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Ghost Hunters Finale Recap: TAPS Returns To Mark Twain’s Haunted House

December 05, 2012 08:07 PM by Ryan Haidet

Tonight, the most frustrating season of Ghost Hunters came to an end as the TAPS team returned to investigate the Mark Twain house in Hartford, Connecticut.  They had been there three years ago to search for proof of the paranormal and decided it was time to try again.  Since some believed some of the paranormal activity at the house is connected to the Twain’s favorite holiday, they felt it would be the perfect time to return.  Only trouble is, this episode was filmed long before Christmas decorations started popping up.  I mean, look at all of the exterior shots they had of the house.  The trees were all green and it appeared to be quite warm outdoors because nobody was wearing heavy enough clothing to prove otherwise.  So using the holidays as a reason for increased paranormal activity would be totally bogus here.  What evidence, if any, were they able to capture?

Trying to conjure up paranormal activity, KJ read a letter aloud hoping to attract any ghosts that may be present in the room.  He and Britt both claimed there was something that totally blocked the light out right in front of them.  But of course, it wasn’t captured on camera.  As they stepped inside the room, both had a very strange feeling that they were being surrounded by little kids who wanted to hear them read the letter.  Moments later, they heard an unexplained banging sound.  Later in the investigation, one of their meters was going crazy, which they believed was an indication there was something paranormal in the room with them.  That all came before a loud knocking sound, which KJ said was “amazing” because it gave him goosebumps from “head to toe.”  KJ also claimed he heard a woman’s voice, but it didn’t really carry through the TV whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Adam conducted his own experiment inside a bedroom of the house where somebody died.  He did the flashlight test we’ve seen numerous times in previous episodes where they place a flashlight in the off position and coerce a spirit to turn it on.  While asking random yes or no questions, the flashlights flickered on and off almost in response to Adam’s questions.  This always comes across on TV as very impressive, but I have to wonder how close to the on position those flashlights actually are.  A slight change in movement could cause it to turn on.  So, naturally, I’m skeptical.

One element that we were constantly reminded of throughout this episode was a DVR problem they had the first time they investigated at the house.  It seemed they were having some equipment issues again as one of the cameras suddenly went dark.  It was cool, but nothing convincing enough to claim as solid paranormal evidence.

While I usually enjoy watching Tango and Steve investigate together, their work here was totally silly.  Instead of being their typical goofy selves, both were extremely corny as Tango tried to impress the spirits with a magic trick.  This could have been a fun moment, but both guys acting so serious over the lackluster magic trick that it came across as useless.  And apparently the ghosts didn’t like it either because nothing happened.

During the big reveal of all their evidence, Steve and Jason showcased a very interesting moment from one of their interviews with people at the house.  It involved a woman who was communicating with a male ghost who was using her to get his message across that he did not want to be bothered.  That was a first-of-its-kind moment on the show and actually pretty creepy.  The other impressive piece of evidence was an EVP recording of a female voice that sounded as if she was saying “I’m so cold.”  Then there was a very eerie audio recording of something that sounded like a little girl.  While the words weren’t clear, it was certainly very strange.  They had also captured a very deep voice captured on tape as well.  Thankfully, for once, the audio they captured this time around was actually very interesting.

Now with this season behind us, I hope the producers take a serious look at how ridiculous it has been.  From the embarrassing episode where a crew member claimed she was being scratched, to the constant phony push to get viewers to believe Jason is still working as a Roto-Rooter plumber and finally to Ashley Troub’s sudden (and unfair) reassignment from the show, it’s good that Ghost Hunters is taking a brief hiatus before new episodes return in January.  Hopefully they can bring the show back to its successful formula that fans fell in love with when it initially debuted years ago.  It is just too exaggerated and phony to enjoy anymore.

What did you think of tonight’s season finale?  What was your favorite part?  Do you believe anything in the episode is proof of the paranormal?  What are your thoughts of this season overall?  Will you be watching next season?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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Photos courtesy of SyFy.

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3 Responses to “Ghost Hunters Finale Recap: TAPS Returns To Mark Twain’s Haunted House”

  1. Mac Says:
    December 6th, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    It wasn’t a bad episode…slightly more impressive than their first trip to the Twain home.

    That being said, the program is in dire need of an overhaul. The cast needs a facelift. Get rid of the Bland Brothers (Brit & KJ) and bring in a couple of the people from the now apparently defunct GHI. I’d welcome any of that group, be it Kris Williams, Susan Slaughter, Barry, Joe Chin, whoever.

    I know some say the show hasn’t been the same since Grant left. Let’s face it, the show hasn’t been the same since, oh, 2007! The first 3 seasons were so cool and interesting, then the band started breaking up (Brian, Andy, Donna, etc) and the whole motherlovin soul just fell out of the show.

    As for the demotion of Ashley: I don’t think it’s any big loss, but I’m forever amazed by how pretentious TAPS is when it comes to their standards for team members. They act as if paranormal investigation requires precision skill and the utmost intelligence. The fate of their horrid Ghost Hunters Academy show apparently hasn’t taken them down a notch.

    Ghost Adventures has left GH in the dust. Even when Zak & Co. don’t find world-rocking evidence, they at least always succeed in making the show enjoyable. They never just go through the motions, as GH has been doing the last 4 or 5 years.

    BTW, there is a brand new paranormal reality show on the Bio network called Haunted Encounters. It’s on Friday at 10 pm. They are a bit on the amateur side, but they have some neat techniques and a fun approach. I enjoyed the first episode and look forward to seeing how they evolve.

    Sorry for the long post!

  2. Katie Says:
    December 13th, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    For some reason Adam likes the flashlight trick. I saw it for myself in person. It is quite BS and got a dirty look for even mentioning it. He said well it’s not something we can take to the client. Really? Then why do it at all. I can tell you from what I witnessed they do believe in what their doing however who knows what goes on when they have a production crew behind them or Jason telling them what to do and say. Could a TV crew be quiet and not hit or knock something over ? Doubtful cause they are human and it happens especially when you are trying not to make noise.
    What was that? God knows I wouldn’t say oh that was me I kicked the trash can. Be looking for a new job next day. (:-))

  3. Qwerty Says:
    July 21st, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    Just curious…..now that ghi cancelled and grand left, ashely getting the boot when she never hand any sorta chance to prove her self that she could hang, Brit getting fired for a derogatory comment that made about Adam, and having Jason’s own daughter haily intergrading her into the team and show and billing as a investagator was a bad idea? And do y’all think that any new person would have a chance to prove them selfs that they have a chance to hang. Where Adam had lot of chances and made it where ashely basically got screwed and never really had the chance to prove that she could hand?


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