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Survivor: Philippines Interview — Pete Yurkowski Says He Stayed Aligned With Abi-Maria Gomes Too Long

November 26, 2012 04:53 PM by Ryan Haidet

Do you think Pete Yurkowski was thankful when his torch was snuffed out on Survivor: Philippines during the all-new Thanksgiving week episode?  I doubt it, but at least he didn’t have to do his exit interviews with reporters on Thanksgiving.  Due to the holiday, the press interview with Pete was shifted to today instead.  During our time with Pete he talked a lot about his relationship with Abi-Maria Gomes, this season’s supervillain.  He said that he definitely kept his alliance with Abi alive a bit too long before revealing that Artis Silvester was actually his closest ally throughout the game.  As far as the remaining castaways, who surprises Pete the most?  You will find all that and more inside this interview!  Enjoy!

Question: What do you think was the reason for your demise in the game?

Pete Yurkowski: I felt putting up with Abi was pretty easy, but I guess everybody else didn’t agree (laughs).

Question: Did you think there was any way you could convince Abi to not play her hidden Idol?

Pete Yurkowski: I was trying to do the other thing, trying to get someone to come over.  But I was also trying to convince her not to play it.  I was saying something along the lines of, “They’re going to do a majority of votes for me, so why don’t you just not play it?”  She was seriously considering it for a while.  I was trying to make her feel comfortable, like “I’m looking out for you.  You can go even deeper and still have your Idol,” but really send her home.

Question: When you went to the Tribal Council in which you were eliminated, did you know your fate was sealed at that point or did you still have some hope?

Pete Yurkowski: I always had hope.  I went to everybody and I worked on them for hours.  I never gave up.  Was the chance a good one?  Of course not.  My whole pitch to everybody was: “Why do you just want six?  Let’s just move forward from this.”  It’s harder working on the outside of that six alliance, obviously.  I thought Skupin may have come over.  I knew Lisa wasn’t going to.  But Carter, probably, I worked on the most because he was always following somebody.  That’s why we got rid of Jeff Kent because he was the puppetmaster of Carter.  We thought he would come to us, but he went to Penner instead.  I think I almost got him to flip.  I don’t know.  I haven’t really talked to him about it, but I think he almost did.

Question: If you weren’t connected so closely with Abi, do you think you would still be portrayed as a villain?

Pete Yurkowski: Probably in a different way.  Me and Abi look pretty close out there, but I was really closer to Artis.  I would tell him everything I was doing.  He was kind of like a confidant.

Question: Why did you keep your alliance with Abi until the end?

Pete Yurkowski: I kept it a little too long.  I guess I was blinded by the fact that I knew nobody was gonna vote for her and that really was attractive to me.  I should have cut her loose probably around when we cut Jeff Kent loose.

Question: What was it about Skupin that rubbed you the wrong way?

Pete Yurkowski: It was the small things.  He wasn’t like Russell where he wanted to be a dictator, he would just do things differently.  He asked a lot of questions.  It was like, “Do you think we should cook the rice now or do you think we should cook it in 45 minutes?”  The conversation would last like 10-15 minutes, then we’d end up voting.  After doing that for every little thing, it starts to get really annoying.

Question: How did your relationship with Malcolm transform throughout the game?

Pete Yurkowski: Everyone’s calling it a bro-mance (laughs).  We’re two young guys.  I had been playing with a bunch of people who were just doing whatever I told them to do.  So I wanted to play with somebody who could include some strategy also.  After that Tribal Council where I think he said something about looking into his soul or something ridiculous, we had a new plan that I don’t care that you have an Idol.  It’s fine.  Abi has one and I don’t care about this one either.  But let’s try to coast these two Idols to the end.  He was with it for a while, but I guess he had something else going that he thought was more attractive.

Question: Who would be your ideal final three had you made it to that point?

Pete Yurkowski: Abi, definitely.  It was a toss-up between Artis and Carter.  I knew RC and Skupin were not gonna vote for either of those two.  I would be the lesser of three evils.

Question: When you look back at your own game, do you have any one regret that stands out?

Pete Yurkowski: I lose sleep over this.  Yeah.  When I look back, it really didn’t matter whether Malcolm had an Idol or not.  We could’ve just voted him off anyway.  In the end it wouldn’t have mattered.  It would have been another person that would have just been gone.  I probably would have been sitting in a better position than at home right now, I guess.

Question: Who are you going to stay in touch with after the experience?

Pete Yurkowski: I’m keeping in touch with Malcolm, Abi, Carter, mostly the younger guys.  I still talk to Skupin and Artis.  Almost everybody.  Everybody except, really, I guess, RC.  She’s just way too bitter.

Question: Did RC ever find out before she got voted off that you were the person behind the hidden Idol’s clue being “accidentally” exposed at Tandang?

Pete Yurkowski: Oh, no.  Definitely no.  Nobody knew.  The first person I told was probably Artis a day or two before he went home.  RC was already gone, it didn’t matter.  Only Artis knew.

Question: Of the contestants that are left in the game, who is the person who has surprised you the most watching them on TV?

Pete Yurkowski: I thought Malcolm was actually playing a lot harder than it shows on TV.  Denise is really surprising me.  I never saw her talk to anybody, ever talking strategy.  So she was very good at diverting normal activities and mixing in strategy talk.  I never saw that happening.

Question: How did you get on the show?

Pete Yurkowski: I applied.  I had just graduated college a year ago.  My mom said, “Go get a job.”  I guess reality TV was the next idea.  I always liked the game.  I watched it when I was a lot younger, then kind of fell out of it then came back into it.  I saw that they were recruiting for season 25 and 26 and sent in a video.

Question: If you were asked to play the game again, would you?

Pete Yurkowski: Yeah, I would go back in a heartbeat.  I would go back tomorrow if they asked.  Or today.

What do you think of what Pete had to say?  Are you surprised to hear he was closer to Artis than anybody else?  Did you like watching Pete on the show?  Who do you think deserves to win the game?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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2 Responses to “Survivor: Philippines Interview — Pete Yurkowski Says He Stayed Aligned With Abi-Maria Gomes Too Long”

  1. Ana Paula Says:
    November 27th, 2012 at 5:43 am

    Pete’s a good guy. He’s smart, but maybe not mature enough. He made some pretty bad choices.

    I’d like to see what his thoughts on returning players will be when he is one of them..

  2. Zara Says:
    December 10th, 2012 at 4:22 pm

    Pete was very childlish, game or not that was awful what he did to RC. What goes around always comes back.


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