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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Relationship Rehab

November 26, 2012 08:27 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills is all new tonight on Bravo. Lisa and Adrienne meet up for lunch and an “I’m sorry” might be on the menu. Plus, Brandi makes Kim cry at a dinner party. Do think she called her a slut pig?

The big meeting between Lisa and Adrienne is going down over some wine.  Lisa is still fuming that her neighbor would accuse her of selling a story to the press.  Basically Lisa has iced Adrienne out of the social scene and Adrienne has had enough.  The ladies exchange their cold hellos and then Adrienne apologizes for basically sending a tree to Lisa’s party.  Even though Adrienne wasn’t invited to the party, she still wanted to make an entrance.  Adrienne tells Lisa the flowers were a peace offering.  “I reacted, sometimes friends react and they do stupid things,” Adrienne admits.  Plus, Adrienne doesn’t want to waste any more time fighting with friends.  As Adrienne babbles on, Lisa just sips her wine and stares her down.  Adrienne finally says the two words Lisa has been pressuring her to say – I’m sorry. Lisa accepts the apology, but admits to the cameras their relationship will never be the same.  Don’t mess with the lady in pink! Plus, Adrienne has a new BFF in Brandi anyways. 

Brandi is being so Beverly Hills right now and meeting with her literary agent.  So what is Brandi Glanville writing about?  Her very public break-up of course.  The two discuss all the meetings they have been on to try to sell the book.  ”I felt like a grown up, until I said the F word and the P word,” Brandi laughs.  It’s not a bashing book, but rather a book about what Brandi went through during the divorce. It includes sex, crying and anti-depressants.  You know you are going to buy a copy!  But do you think LeAnn will?  The best part of her non-professional meeting is when her gay agent tells her she has the best titties.

It’s a girls trip to Ojai, California.  Kim is feeling all spiritual and wants to take the women to her favorite vacation spot.  All the women are invited, even Camille is joining them.  “No drama,” the girls tell each other as the limo pulls up to a giant mansion.  After a tour of the grounds, Kyle is horrified to learn that there are only five bedrooms.  Uh-oh, girls are going to have share rooms. When Yolanda shows up in jeans she mocks the BH girls for being all glammed up in Ojai.  Then the party really starts when Lisa and Brandi enter the house. The tension is still high between Brandi and Kim, but the two are trying to play nice.

The women head out to enjoy their first dinner of the vacation.  In what normally would be an awkward moment, Kim sits across from Brandi.  Then Kim gives a heartfelt speech about how happy she is and how she really wants to move forward and forgive each other. Adrienne thinks it’s refreshing to see Kim reaching out – but really she means it’s refreshing to see her sober!  Then Brandi extends an olive branch to Kim and compliments her on her wonderful children.  Kim really appreciates Brandi’s efforts and thinks she might actually like her. 

As Brandi is trying to smooth things over with Kim; Kim begins to cry.  Adrienne notices that Kim is in tears and makes a big scene out of it.  “Shut the f*&k up!” Brandi yells at Adrienne.  So much for the peaceful Ojai trip.

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One Response to “The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Relationship Rehab”

  1. rankno Says:
    December 1st, 2012 at 11:52 am

    Why did Kim start crying? She said that really hurt me but I didn’t get what it was that hurt her so much.


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