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The Amazing Race Recap: That’s A Load Of Bull!

December 02, 2012 08:37 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Who are you hoping to win The Amazing Race? Personally, I’m gunning for either Team Beekman (Josh and Brent) or Team Chippendale (Jaymes and James). I tend to root for underdogs and, although I make fun of them a lot, the Chips’ friendly approach and chiseled abs have won me over. The twins (Natalie and Nadiya) and Trexi (Trey and Lexi) still have yet to redeem themselves after stealing $100 from Abba and James. We won’t find out the winner tonight, but there just might be another elimination!

Appropriately, the rumored home of Rembrandt’s mistress is the setting for the beginning of the tenth leg of the race. After departing this lovely house, the remaining four teams will head for Barcelona. Natalie and Nadiya are lucky as usual, managing to book direct flights almost immediately. The Chips and Trexie arrive soon after and the three teams take a well-deserved break on the beach. The Beekman Boys show up a little later and there’s an excited reunion. Of course, the other three teams aren’t so much excited to see Josh and Brent as they are relieved to not see Abbie and Ryan.

The clue delivery is even stranger than usual during this leg, if that’s possible. A group of devils swings fire around as the contestants try to figure out which devil holds the clue to the next challenge. Once they finally convince the devils to give up their precious clues, the teams learn that they’ll be hitting tennis balls for the next challenge. This is definitely a plus for Trey, who used to play tennis back in the day. Josh, on the other hand, is dreading this task. His ankle is still in bad shape after the last leg of the race and running around after tennis balls doesn’t sound like much fun at the moment. He gives it a try but quickly finds himself sidelined due to pain exhaustion.

Just when I think it’s over for the Beekmans, Josh manages to get back up on his weak ankle and finish the challenge. Despite her weird handling of the racket, Natalie finishes soon after. The “twinnies” plan to stick close behind the Beekman Boys, but based on their prior handling of the manual vehicle, I’m not sure how that will work out.

The Chips and Trexi navigate their way through a cave to find two guys playing guitar and…the next clue! The detour for the tenth leg of the race is Spin It or Bull It. Trexi decides to go the matador route, meaning that Lexi has to run around blindly in a bull costume while Trey attempts to guide her around a succession of matadors. Things go well until the team runs straight into the final bulls eye, failing to complete the challenge and hurting (gasp) Lexie’s finger!

Jaymes and James choose a detour task that sounds boring but actually plays well into the team’s athleticism and childhood love of taking apart machinery. They are required to work on a 400-year-old windmill and are able to complete the task with ease. I can’t say the same for the Beekmans or the Twinnies, all of whom struggle with simple tasks involving nuts and bolts.

Despite their matador issues, Trey and Lexi come in first and win another romantic vacation. The Chippendales take second place for this leg and tell Phil that they are the most motivated team. Next to arrive…the underdogs! Yayyy for the Beekman Boys! The twins’ response?  ”I can’t believe the gimpy guys beat us.” And I was actually starting to feel a bit of sympathy for their plight. Natalie and Nadiya are in luck however, as this is a non-elimination round. Which is always a bit anti-climatic, but whatever. Stay tuned — next week, we’ll be down to the top three!

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