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Project Runway All Stars Recap: Eco-Friendly Meets Red Carpet

December 07, 2012 05:06 AM by Donna W. Martin

On tonight’s episode of Project Runway All Stars, the designers went green with an eco-friendly design challenge. Who rose to the occasion? And who fell short? Take the jump to find out!

The designers met Carolyn at The High Line, an elevated railway line that had been recycled and made into a park. Once there, Carolyn and The High Line Co-founders, Joshua David and Robert Hammond spoke with the designers about their next challenge.

Their design challenge this week was to make an eco-friendly garment that would be suitable to wear to a red carpet event. The designers were given double-sided swatches of AirDye fabrics to choose from as the basis of their designs. AirDye is a special kind of fabric that’s made using no water or power, which makes them very eco-friendly. Each designer picked a fabric he or she liked. Emilio won last week’s challenge, so he got first pick.

In addition to the AirDye fabric, the designers were allowed to recycle embellishments from previous challenges to complete their design but there would be no trip to Mood this week.

As an added extra, Carolyn said she would wear this week’s winning design to her next red carpet event.

The designers remained on The High Line. They were given 30 minutes to sketch before heading back to the workroom. Upon arrival, everyone sprinted to the lounge to pick left over fabric, notions, and trims. The leftover embellishments were limited so the designers were in a rush to make sure they got what they needed for their eco-friendly creation.

In the workroom, the designers struggled to put their creations together within the allotted time. Ivy had the most difficulty with her design and had nothing together when it was time for her model fitting.

The next day, it was chaotic as everyone scrambled to complete his or her design and make it to the runway. Ivy ended up chopping off her look, going for a short dress instead of the full flowing gown seen in her sketches.

After the models walked the runway, Carolyn told Joshua and Casanova they were safe. Then the remaining six designers were critiqued individually.

First up was Anthony Ryan. Guest judge, Diane Von Furstenburg said she liked the design a lot and that it looked cool, elegant, and very comfortable. Carolyn said she loved the color of the garment but did not like that she could see panties peeking through.

Ivy was next in line. Isaac said this was the worst this fabric had ever looked. Carolyn said it was definitely not something she would wear. Looking at the design, Georgina said it looked heavy and Diane noted that the execution left something to be desired.

Emilio was worried about his design and said it was the worst thing he had ever showed. All he could concentrate on were the strings at the bottom of the gown because he had not had time to hem it. Diane told him the lining of the dress was a problem and that the slip and trim were not necessary.

Next, Isaac commented on Uli’s design. He said he was usually against a dress like this but that he really liked her design; it looked great. Diane said Uli manipulated the feathers really well but Georgina thought the back of the dress was a bit unfinished.

Althea’s blue and pink polka dot-like dress left the judges scratching their heads somewhat. Carolyn said the design didn’t make any sense to her. Diane said it looked like Marie Antoinette meets Frederick’s of Hollywood but noted that Althea had a lot of skill. And Georgina summed up the comments saying she could see Althea’s battle with the fabric.

Laura Kathleen took a risk and chose to design a jumper instead of a gown but the judges really seemed to like it. Diane said it was elegant and well done. Isaac applauded her for making the fabric look so fresh. And Georgina dished a bit of constructive criticism telling Laura Kathleen to watch her proportions. “The shoulders are a little narrow and then the waist looks wide – sort of a triangle effect.” She explained, “No woman wants to look wide in the waist and narrow at the shoulder.”

The designers were dismissed from the runway and the judges had their final deliberations. Then the designers were called back to the runway and the results were given.

Carolyn told Anthony Ryan, “You’re safe!”

Then she called Uli and Laura Kathleen and said, “One of you is the winner.”

Diane Von Furstenberg declared Laura Kathleen the winner and Carolyn said, “I can’t wait to wear it!”

Then Carolyn told Uli and Emilio they were safe.

The bottom two designers were Althea and Ivy. Carolyn told Ivy she was in and Althea was out.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Whose design did you like the most? Did you like Althea’s dress? Should she have been sent home? Post a comment and tell us what you think.

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