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Teen Mom 2 Recap: All Good Things Must Come To An End

November 27, 2012 05:43 AM by Donna W. Martin

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah, Chelsea, Jenelle, and Kailyn find themselves at a pivotal point in their lives where all good things must come to an end. Take the leap to find out how it all went down.

Here are the details of tonight’s episode…


Leah and Corey’s divorce is just about final. Leah received a letter from her attorney regarding the court hearing. All they need to do is meet with the judge so he can sign off on it and then their divorce will be official.

Leah talked about wanting to go back to school but the divorce was making it hard for her to focus. Maybe things will come together once the divorce is final.

Later, Leah went to meet Corey to drop the girls off for the weekend. Corey has a new truck and Leah gets upset over it. Corey handed Leah a check for child support and she asked him if he was sure he could afford it. He told her it was a just because gift from his family.

That evening, Kayla came over and Leah talked to her about Corey’s new truck. She told Kayla she was upset about the truck because they originally started fighting because he wanted a new truck and she wanted to get a house first. Leah went on to say she just wanted her family and Corey coming home to them. She said she was stressed and seemed ungrateful but that she loved him and she tried to make things work.

At the end of the weekend, Leah went to pick up the girls. Corey asked her, “What’s the real reason we’re getting a divorce? Is it the truck?” Leah told him that she believed it was part of it and he reminded her about sleeping with Robbie one week before they got married. “That hurt,” he said.

Leah told him they had both hurt each other and that he just didn’t want to admit it. “I tried to get you to do marriage counseling,” she said. They argued back and forth a bit and then agreed, “maybe it wasn’t meant to be.”

Corey said, “I want to get along for the girls.”

Leah agreed and said, “It’s done,” then they both left.

The day of the divorce hearing came. Leah talked to her mom on the way to court. She said she felt sick and wished it didn’t have to be this way.

Thirty minutes after going into court, it was all over. Their divorce was final. Leah and Corey went outside and sat on a bench. They agreed to try to do what’s best for the girls and to be good parents. Both of them seemed sad and didn’t have very much to say. Leah told Corey, “I wish you the best” and then said, “I’m going to go.”

Corey sat on the bench and watched her walk away. When Leah got home, she took off her rings.


Jenelle’s attorney has been trying to get a shorter sentence than 45 days in jail for her. Jenelle talks to her friend Tori, tells her she just can’t seem to stop smoking pot, and invites her to a Kesha concert.

Since Jenelle failed her drug test, she has been partying a lot more and can’t wait to go to the Kesha concert.

Her attorney called and told her that her probation officer had given her two choices. She could pull 45 days in jail in a 6 x 8 cell, or she could continue probation. He encourages her to continue probation. Jenelle told her attorney that she could not stop smoking and asked him, “What if I mess up again?”

He reminds her that if she stays on probation, she will be drug tested until April. She told him she wanted time to think about it. Not sure of what to do, Jenelle decided to talk to her mom, Barbara. Barbara told her to follow probation. “Put your mind to it and stop smoking,” she said.

Jenelle told her that she just couldn’t stop. Tensions rise and Barbara reminds her that she didn’t smoke while she was in rehab.

“That was because I was on lock down,” Jenelle yells. Visibly angered, she said she was stressed and left the house.

Later, Jenelle meets with her attorney, Dustin. He has talked to the probation officer and tried to get a shorter sentence. Jenelle told him that she wanted to go to jail instead of staying on probation.

He told her she would have to serve 16 days instead of 45. The probation officer wanted her to go to jail from August 8 to August 23. But Jenelle told him she had second row seats to a Kesha concert on the 9th. She explained that she couldn’t miss the concert. She had bought clothes and got a hotel room for the concert, not to mention that Kesha was her idol.

Her attorney told her that would not fly with her probation officer. “Nobody understands how important this is to me. I’m obsessed with Kesha,” Jenelle said. Then she added, “I’ll stay on probation to go to the concert.”

But later on, Jenelle was in for a rude awakening. Little did she know she wouldn’t have to decide about jail or the concert. Her probation officer showed up and gave her a random drug test. She failed and was arrested on the spot.

After her arrest, Jenelle called Barbara and told her what had happened. She said she was under $10,000 bond and that it would take $1,000 to get her out of jail. She asked her mom to bail her out of jail.

