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Survivor: Philippines Interview — Carter Williams Says His Lack Of Airtime Hurt His Feelings

December 06, 2012 06:30 PM by Ryan Haidet

Carter Williams made his way to the final six of Survivor: Philippines, but his story was one that was mostly untold.  Other than his strength in challenges and the bond he formed with Jeff Kent, very little was shown of the young Survivor fan.  Instead, Carter has become one of the most-invisible castaways to ever on the televised show.  In an interview with reporters today, Carter said it hurt his feelings that he was hardly seen on the show, explained how he found out Jeff Kent’s baseball past and explained what his game-end plans actually were.  Jump in to read everything Carter had to say and enjoy!

Question: You weren’t given as much airtime on the show.  How do you feel you were portrayed?  What didn’t we get to see about you?

Carter Williams: I was on the show with three returners and two celebrities — and Abi (laughs) and Malcolm.  Some big personalities.  My personality kind of hangs back.  As far as reality TV goes, yeah, maybe I’m not the one causing drama or getting involved in the drama or talking bad about people.  That’s just me.  I kind of wish I had made it to the finals, that way they would have no choice.  They would have to portray me more.  I think I did strategize more.  My goal was to never let it become super obvious that I was constantly strategizing.  I wanted to have a plan and just go with it.  If we had a plan, I wanted to just not talk about it again because that’s when things get confusing, that’s when people overhear you, that’s when people go astray and things get messed up.  The way I played was kind of like, “OK, we’re voting for this person?  Good.  Let’s vote for this person, let’s do what we say we’re gonna do.”  I would say that probably played a role in it, too.

Question: Did it hurt your feelings that you weren’t included in much in the televised story?

Carter Williams: Oh yeah, absolutely.  Penner told me, “Make your memories now because when they show ‘em it’s going to be completely different than what happened.”  Somebody told me, “Man, you’re just too nice for reality TV.”  I don’t know if that’s true or not, but maybe I just didn’t talk well enough in my interviews.  But yeah, it’s interesting.  My personality kind of hangs low, I guess.

Question: Did you know you were going to be voted off or was it a surprise?

Carter Williams: I had a pretty decent idea.  I was talking with Skupin and Lisa before we left and they were just kind of heartbroken over it (voting against him).  That’s why I was just kind of trying to play to their emotions; get those two to vote with me just because they have played a game that’s somewhat led by their heart. …  I really was just getting sad eyes looking back at me.  I told Jeff (Probst at Tribal Council), “If Lisa was watching this game at home, she would so want these people to vote for Abi and keep me.”  Lisa responded with, “You’re right.  But I’m not watching this game at home.  I’m here.”  That was kind of when I realized that I was done.

Question: When Abi kept talking about having found another hidden Idol, what did you think?

Carter Williams: I thought it was bogus.  She was so dang strange about it.  She was reading that note super strange and just kind of talking about it in a very strange way.  Nobody believed her.  I hope that’s not why I went home.  I hope those people are smarter than that.  But yeah, she was definitely flaunting around an imaginary Idol.

Question: What was your relationship like with Abi?

Carter Williams: I actually did get to know Abi and that’s kind of the thing that a lot of people don’t get to see.  If I have a friendship with someone, but somebody has a beef with them, they’re gonna show the beef.  Obviously.  I had no problems with Abi.  Obviously, it sucks that they kept her over me.  It sucks that she pulled out some magic.  She was bossy and she was nasty at times, but none of it was ever directed at me.  Abi is an interesting girl.  I can’t imagine what it’s like to see all this stuff being said.  That’s gotta be tough.  That’s gotta be tough to know your friends and family are watching.  But hey, she’s 32 years old, so a big girl.

Question: What were your end-game plans?

Carter Williams: I wanted to be in the end game with Penner and Skupin, partly because I really liked both guys.  The other part was, everybody from the beginning of the game was talking about how they didn’t want a returning player to win.  I’m thinking these guys played a great game and they’re returners who nobody wants to win. …

Question: What was it like having your mom join you out there?

Carter Williams: It was awesome. …  I was super proud of her, super impressed (with her performance in the challenge).  That was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  I did not to get hit with that wall of emotion.  It just slammed into me when I saw her come running across that.  It’s a crazy feeling.  Crazy experience.  That game, man.  It rocks your world.

Question: When did you first find out about Jeff Kent’s baseball past?  Did he tell you once you joined the other jury members at Ponderosa?

Carter Williams: He did not.  At one point he said, “When this game is over you’re gonna find out some stuff about me.”  I was like, “Man what does that even mean?”  I didn’t know how to take that.  I was like, “Can I Google you?”  He just smiled and said, “Yeah you can Google me.”  So it wasn’t until after the game.  I didn’t think it was something that big.  I didn’t really know what it was.  I thought maybe he was like really rich or something.  But that would have been fun to know just to talk about his experience in baseball and stuff.  I was a Jeff Kent fan before I knew he was Jeff Kent.

Question: You are a huge fan of the show, so how did you land on the cast?

Carter Williams: I tried out.  That crazy ride started like almost a year ago.  This Survivor thing has been going for almost a full year, which is pretty wild to think about.  I tried out and they thought I was funny, got flown out to LA.  Pretty sweet.

Question: Who will you keep in touch with after this is all over?

Carter Williams: I’m definitely good friends with Peter and Malcolm.  We’re just so similar in age and we went through this experience together.  Me and Pete finished fairly close to each other and we got to know each other.  They didn’t show those relationships very well.  Penner is awesome.  Love Penner.  Jeff Kent, I’ve been staying in touch with Jeff Kent.  We’re good friends.  At this point in the game, people ask me, “Who do you like?”  And I say, “At this point in the game I like ‘em all.”

What do you think of what Carter had to say?  Were you bummed he was booted out of the competition?  Do you think he deserved to win?  Of the final five, who is your favorite?  Sound off and leave a comment below!

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One Response to “Survivor: Philippines Interview — Carter Williams Says His Lack Of Airtime Hurt His Feelings”

  1. suzibean Says:
    December 6th, 2012 at 8:47 pm

    sooooo bummed carter was voted out. totally wanted him to win! like carter, i don’t think many cast members have been given much air time this season — it’s kind of been the lisa welchel show, which is getting annoying.


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