.

Did you miss the nasty food challenges on The Amazing Race? I sure didn’t. But once again, somebody lacks creativity and forces the poor contestants into slurping down herring coated in fish oil. And with a time limit. Sounds fun, right? Natalie and Nadiya complain but still manage to “kill that fish” like champs. And since this “killing fish” task is part of a Fast Forward, the twins arrive in first place and are awarded $10,000.

The Chips are sadly too slow to make the Fast Forward, so they move on to the Detour, which today involves a choice between operating an organ grinder (while raising 30 Euro) and creating a tableau. If there’s any task at which Jaymes and James excel, it’s raising money. Amazingly, it takes them quite a while before they realize that the process would be a whole lot faster if they pulled off their shirts and put on the Chippendale collars and bow ties.  This definitely speeds up the process, and with a final massive donation from a grandma, they’re done. Unfortunately, because of their speedy fundraising, James and Jaymes are the first to arrive at the Double U-Turn. This is problematic, because the Chips’ tactic thus far has involved sitting back and being the nice guys they are (and show off their abs when that doesn’t work). If they take advantage of the Double U-Turn, they’ll be “losing a friend.” The two ultimately go against their instincts and give Ryan and Abbie the Double U-Turn.

Abbie and Ryan finally make it to Amsterdam, and what do you know, Josh and Brent are also bringing up the rear. These two teams have managed to remain friendly despite frequently being the two closest to the dreaded elimination. They’re all very discouraged. Little do Josh and Brent know, they’re technically in the lead, having not been selected for the Double U-Turn. I start to feel just a little sympathy for Abbie and Ryan until their immediate reaction to news of the U-Turn is “let’s screw over Josh and Brent!” That’s right, their plan is to get to the U-Turn, give the remaining Double U-Turn to the other slow-poke team and then point and laugh as Josh and Brent’s incompetence gets them eliminated.

Unaware of Team Dominate’s nefarious plans, Josh and Brent decide to go the tableau route — as do Abbie and Ryan. I just want to shake Josh and Brent and tell them to ditch the backstabbers. Ugh, good thing Jaymes and James went against their better nature. Speaking of which, after raising the required 30 Euro, the Chips quickly arrive in second place! Trey and Lexi are close behind, having also been successful in drumming up the pity money during the organ grinder challenge.

With the first three teams checked in, it’s down to Abbie, Ryan, Josh and Brent. Abbie and Ryan learn of their Double U-Turn misfortune and begin to suspect that it’s the end of the road. Still, Abbie is able to up the enthusiasm for the sake of the organ grinder challenge, finishing it with relative ease. But Josh and Brent decide to prove the doubters wrong, finishing well ahead of Abbie and Ryan. Team Dominate is pissed at Jaymes and James for betraying them, as if they wouldn’t have done the exact same thing if the situation was reversed.

Are you surprised to see Abbie and Ryan go home this early? I honestly thought that it would between them and the twins! Shows how quickly things can change during The Amazing Race!

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3 Responses to “The Amazing Race Recap: Backstabbing Chippendales?”

  1. MIke Says:
    November 26th, 2012 at 8:28 am

    You could tell they felt bad about U-Turning their friends but it is a game. At least they didn’t steal one of the teams money like those two thieving women did, and they are still in the game.

  2. Ash Says:
    November 28th, 2012 at 10:40 am

    TOTALLY agree with you, Mike! They played the game–there wouldn’t be U-turns if they weren’t meant to be used!! And yes, the twins drive me nuts!

  3. becky Says:
    November 30th, 2012 at 10:06 pm

    I can’t be-leave that the Amazing race has not punished the twins for stealing another teams money. And the other two for knowing and sharing the money. Their family should be ashamed of them.
    As for the Amazing race lost respect for the show to allow that to happen and yet not help the guys get their passport.They had the cab driver on tape and could give to police.I am so disgraced to be an American and part of the Amazing race that they would honer thieves just for ratings.


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