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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Outrageous In Ojai

December 03, 2012 08:18 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is all new tonight on Bravo. The ladies really get their booze on during their relaxing trip to Ojai. It’s more of a sorority house versus a serenity house.  Plus, find out which housewife Brandi pisses off tonight! 

The episode picks up where it left off last week, with Brandi telling Adrienne to shut the f-up! Kim excuses herself to use the ladies room and Brandi rushes to comfort her.  All the ladies at the table begin to bash Brandi, but Lisa is there to defend her. Kyle is so annoyed that Lisa and Brandi are buddies.  Back in the bathroom, Kim is a hot mess and cries in Brandi’s arms.  Finally, Lisa goes into the bathroom and tells Brandi she must apologize to Adrienne.  Just like an attentive daughter would - Brandi apologizes -but she clearly isn’t sorry! 

Just when you think all the drama might die down for the evening, Brandi announces she got a book deal.  This throws Taylor into a deep breathing/mediation sequence to try to calm herself down.  Why is Taylor so upset?  It’s because Brandi called her out about writing a book so quickly after Russell committed suicide.  When Brandi explains her situation is different, Taylor goes off on a domestic abuse rant. “Can’t you discuss in a normal manner?” the new girl asks the ladies.  Oh, Yolanda you have so much to learn about these BH housewives.

It’s the next day and some of the ladies decide to take a hike, while Lisa and Brandi chat about last night.  Lisa explains to Brandi why she can’t use the F word to these women.  Then Brandi spills the beans about Adrienne and Paul “trying to intimidate” her to put things on Twitter for them.  I guess Paul and Adrienne were getting threats for going after Lisa and they wanted Brandi to defend them.  “Guess what, I’m not your puppet bitch,” Brandi tells the cameras. 

Next on the agenda is some badminton and then some spa time.  In true Beverly Hills fashion the girls take Bentley golf carts to their picnic destination.  After the ladies try to play some badminton they go to their true sport of choice – the spa.  The girls gather in a special spa room and start ruubbing mud baths on each other. Yolanda calls it like she sees it, “I find this a very lesbian-looking.”  Then the ladies make it more of a porn scene when they throw wet towels and cold water on each other.

The day ends with a gourmet dinner on the grounds of the resort.  Just the normal dinner conversation, when Yolanda tells the ladies she is injecting cells from an unborn baby lamb into her back for pain she is having.  But no one really finds this treatment odd, since it is Beverly Hills. After dinner, the drinking continues as Brandi serves up the girls some cocktails.  The party is going to another level, so Yolanda and Kim head to bed. “Do you want to arm wrestle?” Brandi challenges Taylor.  The arm wrestling turns into some WWF moves. Then all the ladies get in on the fun by doing flips onto the bed.  It’s basically an adult sleep over gone wild.

The next morning the ladies are feeling rough, but Yolanda has been up for hours and has already exercised. “I don’t think there is anything worse than drunk woman,” Yolanda tells Kyle.  To which Kyle responds with the likes of she better find some new friends.  All the women pack their Louis Vuitton luggage and get in the limo to head back home.  Just when the ladies are getting along, Kyle has to bring up the dinner fight between Adrienne and Brandi.  Adrienne is adamant that her intentions weren’t harmful, but Brandi disagrees. 

What did you think about tonight’s RHOBH episode?  Would you have stayed up and partied with the ladies or chose to go to bed?  Let us know, leave us a comment below.

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