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Survivor: Philippines Recap — Who Deserves It Most? Who Is Easy To Beat?

December 05, 2012 07:22 PM by Ryan Haidet

Damn this season is great!  Tonight’s episode of Survivor: Philippines continued to deliver the goods as the castaways had their spirits lifted by a surprise visit from their loved ones — without the presence of a Sprint phone to tease their upcoming arrival.  But the family visit took an interesting turn for one of the castaways when an act of generosity started turning the tides against him.  At Tribal Council, the discussion quickly focused on the question: Would you rather sit at the end of the game with somebody who deserves it or with somebody who is easier to beat?

Love From Home

All of the final six castaways were instantly emotional when Jeff Probst told them they would be competing in the Reward challenge with a loved one.  The winner would have their loved one join them back at camp for an overnight stay.  Definitely worth playing for.  I mean, what an amazing opportunity to share the incredible Survivor experience with somebody you love.  There really is no possible way to have your family back home appreciate what you’ve had to go through than that.  Mike’s son was there along with Carter’s mom, Abi’s mom (who can’t speak English), Malcolm’s brother, Denise’s “man” and Lisa’s brother.  When he rushed out, Lisa erupted into a twister of tears as she wrapped her arms around her younger brother 20 years less her age.  Malcolm’s brother, on the other hand, was far more goofy, obviously starstruck by Probst.  When discussing their brotherly bond, both choked back their tears.

The simple, yet compelling, concept for the challenge had each castaway tossing a mud-saturated bag to their loved one.  After they caught it, the loved ones then had to throw the muddy bags at a series of five standing targets.  Not surprisingly, Abi and her mom totally sucked in the challenge and held last place the entire challenge.  It was close, but in the end Malcolm’s brother knocked all five targets down first.

The Push Against Malcolm

As usual, Probst offered Malcolm the chance to choose two more castaways to bring their loved ones back to camp.  He chose Lisa and then Mike.  Once they all arrived back at the Dangrayne camp, we learned that Mike’s son is just as clumsy after scraping and bloodying up his arms and chest while sliding down a palm tree.  Meanwhile, Lisa’s brother tried to talk some strategic sense into his way-too-loyal sis.  Despite cutting a deal with Malcolm, Lisa’s brother felt like she needed to make a big move to vote him out as soon as possible.  It actually makes a lot of sense to do it at this point in the game, too, because Malcolm can still use his hidden Idol for two more Tribal Councils.  As Mike pointed out, why wouldn’t he hold it until the last-possible moment hoping to guarantee himself a spot in the final four instead?  Suddenly, Malcolm’s generous offer by giving Mike and Lisa the opportunity to share time with loved ones was biting him in the ass.

But Malcolm wasn’t completely oblivious to the possibility that the loved ones were pinning a target on his back — especially since Lisa, her brother, Mike and his son were bonding more than anybody else due to their religious connections.

God’s Plan

But Malcolm cut their plan short by winning Immunity in the challenge.  Malcolm’s victory led Lisa to believe that their intent to target him wasn’t God’s plan.  “Apparently this is his will for Malcolm to have the Immunity necklace,” Lisa told Mike.  “So he’s got something waitin’ for us at the final four,” Mike agreed.  So this put a new plan in motion.  Instead of taking Abi out of the game next, the group was starting to think it made better sense to vote Carter off because of his strength in challenges.  Realizing that he was a target, Carter started the first visible strategy we’ve seen him do all season long.  “Out of respect for this game and out of respect for me, keep me around,” Carter asked before shaking Mike and Malcolm’s hands.  Carter later said in confessional that this would be the perfect shot for the remaining castaways to keep true to their initial idea of keeping worthy people around longer.  Thus, they should keep him and not Abi.

After getting into another verbal dispute with Lisa and Denise, Abi declared she was going to have to play her hidden Immunity Idol — you know, the one she lied about finding despite not finding one.  She continued with the lie hoping it would convince the others not to vote against her out of fear it would backfire in their faces.  “Even I am believing myself right now,” Abi laughed about her own lies.

Another Snuffed Out

Carter continued at Tribal Council with his “I deserve it” argument in terms of keeping him around.  But it seemed to be falling on deaf ears as Lisa made it known that she would much rather sit at the end with something who is easier to beat than somebody who is deserving.  Moments later, Abi fired off the lie once again that she had found another hidden Idol and would be playing it.  Before Probst revealed the votes, Carter was booted from the tribe.  While I think millions of households were instantly filled with people pissed Abi was spared, I’m compelled by it.  No, Abi can’t win the game.  So don’t worry about that.  The Dangrayne tribe definitely made the right strategic choice in getting rid of Carter because he is a bigger threat.  Abi was so pathetic in the challenge that it wouldn’t make any sense to boot her now.  Plus, I find it so incredibly interesting that the group has given Abi a fresh breath of life when they had the perfect opportunity to smother her out.

What did you think of Carter getting voted off?  What are your thoughts of Abi?  Who do you hope wins the whole game?  How would you rank this season among others?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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2 Responses to “Survivor: Philippines Recap — Who Deserves It Most? Who Is Easy To Beat?”

  1. Vickie Says:
    December 5th, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    I hope Lisa and Skupin loose. Malcolm wanted to give Denise a reward, but he chose to give to his alliance. And they turned on him. What a way to say thank you. If Malcolm doesn’t win, I hope Denise takes it. They made an alliance and stayed true and never lied. So Far! I so liked Lisa until she turned evil for money.

  2. Tammy Says:
    December 6th, 2012 at 11:13 am

    I hope Lisa wins! She has not turned evil she is playing the game and doing a good job. Malcolm and Denise will be liars soon enough. Glad Denise in not my therapist. There is a way to tell people things that don’t belittle and destroy people. What she said may be right but her presentation lacked alot.


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