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Basketball Wives LA Recap: No Humanity in Any Habitat

December 03, 2012 09:49 PM by Shayla Perry

You’ll have to excuse us as we try to wrap our brains around tonight’s episode of VH1‘s Basketball Wives LA. Since when does Brooke have a lingerie line? Why is Jackie Christie trying (and we stress “TRYING”) to rap? Prepare yourselves for some confusion and just a lot of stuff straight out of left field. Plus, the ‘wives head to the Big Easy to do some charity work and prove that wherever they go — for whatever reason — trouble will follow.

Tonight on Basketball Wives LA….

So, as if Laura Govan and Jackie Christie’s lovefest during Fashion Week wasn’t enough to get your head spinning…

Apparently, Brooke has a lingerie line that she’s launching (yeah…really), so she invited some of the ladies over to celebrate. Yes, that includes Bambi, and no, she still isn’t over the whole King magazine thing with Draya.

Maybe it’s just that she and Draya were never really friends, because if they were, there wouldn’t be any issues, and Draya probably would’ve known something about Brooke’s lingerie line (for the record, she didn’t know).

Something else we’re still scratching our heads about? Jackie Christie recording a song. Um…okay.

Clearly trying to stay above all the drama this season, Malaysia tells everyone that she wants them to come to New Orleans with her to build houses over their vacation. Why do we already know that isn’t gonna go well?

For Laura’s birthday, Gloria tries to give her a little surprise, having them all meet to get their make-up done and go out. Draya is sittin’ this one out because she doesn’t want to be a part of Laura and Jackie’s fake front, which Brooke thinks is a bit hypocritical. Kind of like Gloria telling Bambi that she can’t comment on stuff going on with Laura and Jackie.

Bambi takes the opportunity to let Gloria know that she didn’t appreciate that moment at Draya’s White Party. Probably not the smartest thing to do, but it definitely wasn’t smart for Gloria to all of a sudden get all bold and tell Bambi that if she felt like smackin her, then she should. Really Gloria?

We’d feel bad about Laura’s birthday being ruined, but this wouldn’t have been an issue if she hadn’t spent every episode plottin’ to ruin someone’s life.

Fast forward to New Orleans….

No Gloria and no Laura.

The ladies don’t know why they’re no-shows, but rumor has it that Gloria and Matt got married.

Just as everyone was starting to realize how cool things were without them (including us), in roll Laura and Gloria…Mrs. Gloria Barnes. Then out rolls Bambi.

Lovin’ the fact that she’s not the one at the center of the drama, Jackie brings up the issue with Brooke and Draya AGAIN…then proceeds to do it another time while they’re working with the charity the next day. (*Shaking our heads*)

So, later that night, the ladies split up…

Gloria, Laura, and Brooke are out together, while Jackie hangs with Bambi, Draya, and Malaysia on Bourbon Street…gossiping about Gloria.

Is she as innocent as she tries to come off? Not according to Bambi, who says she’s seen her coming out of the studio with a few different guys on several occasions…and they weren’t in there making music!

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Photo Credit: VH1

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5 Responses to “Basketball Wives LA Recap: No Humanity in Any Habitat”

  1. Kbace Says:
    December 4th, 2012 at 10:09 am

    It seems like the two newbies on the show want to keep bringing up unnecessary stuff to keep the drama going. It is pointless and tiresome. Brooke needs to realize that nobody, especially Draya, cares about her little KING magazine cover. Bambi needs to realize that she is lucky to be on the show and should stay out of other people’s business. Maybe starting unnecessary sh*t is thier way of trying to be controversial and interesting so that VH1 will ask them to come back next season.

  2. Oakland bitch Says:
    December 5th, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    Bambi…WHY are you on the show…you are a hater…Go crwal in the hole you came out of…you can not rap nor dance…you need speech therapy… learn how to talk…you are UGLY inside out…that is WHY you have no success…cause you hatin on others…Please ask VH1 to not let you on a set without makeup you are butt face UGLY…it is bad enough you not pretty with make up…are you in a time machine boo cause the way you be lookin in not cute boo…bambi you are the true definition of a hoodrat

  3. My two cents Says:
    December 7th, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    Brooke needs to be kicked off the show. She has beat the horse to death. Why she thinks making the cover of king magazine is huge accomplishment absolutely crazy. She called Draya unprofesional and she had the editor on speaker phone. Really!

    “I’m so appreciative” is what she said to the editor. What is that all about?? Gave him a kiss at her celebration party. How professional. LOL

  4. kay Says:
    December 8th, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    Bamabi is right about Gloria. An opinion is an opinion. who made Gloria the boss to say who speak and who doesnt. The opportunity she gave Bambi to smack her. Bambi should off. I would of walked right up to her and smack her in the face. Next time she would learn not to tell people to smack her. Bambi is so right about Gloria. Gloria thinks she hard but she is far from it. why can Brooke be allow to speak but not Bambi when they are both new. Now Brooke what is wrong with you. The photo shoot that u did for the magazine why are you on Draya on being so so so up the moon for you. She told u congrads and u still dwelling on it. Draya leave that crazy lady alone with her 4 or 5 kids. Who behaves like a 5 year old kid herself. And On congrads to what. There is no talent for taken of your clothes. What are you so happy about. Get a real professional job that is hard to accomplish. Not something so stupid as that.

  5. michelle Says:
    December 24th, 2012 at 10:09 am

    Bambi is sooo ugly,she looks like a man. Noone has a clue who she is, why is she on the show, she is sooo ugly and trashy. Malaysia only brought her so she could get more airtime.Malaysia should stop pretending she is a good person, she isnt and she is trashhy. Bambi looks like a rat taking money from men, she seems like a classless ghetto prostitute / transvestite. Jackie is too old for the show. she should spend time with her kids and get psychological help.

    Love Gloria she is the classiest of all these low women. omggg why does she even socialise with them.

    without gloria the show would just be hoodrats


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