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Lindsay Lohan Rent Rumors Fly Over Million Dollar Decorators Home

December 10, 2012 09:55 AM by Megan Wilson

There’s trouble in the Lohan lair again.  It seems that the IRS isn’t the only one having problems getting money from the Punk’d star.  After the IRS seized her accounts, Charlie Sheen gave her $100,000.  But it seems that wasn’t even enough to get her out of trouble.  Now it seems that after working with Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators in her Beverly Hills home to the tune of $200,000, Lindsay Lohan can’t pay the rent, and refuses to let Bravo inside to film the conclusion of the show!

Lindsay was filmed working with Kathryn Ireland remodeling the home she reportedly starting renting in February of 2012, when she was banking on a career upswing after Liz & Dick debuted.   The landowners made it crystal clear to the troubled star that if she didn’t pay the rent, hefty fines and legal consequences would follow.  It seems that after shelling out the dough to remodel the house for Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators, Lindsay quit returning the show’s calls, and the house is in such disorder filming is impossible.

Lindsay is rumored to be doing whatever she can to come up with the money, however sources are saying she’s having trouble footing the rent, not to mention the bill from the IRS to the tune of 233,904.

Will she abandon the house?  Lindsay has been dying to move in with her mom, who lives in New York.  Hopefully Lindsay will get her act together, but we’re not holding our breath.  It seems that the troubled starlet does whatever it takes to keep her name in headlines instead of doing the RIGHT thing.

What do you think of Lindsay’s recent troubles?  Do you think she’ll skip out on her rent?

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