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LeAnn Rimes On Being A Home Wrecker: You Can’t Break What’s Broken Already

December 11, 2012 08:31 AM by Donna W. Martin

Country music singer LeAnn Rimes has been called a little bit of everything since 2009 when she and Eddie Cibrian had an affair that would later end both their marriages. But the one thing that seems to hurt LeAnn the most is when the tabloids and Cibrian’s ex-wife and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Brandi Glanville call her a home wrecker.

According to E! News, LeAnn sat down for a candid interview with Guiliana Rancic on Sunday. Rimes opened up about the affair with Cibrian, and how life spiraled out of control as the tabloids painted her a home wrecker.

Rimes and Cibrian met and fell in love while filming “Northern Lights” in 2009. She explained, “I had no idea what life was throwing me and I had no idea how to handle it. But all I knew was I could not… we couldn’t stop connecting in some way.” She added, “And it was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through.”

Rimes talked about being called a home wrecker. “I never, ever, in my heart want to hurt anyone, but I don’t think anything can separate anything that’s super-connected,” she said. “You might have had so many wonderful things with each other’s spouses in your relationships, but something along the way broke that. You can’t break what’s broken already.” Then she added, “Through all the hard stuff, there comes so much beauty on the other side if you just let it happen.”

While the entire situation has been painful, Rimes said she has no regrets. “I wish I handled it differently because I wish it could’ve been better for me, for Brandi, for Dean, for Eddie and for everyone else,” she said. “I know in this situation it’s gonna take some time, all I wish is that everyone that was hurt, that we hurt, that I hurt, can be happy.”

Do you think Rimes is a home wrecker? We know you have a comment and we’d love to hear it, so post a comment below and tell us all about it.

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Photo Credit: E!

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3 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes On Being A Home Wrecker: You Can’t Break What’s Broken Already”

  1. ellie Says:
    December 11th, 2012 at 10:17 pm

    Im so tired of seeing this silly little girl cry. Yes, I know she’s 30 but acts a child. During the interview, she acted like Giuliani was her bff and I think they’ve gotten together, what, like twice? She constantly says its the ex wife going to the press and stiring all this drama up, and yes, the ex has her part in it, but what makes LeAnn any different? She does interview after interview about it and wrote an album full of songs about it but she keeps her private life private, huh? Yeah…right. Silly little girl

  2. NANCY Says:
    December 16th, 2012 at 5:24 am

    She is not a homewrecker because the home was already wrecked!!! He had many affairs before her so he had already checked out of his marriage to Brandi long before he met her! On RHOBH they show a waitress he was sleeping with. It has been 3 years since the divorce was final. Let it go!! Brandi just seems to be picking at Leann at this point!

  3. Clarissa Says:
    December 17th, 2012 at 9:05 pm

    Excuse me….he was still married….she had an affair with a married man. …and just for the record….most men who cheat tell the mistress the marriage is on the rocks! How many woman do you think would fall for a married man if he proclaimed he was happily married? ne thing is for sure, it may have already been broken…..but Leann made sure it wasn’t going to be fixed!


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