Barbara told her she was sick of this. “You’ll be 20 in December,” she said. “What kind of mother are you? Your kid’s going to see you in jail!” Then Barbara laid the smack down on her daughter. She said, “No, I’m not coming. This makes me so angry. You can sit in jail and pay the price.”

Jenelle begs her mom to bail her out. “I’ll be in here until my court date in August and longer if it gets continued,” Jenelle told her.

Barbara told her, “You just don’t get it. If I get you out, you’ll hop in your car and I won’t see you for a week.” Then she gave Jenelle the final blow, “The h*ll with you! Sit in jail. I’m not coming. Goodbye!” Barbara told her.


Chelsea is busy getting ready to take the GED practice test next week and planning Aubree’s second birthday party, complete with bouncy house, pizza, and a new Barbie Jeep. Adam has been staying over more and keeping his work on his promises.

Chelsea’s dad, Randy came to pick up Aubree so Chelsea could get everything scheduled for the party. When Chelsea left, Randy went snooping in her house and found some of Adam’s things. He called Chelsea and asked her if Adam had moved in. She asked him what he was doing in her house then told her friend, “I pay my own rent, it’s my choice.” Chelsea and her friend Ashley went to the track where Adam was riding his 4-wheeler.

Later that night, Randy went back to Chelsea’s house and got in a fight with Adam about being at Chelsea’s house. Randy sat on the couch and wouldn’t leave until Adam gathered all his things and left.

Since then, Adam has ignored Chelsea and won’t talk to her. She’s afraid Adam will bail on Aubree’s birthday party because of the fight with Randy. Chelsea tried to call Adam again but the call went straight to his voicemail.

The day of the party came and Chelsea arrived early to get everything set up. One hour into the party, Adam still hasn’t showed up. Chelsea is aggravated. Finally, two hours after the party started, Adam shows up and Chelsea said, “Things feel weirder than ever.”

Aubree blew out her candles and Chelsea gave her the Barbie Jeep. Aubree loved it. Then Adam took her outside and gave her a bicycle with training wheels.

Adam and his parents wanted to spend some time with Aubree so she went home with Adam. Things were awkward between Adam and Chelsea and they didn’t talk. So much for the promise ring and working things out.


Kailyn still has feelings for Jo but she’s hanging out with Jordan.

Later, Kailyn’s friend Taylor emails her photos of Jo with his new girlfriend Vee. The caption on one of the photos said “tipsy” suggesting that Jo had been drinking. Kailyn didn’t like seeing Jo with the other girl but she got upset when she realized the photo was taken on Friday, June 17, a day when Jo had Isaac for visitation. “Where was Isaac?” Kailyn asked.

Kailyn was hurt about Jo dating Vee but she couldn’t believe he chose to spend time with Vee over Isaac.

Kailyn called Jo to talk with him about the photos and because she was upset that he was partying on nights he had Isaac. Jo denied drinking and told Kailyn his mom had Isaac when he was with Vee. Then Kailyn told Jo, “If he’s going to stay with your mom, he should just be with me.”

Kailyn went out to eat with her friend Gigi and told her about the situation with Jo and said she was ready to go to court.

Later, Kailyn talked to Jordan about it and then set up a meeting with her attorney. She wants to see if she can get more weekend time with Isaac, every other weekend, if possible. She showed her attorney the picture of Jo and Vee. Her attorney found the photo interesting seeing as how Jo is only 19 and drinking illegally. Jo must agree to the new visitation terms or they will have to go to court for a custody hearing.

Kailyn went home after meeting with her attorney. Jordan is there with Isaac and they talk about how things went with the attorney. Kailyn said, “If Jo is not spending time with him [Isaac], then I will.”

Jordan asked her if she was nervous. She said, “A little bit” because the last time they went to court, Jo blew up. Kailyn said, “I’m not into confrontation, but more time with Isaac is worth it.”

Phew! What a night! What did you think of tonight’s episode? Are you sad that Leah and Corey are divorced? Did Jenelle get what was coming to her? Are Chelsea and Adam done for good this time? And did Randy have any business sticking his nose in the middle of things? Is Kailyn right to ask for more time with Isaac since Jo is busy partying? And do you hope things work out with her and Jordan? Post a comment and tell us all about it!

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