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Teen Mom 2 Recap: Life Goes On

December 04, 2012 05:38 AM by Donna W. Martin

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah, Jenelle, Chelsea, and Kailyn get on with their lives and make plans for the future. Did Jenelle get out of jail? Is Adam speaking to Chelsea? Take the jump to find out!

Here’s how it all went down…


Since their divorce, Leah and Corey have been trying to get along for the girls sake.

Leah is making plans to secure a better future for the girls and herself by attending college. She wants to enter the nursing program at the University of Charleston but she has to take an entrance exam first. Corey agrees to pick up the girls early so she can take the test. Leah was nervous and did not score high enough to meet the minimum requirements for admission. However, the admissions counselor looked at her test scores plus her high school transcripts and decided to accept her anyway.

Leah was excited and will be starting classes in two weeks. In the meantime, Corey still had the girls for the weekend so Leah went to get her hair done and spend some time with her friend Kayla. Leah told Kayla she got in and Kayla asked if there were any cute guys there. Although Leah said I don’t know, I’m not trying to check them out, she did say that a guy named Jeremy had friend requested her online.

Leah messaged him to see if he knew her before accepting him as a friend. He said he knew her ex, Corey. Leah decided it wouldn’t hurt to be friends and added him. What’s up with this? Did Corey put Jeremy up to contacting Leah? Time will tell!


After Jenelle’s mom Barbara refused to bail her out of jail, she called her friend Tori. Tori bailed her out and stood good for her $10,000 bond. The bail bondsman cautioned Tori that if Jenelle failed to appear in court, she would be responsible for coming up with the full amount of the bond, $10k.

Jenelle was mad at her mom so she decided to spend the night at Tori’s house. The next morning, Jenelle woke up to several texts from her attorney but she decided to go to the Kesha concert with Tori instead of calling her attorney.

After the concert, Jenelle dropped Tori off and then got a call from her attorney. When she went in to see him, he wasn’t happy that she bailed out. He told her she should have stayed in jail and pulled the 14 days so it would all be over with instead of going to the Kesha concert.

Her attorney told her that he believed her probation officer would ask the judge for the full sentence of 45 days. He told her to prepare herself and get in the mindset of spending 45 days in jail.

Later, Jenelle was still mad at her mom for not bailing her out but she missed Jace, so she decided to go to Barbara’s to see him. Jenelle no more than got in the door before Barbara asked her if she had gone to the Kesha concert. Jenelle told her that yes she had gone.

Jenelle and Barbara argued because it had been 5 days since her arrest and Barbara had not heard from her. Jenelle fired back saying she felt disowned when her mom wouldn’t bail her out of jail. Jenelle went on to call Barbara a b*tch and said she was leaving. Barbara asked her where she was going with no money and Jenelle said she’d see how far she could get.

As mother and daughter argued back and forth, poor Jace cried for his mama – and Jenelle stormed out.


Chelsea and Adam have barely talked since Aubree’s birthday party and she had decided to give him some time.

Her friend Erika tells her she needs some time out of the house and then gives her a belated birthday present, Dierks Bentley concert tickets. The concert is on a Sunday and Chelsea has GED practice tests on Monday…uh oh.

The day of the concert, Chelsea dropped Aubree off with her mom and her dad, Randy drove Chelsea and her friends to the concert in his RV. Chelsea had planned to study on the way to the concert but she was excited and with friends so that didn’t happen.

Chelsea and her friends had a good time at the Dierks Bentley concert. The next morning, she was very tired taking the GED tests but she managed to pass them all.

Her mom asked her how things were with Adam and Chelsea told her she was giving him some space but wished she knew what was going on with her and Adam.


Things have been going good between Kailyn and Jordan. The morning of the custody mediation, she talks to Jordan about standard custody for fathers. She said it’s normal for dads to get every other weekend not every weekend.

Kailyn went to drop Isaac off at Jo’s house so she could go to the mediation hearing. But before she could leave, Jo approached her at her car. Kailyn was concerned that Jo was mad at her. He told her he didn’t understand why she was doing this and that since it was mediation, nothing would change unless they agreed. Kailyn tried to tell him what the standard visitation was but Jo said, “I’m not standard; I raise the bar.”

Later, Jo and Kailyn went to mediation. Two hours later, they come out. Jo was upset because the court changed the custody agreement giving Kailyn every other weekend with Isaac. Jo said he would appeal the decision.

Kailyn’s attorney explained to her that the court entered an interim order because they believed she needed some weekend time with Isaac too. Kailyn was hopeful that Jo would not appeal and take her to court.

Back at Jo’s house, he talked to his mom about what had happened at mediation.

In the meantime, Kailyn is worried Jo would fight the temporary agreement. Jo called Kailyn and they talked about what had happened. Kailyn told him she’d make out a schedule of days they were going to have Isaac and they would talk about it when he brought Isaac home.

When Jo brought Isaac home, they talked about the new custody arrangement and Jo told her if they could work things out on their own, there would be no need to go back to court. They agreed to do what was best for Isaac and to see how it works.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you think Leah will stick with college and get her nursing degree? Do you think Jenelle will go to jail for 45 days? And will she ever get her life together? What about Chelsea and Adam? Do they just need some time? Or is it over? Will Kailyn and Jo adjust to the new custody agreement? Or do you think they’ll end up back in court? Post a comment and let us know what you think.

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One Response to “Teen Mom 2 Recap: Life Goes On”

  1. Helen Patterson Says:
    December 4th, 2012 at 10:44 am

    Jenelle needs to grow up and act and realize the world doesn’t revolve around her. Thank God she is not my daughter. The minute she called me a bitch, she would need a denitist to make her a set of dentures. Hopefully the Judge will give her the 45 days in jail. She definitely needs to serve her time.


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