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Project Runaway All Stars Recap: Androgynous Avant-Garde Designs With A Twist!

November 30, 2012 05:38 AM by Donna W. Martin

On tonight’s episode of Project Runway All Stars, the nine remaining designers faced their toughest challenge yet. And there was a surprise twist too! Who make it through to next week? And who went home? Take the jump to find out!

The challenge for the nine remaining designers was to create an androgynous design, one that could be worn by a male or female and that had both masculine and feminine aesthetics. In addition, the design had to be avant-garde, using innovation and application of new concepts and techniques in fashion design.

The designers were given 30 minutes to sketch before going shopping at Mood where they had a budget of $150 and a 30-minute time limit.

Back in the workroom, Georgina Chapman came in to introduce the designers to their models. And surprise, surprise, the models were men! Georgina told the designers there was a twist to this week’s challenge. Instead of one design, they were responsible for creating two looks, one male, and one female. Georgina explained that the designs would have to work together because they would walk the runway at the same time. Plus, both looks had to adhere to the challenge of being both androgynous and avant-garde.

Then she gave the designers 30 minutes to work with their male models and take down their measurements. The designers were given one extra day to design and were given an additional $150 and 30 minutes to shop at Mood.

Back in the workroom, Joanna Coles came in and gave the designers a pep talk. She told them, “We really need to see what you can deliver.” She encouraged them to push themselves and not to play it safe. She reminded them that this was an avant-garde challenge and, “When you think you can’t go any further, push yourselves a little further,” she said.

The female models came in for their fittings, followed immediately by the male models. Some of the designers struggled with the challenge such as Casanova who enlisted the help of Ivy when he ran into a snag. And other designers considered over the top ideas such as Joshua’s suggestion of *ss out chaps. Thankfully, he reconsidered!

In a flash, the models came in for final fittings and then it was time to hit the runway. After all the designs had walked, Carolyn called on Althea, Ivy, and Joshua and told them they were safe. This left six designers on the runway, the three high scores, and the three low scores.

The judges critiqued the designs one at a time. Uli was up first and said her design was tribal inspired. Isaac said he loved the design and that it was sick in a good way. Guest judge Robert Rodriguez added that he loved the texture; it was very downtown. And Georgina commented that she didn’t care for the legging.

Isaac looked at Laura Kathleen’s design and said he could tell this was a hard challenge for her and the textiles looked inexpensive. Guest judge Jason Wu believed Laura struggled with too many ideas and Robert agreed saying it was over the top for him. Carolyn added that she didn’t like the gold buttons and cutouts.

Emilio chose to use menswear fabric for both of his looks. Georgina said she saw a lot of attention to detail but cautioned Emilio against putting semi-circles on the woman’s side because the waist was lost. Robert loved the design and said he couldn’t tell who the man was and who the woman was, which is what the challenge was all about. Jason said the design was fabulous and Carolyn added the male model was painfully gorgeous.

Kayne chose to go with hounds tooth and leather, which Isaac didn’t care for. He said the yellow color underneath brought the piece to a level that was very, very inexpensive. Carolyn added that she’d rather have seen the female model bare underneath, which would have been sexy. And then Georgina summed it up saying she encouraged Kayne to edit himself.

Casanova commented on his look saying he was going for a warrior/armor feel. Georgina said she didn’t feel like the design was androgynous. Isaac thought the female model looked right but the male model looked like her accessory. And Jason added that he didn’t feel the looks were androgynous or avant-garde.

And then last but not least, the judges took a look at Anthony Ryan’s designs. Isaac said he was so good every week and that he loved the texture of the fabrics. “They look so fresh and new to me,” he said.

The designers were then asked to exit the runway so the judges could make their final decisions. When they came back out, Carolyn told Anthony Ryan he was safe. Then she called Uli and Emilio and said one of them was the challenge winner.

Emilio won this week’s challenge and Uli was safe. Then Carolyn called Casanova and he was safe too. That left Kayne and Laura Kathleen in the bottom two.

Carolyn told Kayne his cut was masterful but that he needed to edit himself. She told Laura Kathleen that the judges felt like she’d lost sight of what she was doing and told her she really needed to learn to play to her strengths.

In the end, Laura Kathleen was in and Kayne was out.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Project Runway All Stars? Do you think Kayne should have been sent home? Or was there another design worse than his? Post a comment and tell us what you think.

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