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Kitchen Nightmares Recap: Chef Ramsay, Marriage Counselor

December 08, 2012 01:54 AM by Stephanie Gustafson

Chef Gordon Ramsay spends his time on Kitchen Nightmares fixing broken restaurants, but broken marriages? That’s a different story. Tonight, we witness Chef Ramsay taking on the role of therapist. Hmm…this should be interesting.

Marc and Lisa opened Barefoot Bob’s eight years ago, and at first, things went swimmingly (this is a pathetic attempt at a pun — the restaurant is located right on the beach). The New England establishment brought in a lot of business from vacationers in the summer. Things slowed down in the winter, but up until the recession hit, they were able to get by. Now, the establishment is struggling to stay afloat. The biggest problems are the clearly unprepared Marc sacking the chef and trying the job for himself…plus an absentee Lisa, always off to catch rays on the beach or hit up a local bar for martinis.

Good thing Gordon Ramsay’s here to save the day! Following brief introductions, the celebrity chef has Marc prepare a few standard dishes. First, Marc puts together a huge plate of assorted appetizers, all of which are disgustingly greasy. Chef Ramsay says that he’ll bypass the heavily-fried food, because, “otherwise I’ll need a bypass.”

Next up: a lobster sandwich. And the emphasis should be on lobster because there’s a whole lot of it in the sandwich. According to Chef Ramsay, it tastes like wallpaper. That being said, he wouldn’t paste his walls with it.

Things go from bad to worse as the restaurant’s staff prepares for dinner. It’s summer as this episode is filmed, so things are busy. Ramsay takes a moment from his shouting at the chef to check out the restaurant’s resident psychic. That’s right, Marc and Lisa actually pay a psychic to sit at a table near the front of the restaurant. Chef Ramsay asks

Next up: an inspection of the food storage. It basically follows the pattern of the front portion of the restaurant – clutter, dirt, filth. The problem is, in food storage, a seemingly small mistake can lead to food poisoning. But Marc’s mistakes aren’t small; they are colossal. Chef Ramsay looks like he’s about to hurl when he sees a bucket of slightly moldy chilly that looks a little like, well, vomit. At this point, he’s thinking (and I’m agreeing) that there’s no hope for this establishment.

These suspicions are confirmed when the chef questions Marc and Lisa about basic accounting issues, such as the weekly profit required to break even. Lisa, supposedly in charge of doing the books, has absolutely no idea. Chef Ramsay is absolutely disgusted with the dysfunction displayed. So disgusted that he abandons ship, muttering, “No wonder you’re losing money.”

Of course, Gordon Ramsay has to return; the episode is only half over and we need something to keep us entertained for the remainder of the broadcast. He does return and he tells Lisa and Marc that they need to start working together and that Lisa needs to take on her fair share of the work.

Since Marc and Lisa have no idea how to run a business, Gordon brings in an accountant to help the couple put together a business plan and figure things out. Also in store for the restaurant owners is a complete makeover of the restaurant. Everything looks shiny and new and clean. Everyone oohs and ahs about the new POS system, which can be accessed remotely with the use of a smart phone. Of course, while fancy new tools are nice, they won’t make a difference if the staff continues with its incompetent ways.

Lisa’s brother Robby is incredibly upset, because he doesn’t think that the restaurant is Barefoot Bob’s anymore. He sees the new version of the eatery as “some hoity-toity country club” where “nobody will come to watch a game.” I do agree on some level. While the old version was simply disgusting, I think it would have been possible to clean things up while still maintaining the hole-in-the-wall vibe.

The relaunch starts well, but an hour into the dinner rush, everyone is on edge. With long, long waits, the diners are starting to get restless. Lisa tells the servers to momentarily stop taking new orders and slow things down. Her executive decision is clearly a good one, because things ultimately get back on track before the evening is over. Chef Ramsay is pleased with the results, parting with the following words of wisdom: “If this restaurant is to succeed, Marc and Lisa need each other.”

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