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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: Buh-Bye Kim

December 02, 2012 08:33 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta is all new tonight on Bravo. Kenya causes more drama when she outwardly flirts with Apollo. Will Phaedra have to use her donkey booty to push Kenya away from her man?  Plus, Kim walk off the show!

It’s a very pregnant Kim chowing down on pizza with her two girls.  They talk about how happy they are to back in the townhome and out of that horrible mansion. Sure, whatever! Anyways the topic turns to babies and Brielle wants to make sure her mom gets on birth control after this latest baby is born.

Kenya is bringing Walter to meet Phaedra and Apollo.  “You look like a supermodel with your shades on,” Kenya compliments Apollo.  Then Kenya gushes to the camera that Apollo is “fine.”  Kenya’s behavior doesn’t bode well with our southern belle, Phaedra.  “She might want to pump her breaks, because she is breaking some cardinal rules,” Phaedra tells the cameras.  The couples pretend to have a business meeting about Apollo’s workout video, but then they jump on some go-carts.  While Phaedra is “leisurely driving” Kenya is speeding and screaming like the wicked witch of the west.

There is another double date going on across town; NeNe and Cynthia are hanging out with their men.  The girls are talking about planning a couples trip to Anguilla.  NeNe isn’t too pleased to learn that Kim and Kroy will be invited.  When Cynthia leaves the room, Peter reveals his big plans to renew his wedding vows while on the island. 

Porsha is at the doctor’s with her husband to find out if she can try to have another baby. But not just one baby, Porsha wants to carry twins. “It’s not a drive-thru, you can’t put your order in,” the doc informs Porsha. 

Porsha has invited Cynthia and NeNe to a meeting about helping  out her charity, feeding the hungry.  “It’s not just feeding the hungry only on Thanksgiving, this is a 265 days a year project.”   Leave it to NeNe to say, “That is funny, where the hell does that bitch live at?”After the ladies get their charity work out of the way, they break open the wine and start gossiping about Kenya.  Porsha gives the girls the details about the whole Ms. USA vs. Ms. America debacle. Cynthia is relieved to know she isn’t the only one not getting along with the former beauty queen. 

It’s double trouble when Kandi and Phaedra go out shopping together.  Kandi has brought Phaedra a gift from her sex toy line – kegel balls.  Yes, you stick balls up your vagina in an effort to tighten those muscles.  “I’m wearing mine right now,” Kandi lets the whole store know. “Does it feel good?” Phaedra asks the question we all want to know.  It feels “fine” according to Kandi – doesn’t sound like a rave review.  Forget the kegel balls, Phaedra wants the penis ring!  The girls chat about the trip to Anguilla and how it has all been planned around Kim’s specific travel dates.  ”She better not cancel,” Kandi warns Phaedra.

The voicemail drama between Cynthia and Phaedra finally comes to an end.  “I owe you an apology and some flowers,” Phaedra admits to Cynthia.  A pleased Cynthia accepts the apology and deletes the voicemail from her phone. “Thank you for not making it into black babygate,” Phaedra jokes. 

The other ladies begin to show up at the restaurant to plan the Anguilla trip.  Cynthia is not happy to learn that Kandi has invited Kenya to this lunch date.  All the girls are still wondering if Kim is going to show up, but she does!  Chomping her gum and holding her big belly, Kim waddles into the lunch.  The girls start talking about the Anguilla trip and Kenya wants to know if she is invited.  “I’m invited right Cynthia?” Kenya asks.  It’s an awkward silence and then Kenya announces she is inviting herself!  The women raise their glasses to toast the upcoming trip!  Everyone is on board, except for Kim.  “I’m going to talk to my doctor,” Kim tells the ladies.  Her cervix, breastfeeding and Kroy’s camp are all reasons Kim doesn’t want to travel. NeNe is beyond annoyed with Kim and her excuses.  Kandi loses it when she finds out Kim has other vacation plans!  Everyone is upset because they rearranged their schedules to accommodate Kim. “Are you really committed to our wonderful friendship?” Phaedra asks Kim.  Right away Kim admits she really doesn’t have time for these girls.

