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Brooke Burke Charvet Tells Children She Has Cancer

December 06, 2012 09:00 AM by Donna W. Martin

Like any mother, Dancing With The Stars co-host, Brooke Burke-Charvet wants to protect her children from anything that may upset or cause them pain. But as the mother of four prepares to undergo surgery for thyroid cancer, she realizes she’s kept them in the dark about her condition as long as she can. Keep reading to see how Brooke broke the news to her children.

“I decided not to tell my children about my diagnosis for as long as I possibly could because I didn’t want them to worry.” Burke-Charvet posted on her Modern Mom blog. “I know that my younger ones still don’t have a great concept of time and I didn’t want them to be anxious, worried, and asking 1,000 questions.”

Brooke’s oldest children, daughters Neriah, 12, and Sierra, 10, were the first of the four children to learn their mother has cancer. “My 12-year-old overheard a conversation regarding my diagnosis so I had to tell her first,” Brooke said. “She was really scared and concerned. She cried, and her biggest fear was if I was going to be ok.”

But 10-year-old Sierra who Brooke said is “factual and scientific” processed the news a little differently. “Ok, Mommy so you’re going t o get the lump removed, so that’s a good thing,” Sierra sad, “and never mentioned the surgery again.

Brooke went on to say that she and husband, David Charvet had “agreed not to tell the youngest children until very close to my surgery date.” But 5-year-old, Rain stumbled across a “snippet of the video I made when she was scrolling through pictures on my phone,” Brooke said. “Rain “ran to me – very angry and surprised – and said, ‘You’re having surgery, Mommy, and you didn’t tell me?!?’”

Brooke said Rain’s biggest concern was not that she would leave her daughter but that she would be with her mother through the experience. Brooke explained, “Rain said she NEEDED to be with me – she wanted to go to the doctor’s appointments and she wanted to go to the hospital and said she needed to hold my hand.”

Brooke and David’s youngest child, 4-year-old son Shaya had a little more trouble understanding what exactly was going on with mom. He asked, “Is Daddy going to get it too?” Of course, they tried to calm his fears but later, as he lay in bed with his dad, he said, “I don’t want mommy to die.”

“That’s the stuff that breaks my heart and scares me,” Brooke admitted. “We both held him and told him that I wasn’t going to leave him ever.”

Brooke went on to say she’s not afraid anymore. She has everything in order right down to stocking the house with groceries and meals and snacks in the fridge to organizing her kid’s schedules and downloading a few books. “I’ve packed my bag,” she said. “I’m pretty much prepared and ready… with a lot of faith, a hopeful mind, and the intent to have a speedy recovery.” She added, “I’m ready to just get this done and put it behind me.”

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One Response to “Brooke Burke Charvet Tells Children She Has Cancer”

  1. C! Says:
    December 6th, 2012 at 10:46 am

    Brooke: GodSPEED on your recovery. Happy Holidays to you and your family.


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