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Pam Anderson Has Skyrocketing Debt

December 10, 2012 01:24 PM by Megan Wilson

Pamela Anderson is in deep trouble with the IRS again.  The Dancing With The Stars: All Stars contestant has racked up some huge debts to big brother-to the tune of over 370,000!  Pamela may have danced her way offstage into the arms of the tax men.  This is the second celebrity making headlines today for financial woes; turns out Lindsay Lohan is in quite a similar financial bind.

Pamela has seen this situation unfold previously, as back in 2009 she was hit with a tax lien for 1.7 million.  This tax lien was filed by the federal government and by the state of California.  Her financial debt to the government even landed her on California’s list of “Top 500 Worst Delinquent Taxpayers”.  That’s almost as bad as her sex tape!

After somehow staving off the tax man, Pamela has again gotten herself in trouble for her 2011 taxes.  According to the IRS, Pamela owes them a whopping $259,395.75.  Add to that California’s overdue bill of $112,118.90, and you’ve got a serious problem.  Especially when your estimated net worth is only $5 million.  Hopefully Pamela has a few extra hundred thousand laying around, or she’s going to face some serious liquidation!

After her short stint on Dancing With The Stars: All Stars ended with her getting booted the first week, it’s rumored that Pamela has signed up to appear on a British TV show “Dancing On Ice”, but we highly doubt that the show will pay enough to get Pamela out of the hot water!

Do you think that the IRS will seize Pamela Anderson’s accounts like Lindsay Lohan?  Or, do you think Pamela will settle?  Let us know in the comments!

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One Response to “Pam Anderson Has Skyrocketing Debt”

  1. mumblur Says:
    December 12th, 2012 at 1:22 am

    if anything she can always solicit that ass for easy money lol


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