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Basketball Wives LA Season Finale Recap: (Dysfunctional) Family Matters

December 10, 2012 07:45 PM by Shayla Perry

“Family sometimes does hurt each other.” Yes, especially if that so-called “family” includes the ladies of VH1‘s Basketball Wives LA. In the drama-filled season finale, friendships and bonds are broken (for good?) as Laura Govan’s conversation with Jackie Christie‘s daughter comes to light, and Draya and Brooke battle it out (again!). How does it all end?

Still in New Orleans for their vacay, the ladies (minus one very hungover Draya) head to a cooking class….

Unbeknownst to the other ladies, Jackie received a text from her daughter, who let her know about the conversation she had with Laura. Oh snap!

Suddenly, Jackie’s not so concerned about whether or not Laura’s her BFF. Now, she just wants to know if she should “beat the b—h down,” or feel sorry for her. (We have our thoughts!)

And of course she has to be drinking when she decides to confront Laura about it all.

So why did Laura – who’s been bragging about this bombshell she’s gonna drop for three episodes – tell Jackie that her plan was to reunite her with her daughter in New Orleans so they can have a heart-to-heart?! Really?! And then, she says that while she went into the conversation with ill intent, she came out of it a changed person?! Whaaaat?!

Malaysia meets with Laura later and asks her about why she talked to Jackie’s daughter. Laura says that it wasn’t her idea (um, wrong!), and that it was a good thing (um, wrong again!).

Later, Gloria, Laura, and Brooke get together and realize that it’s odd that Draya’s manger was along for the trip. Draya, who was supposedly sick. Brooke calls her and asks what she’s been up to, and Draya changes the conversation to be about Brooke hanging out with the Govan sisters.

Then they call Marcus (the manager) and pretty much catch Draya in a lie. Not that it necessarily matters. Were they really that pressed to hang out with her?

After an eerie meeting with a medium, the ladies all (including Draya) get together on a party bus. Of course, Draya’s manager told her about the phone call from Gloria, which starts all of the s–t.

Draya vs. Gloria; Draya vs. Brooke; Bambi vs. Gloria….

Eventually, everyone gets off the bus and the two groups split.

On their last night, Malaysia makes one more attempt to have everyone come together for a peaceful meal. Brooke tells Draya that she hardly heard anything that she said on the bus, so she gives her the floor to say her piece.

Draya calmly tells Brooke that she’s been a friend to her from the jump and she’s happy for all of her successes — even the ones she didn’t know about, like the lingerie line.

So, we’re good, right?


Brooke’s not buyin’ it.

Movin’ on… Bambi and Gloria. Once again we’re back on whether or not Bambi should’ve commented on the issues between Jackie and Laura.

Jackie then takes the opportunity to let everyone know — seemingly sincerely — how she really feels about everything…including Laura talking to her daughter.

Just about everyone is in tears…except for (we’ll give you one guess)… Yup, Laura, who’s doing her best to try and squeeze out some kind of liquid from her eyes.

Does this mean their friendship is off again?

What did you think of this season of Basketball Wives LA? Do you think Laura really “changed” after talking to Jackie’s daughter, or was that just a lie? Sound off in the Comments section below. We want to hear from you.

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Photo Credit: VH1

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