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The X Factor Recap: Top 8 Tackle Number One Hits

November 29, 2012 12:05 AM by Melissa Stavarski

Tonight on The X Factor, the Top 8 perform Number One Hits, Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato exchange insults, and Britney Spears and will. i. am debut their music video. With another double elimination looming and the five million dollar finale just a few short weeks away, the contestants are stressed out! Keep reading for all the details!

Diamond White sings Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.” Britney tells Diamond that she needs to skip a ballad this week so she can show the viewers that she can have fun on stage. Unfortunately, I don’t think Diamond is capable (yet) of dancing and singing at the same time. It’s weak.

L.A. Reid gives Diamond an “A for effort, B for execution.” Demi says it is good to see Diamond have fun, but she wants more. Simon feels as if Diamond gave more than enough. Britney tells Diamond that she’s proud and would dance with her any day.

Following a last minute song change, Vino Alan takes on “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” by The Righteous Brothers. Oy. I love this song and I love Vino… but I did not love this performance. What is going on tonight? Is it just me? Vino adds chest thumps, reggae, and a Hunchback of Notre Dame impersonation to the song, but none of it works.

Britney thinks Vino needs to be “freshened up.” Demi agrees, adding, ”To be honest, I do think that you had a lot of soul in your voice, but I wasn’t totally entertained.” Simon says, “There are so many amazing songs you could sing, but that wasn’t one.” L.A. laughs at them all.

Paige Thomas sings ”Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. Paige and Demi disagree. While Paige prefers to dance and have fun, Demi wants her performances to be stripped down. L.A. weighs in, “Paige is too much into the staging, makeup, and hair, instead of the singing. What we need from Paige is a great musical moment.” Honestly, this segment goes on way too long. In my opinion, Paige needs the “show” because she cannot sing well. Her voice always loses steam about half way through the song.

L.A. tells Paige, “That was by far your very best performance.” Simon agrees. ”This is the first time you have looked and sounded like a legitimate pop star,” he says. “This sounded like you making a record.”

It’s been an emotional week for Fifth Harmony, as Ally’s grandfather passed away. Ally believes in her heart that he’d want her to continue. The group takes on Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger.” Obviously, these girls can sing. But there were a few things off this week: they’re not harmonizing, the flame graphics are cheesy, and Camila Cabello didn’t sing a solo.

L.A. says, “It was good; I want groundbreaking. I didn’t hear harmony; I heard unison.” Demi says “Stronger” was one of Fifth Harmony’s best performances, but she adds that their lack of movement was awkward to watch. Simon says, “What a fantastic performance.”

“Scream and Shout” by Britney Spears and will. i. am (mild language)

Carly Rose Sonenclar tackles Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” Last week, Carly took the number one spot away from Tate. She’s excited, but Britney warns her that this means the target on her back just got much larger. Britney tells Carly, “Let everyone else sing the oldies… we’ll bring it [with Adele]!” Carly’s rendition starts fine, but we all know there’s more to come. Wait for it… wait for it… BAM! The wind machine combined with Carly’s powerhouse vocals blow everyone away.

Side note: The X Factor needs to retire that wind machine.

L.A. says, “For me, that wasn’t your very best performance.” Then, he adds, “But, even your second best is better than everyone else’s first best.” Simon says the first half of the song was “good” but the second half was “sensational.” Britney explains, “Carly and I were really wanting to take a risk at this point so that we could bring her to the next level in the competition, and that’s what we did.”

Tate Stevens feels the pressure more than ever. L.A. tells Tate that he needs to do something new and exciting. L.A. tells us, “Tate’s turning up the swag… big time!” Tate covers “Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban. In addition to nearly perfect vocals, Tate offers some two step dancing and guitar playing. Hey, Carly! Tate called, and he wants his number one spot back!

Britney tells Tate, “We’ll be seeing you accept a country music award some day.” Demi says, “One day, when I get married, I want my husband to love me as much as you love your wife.” In response to Demi’s comment, Simon quips, “That might be a bit of a tall order.” Offended, Demi says, “At least I’ll get married one day.” To that, Simon says, “I might get married one day.” Poor Tate… Simon eventually ignores Demi to tell Tate, “You’re back. You’re back with passion.”

CeCe Frey has gone from fierce to defeated to bitter. Referencing her last-place finish last week, CeCe says to the viewers, “I gave 110% percent last week, and you guys still put me in the bottom two.” CeCe sings ”Lady Marmalade.” For me, CeCe’s vocals this week are worse than her attitude. Her voice goes back and forth between flat and shouty and the entire production looks ridiculous and cheap. Demi has ruined CeCe.

“I hate that I’m going to say this, but I actually enjoyed that circus,” L.A. admits. “The problem I have with that performance… I felt like I’d eaten 66 slices of chocolate cake, when I wanted a slice. You gave me too much,” Simon says. “My advice tonight is: Pack a suitcase.”

Apparently, when the guys from Emblem3 aren’t saving drowning kittens, they’re being mobbed by crazy fans. Seriously, X Factor? I find it hard to believe that Emblem3 are being chased down the streets of L.A. Moving on, Emblem3 performs “I’m A Believer” by the Monkees. Visually, it’s too much. While I don’t mind their voices (I like Keaton’s voice the most), I cannot stand to watch them perform and I am tired of Drew’s weekly need to take off his clothes.

In a roundabout way, L.A. says he’d sign Emblem3. Britney didn’t like it. Demi agrees with Brit, adding, “I just don’t understand what Simon’s doing with you guys.” Simon says to Demi, “You criticizing me for doing a bad job is kind of ironic … I’ve sold over 300 million records, sweetheart.” Simon tells Emblem3 that they’re already pop stars.

Tell Us – Who are you voting for? Which two acts should be eliminated? Sound off in the comments below!

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One Response to “The X Factor Recap: Top 8 Tackle Number One Hits”

  1. Gil King Says:
    November 29th, 2012 at 12:14 pm

    CeCe rocked the house and did it in a hot sexy yet fun way. She was smoking!
    Probably cant beat out Carly Rose, but she’ll definitely shoot up the chart tonight.
    Not looking too good for Simon’s group of 5 young boring chicks with a sob story to try desperately to keep them in, or for Paige who resembles one of about a million black pop rockers with oh so average vocals.
    Those 3 white boys wishing to be the next New Direction, are simply irritatingly average. Simon’s groups both suck..


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