“You make excuses all the time….don’t lie on me Kim,” NeNe raises her voice.  That’s when Kim decides she has had enough and in a dramatic scene exits the restaurant. “All these bitches are f*$%ing crazy!” Kim tells the cameras. 

What do you think about Kim not going on the trip?  Is it wrong of her to put family first?  Let us know what you think, leave us a comment below.

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10 Responses to “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: Buh-Bye Kim”

  1. kris Says:
    December 2nd, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    Kim i think that you are really selfish. I know that you are married and all and it’s about your family and all but man u r really burning your bridges with everyone including your parent’s it couldn’t be just every one that has a problem. One day u might need somebody besides your husband girl im just saying

  2. Avalis Says:
    December 3rd, 2012 at 11:16 am

    Why would Kim want to subject herself to a repeat of what happened when the ladies visited South Africa not too long ago? She was made out to be a racist who dislikes African babies, which wasn’t true. I think Nene, at least, is out for blood when it comes to Kim and I can just envision how uncomfortable the trip would be for Kim with the others picking on everything she said and did. I don’t blame her for not going in this case. And I’m not a Kim fan, by the way. I think she is shallow and materialistic.

  3. Shelby Says:
    December 3rd, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    I think that Kim just dont want to be bothered. I really think that its messed up of her to have them all schedule their trip around her schedule, missing important dates and paycheck opportunities. Shes just rude and needs to get over herself. I think shes embarrassed with the financial situation shes facing. Shes been spending like crazy since shes been engaged. Kroy dont make that much and all she does it get money from the show, which im sure aint much.

  4. Mrs Smith Says:
    December 3rd, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    First of all, Kim is NOT putting her family before the girls. She is still going away, but it will be just her and Kroy. Kim should have been up front with the others. They gave her a chance by asking her dates she could go and arranging their schedule. Kim continues to show inconsideration and her disdain for them.

    I do not like users and people who have no class. I will not support a spinoff for her.

  5. Mayida Says:
    December 4th, 2012 at 5:29 am

    I think Kim is going to have 4 children!! It is hrd to have a social life with children and a husband. I feel these ladies are selfish!!

  6. bee gee Says:
    December 4th, 2012 at 5:56 am

    It is not wrong for Kim to put her family first but because of past experiences with her, the ladies feel that this is another excuse. I wouldn’t want to travel in that condition either but Kim should have been more honest and not have the ladies rearrange their schedules to accommodate her and she doesn’t go. That was very insensitive of Kim. I think Kroy is behind this and Kim is going to listen to her husband; but she shouldn’t have told the ladies that she was going.

  7. JudySea Says:
    December 4th, 2012 at 5:58 pm

    Kim uses people and when they no longer have value she tosses them out.
    I can still hear her telling Kandi how much she wanted to sing, telling Big Papa how much she loved him. Praisimg Sweetie then firing her, even her parents have been kicked to the curb.
    On a more positive note I think she has her match in her husband, still waters run deep…

  8. Taylormade Says:
    December 6th, 2012 at 3:08 pm

    Who cares about Kim – I hope she is saving her money because Kroy won’t be playing football forever and we all know how thirsty Kim is. Whe she leave his broke behind – what man is going to want her with 4 children under 14

  9. cynthia Says:
    December 14th, 2012 at 2:06 pm

    kim is selfish and low down look at how she did her dad and mom at the wedding she a real bitches..and ahe fat …

  10. NANCY Says:
    December 16th, 2012 at 4:49 am

    kim is a tacky poor white trash trying to pretend like she is all of a sudden above the drama when in reality when she is a user who has nothing to do with anyone she cannot use. She was friends with NeNe to get on the show until she was there and she thought Sheree was so up market so she jumped on that band wagon until she found out she was half broke so she dumped her as a friend after the wedding, then Kandi was one of her best friends until she didn’t make any more free music for her so she dropped her, she was so in love with Big Poppa until he went broke then her love for him dried up and she found her a ball player, Kendra her decorater was so wonderful and a great friend until she wouldn’t let her stay in her house without paying rent then she is bitch and the house is hunted, and then there is her parents who were great people, great grandparents, and they where a close knitt family until she got Kroy then she wants to pretend they are beneath her. She is a user!!!!


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