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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: Moving Out And Moving Too Fast

November 25, 2012 08:23 PM by Megan Thompson


The Real Housewives Of Atlanta is all new tonight on Bravo.  Kim is moving out of her mansion and she isn’t pleased with her movers. Do you think Kim will lift a finger or just yell for Sweetie?   Plus, Kenya is putting pressure on her man to put a ring on her finger.

It’s moving day for Kim and she is working up a sweat yelling at Sweetie.  “We still have f*&king boxes everywhere,” Kim whines to her hubby.  When Kim sees the movers just cramming random items into the boxes, she goes ballistic.  Even Sweetie tells Kim that it’s not proper to swear at people. When did Sweetie become the voice of reason?  Kim is just furious that the owner of the house is bashing her on Twitter, saying she didn’t pay the rent.

It’s little Ayden’s first haircut, but he isn’t happy about it. “He needs to look like a southern gentleman,” Phaedra tells the cameras. Even though they go to a barber shop, Apollo is the one who is cutting Ayden’s hair.  Who knew that Apollo was a master barber?  Maybe he learned that skill when he was in jail? But Phaedra is more worried about Ayden’s birthday bash.  Of course Phaedra’s BFF, Dwight, is helping plan the big party.  So far the party budget is a mere $20,000. 

It’s the newest housewife, Porsha, making her husband some breakfast. While cracking eggs, Porsha starts talking about the whole Kenya fight. “You did apologize right?” her husband asks her.  Porsha swears that she did apologize twice, so she thinks Kenya is just an old cranky lady with low self-esteem.  Porsha is so busy trash-talking Kenya, she burns the biscuits.

Finally Kenya is introducing Walter to her family, and more importantly her aunt.  “He isn’t a celebrity and he doesn’t have a  glamorous job,” Kenya tells the cameras.  Then the family comes right out with the whole marriage question.  Walter admits that he would have to be “really in love” to get married again. To Kenya’s relief, her family approves of Walter.

“Dwight is the most fabulous party planner in Atlanta,” Phaedra gushes to the cameras.  It’s the day of Ayden’s extravagant party at the aquarium and the family makes their grand entrance on a giant train. There are only two birthday cakes this year, but the party still drags on. 

The main talls, Cynthia and NeNe meet up for some lunch and gossip. NeNe has a voicemail from Phaedra that says she doesn’t give a “f*%k” if Cynthia comes to Ayden’s party.  Cynthia isn’t pleased and plans to call Phaedra out on it. 

Kenya is rushing home to “make” dinner for her man.  She went the extra mile and took the microwave dinner out of the plastic and placed it on a plate.  Kenya wants to show her man what it would be like if they were married.  “I want a baby like yesterday. If I could be nine months pregnant today, I would,” Kenya tells her man.  But she doesn’t want to pressure him.  Walter looks extremely uncomfortable and just drinks his wine. So Kenya goes ahead and not so subtly tells Walter she wants a 5 carat rock. 

Cynthia comes bearing gifts for Ayden when she meets up with Phaedra for lunch.  Right away, Cynthia is ready to punk out Phaedra for the voicemail she heard.  Phaedra says that she doesn’t engage in gossip and doesn’t ever use the F bomb. But Cynthia isn’t buying what Phaedra is selling today.  So what does Phaedra do?  She laughs it off and changes the subject to a bug bite on her boob. 

“God has a perfect plan,” Kim tells Sweetie as she moves back into her townhome.  There are boxes and wigs everywhere, but Kim knows that there is a plan for her. But Kim does have a good laugh when a truck pulls up loaded up with all the landscaping she had ripped from the house.

What did you think of tonight’s RHOA episode?  Do you believe Kim really wanted to move out of her dream house?  Let us know what you think, leave us a comment below.

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