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Teen Mom 2 Recap: Moving On For Better Or Worse

December 11, 2012 05:31 AM by Donna W. Martin

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah, Jenelle, Chelsea, and Kailyn make decisions to move on with their lives, for better or worse. Who makes a new start? Who ends up heartbroken? Take the jump to find out!

Here’s what happened tonight…


Leah is getting ready to start college. Her mother’s friend, Kathy is going to come over and watch the girls while she goes to school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Kathy is excited about keeping the girls but admits that she’s only kept one baby at a time before. She also tells Leah she’s proud of her for trying to better herself.

Leah has been talking to Jeremy on Facebook a lot but feels a bit weird about moving on from Corey. Jeremy gives her his number and tells her to text him. Leah texts him and he asks her out for Friday night.

That weekend, Corey has the girls and it’s time for Jeremy to pick Leah up for their date. When he gets there, she asks where they’re going and they’re off to the Grand Prix to ride go-carts. They have fun riding go-carts and then sit down to talk. They discuss what he does for work, her school schedule, and how he knows Corey. Leah asks Jeremy if it bothers him that she’s a mom and divorced. He said no.

All is going well. Then they’re off to shoot hoops and hit up the photo booth for some crazy pics. Later, he takes her home and asks her out again for next weekend. She said yes. They share a quick kiss and say goodnight.

Later, it’s Leah’s first day of school. After her first class, she’s feeling lonely because it’s hard not knowing anyone and it’s hard being away from the girls.

Scott, the School Administrator finds her and tells her she has a package in the office. When she goes to get the package, it’s a big bouquet of flowers. From who? Yep, you guessed it, Jeremy! Leah takes the flowers to her car, she’s happy and said this is the first time anybody has ever sent her flowers. Awww, sweet.


Jenelle is still angry with her mom for not bailing her out of jail but she’s trying to get along with her because Jace’s second birthday is coming up.

She hasn’t heard from Jace’s dad, Andrew in over a year and can’t plan the kind of birthday party she wants to for Jace because she’s facing serious jail time for violating her probation. If she goes to jail, she will most likely serve a full 45-day sentence.

Jenelle has been giving some thought to her actions and wants to write her probation officer a letter asking for another chance at probation verses going to jail.

She talks to her friend, Tori and tells her she wants to change for Jace because he’s getting older now and knows what’s going on. Tori told Jenelle that her mom probably didn’t bail her out of jail so she could have a wakeup call.

Tori offers to help Jenelle kick the habit of marijuana. They make a pact with each other that they will not smoke weed anymore.

Later, Jenelle has finished summer classes and fall classes start in one week. Jace’s birthday is also coming up. Jenelle sits down and writes the letter to her probation officer. She asks her for another chance to complete probation. She said she will stop smoking and if she messes up, the probation officer can lock her up and not give her any more chances.

Jenelle dropped the letter off with the probation officer and headed over to her mom’s for Jace’s birthday. She gave Jace a slip and slide. Jenelle and Barbara decorate the house a little and have cake with Jace before heading outside. Jenelle plays on the slip and slide with Jace. They both have fun.

Later, Jenelle is still waiting to hear back from her probation officer. She is spending more time with Jace and said spending time with him helps her stay clean.

Jenelle’s lawyer, Dustin calls and tells her that he has spoken to her probation officer. The probation officer is willing to give her one more chance. He tells her she has to be on her absolute best behavior because if she messes up, she will not get any more chances.

She tells Barbara what her attorney had to say. Barbara told her to take it seriously and not to ruin her life over marijuana or some other silly charges. Jenelle, Jace, and Barbara have a family hug. Maybe Jenelle will straighten up.


Chelsea has passed three GED practice tests and is preparing to take two real ones in the next week but she’s been feeling stressed over the tests and over Adam.

She calls Adam to see what’s going on and he said they’re done. He blames her dad as the reason for him leaving. He told her it wasn’t working out. So much for the promise ring and working things out…

Later, Chelsea goes to her dad’s house. She tells him that he got too involved. Her dad tells her that Adam was using her because he wasn’t paying any of the bills. He told her Adam had been this way for three years and that he knew he wasn’t going to change or grow up.

Although Chelsea didn’t agree with everything her dad had to say, she decided it was best to move on for Aubree’s sake.

Chelsea and Adam haven’t talked since the breakup and he hasn’t asked to see Aubree either. Chelsea is feeling lonely so she gets a puppy.

Meanwhile, Adam goes to his friend, Jeremiah’s house to get a tattoo. They talk about Chelsea and Aubree. Adam tells him about the promise ring he gave her, and how her dad flipped out on him and made him leave. He said he had called it quits and that it felt good to be free, to be able to go drink with friends and not get b*tched at.

Aubree is spending the night with Chelsea’s mom so she can study for the GED tests. But the morning of the test, Chelsea’s not doing so well. Her friend Erika comes over and Chelsea is still in the bed. She told Erika that she hadn’t studied, she barely got any sleep, and that she just couldn’t get out of bed.

Chelsea said the pressure over Adam and the GED tests had gotten too bad and she wasn’t going to take the test today; she’d take it next time.

Chelsea lay in the bed and cried as she talked to Erika about Adam and how Aubree is always asking about him. She said she wants Aubree to know that she tried to make the relationship with her dad work.


Kailyn has been getting along better with Jo following the new custody agreement.

Jordan still has trust issues with Kailyn because she cheated on him with Jo. Kailyn feels like he’s stressing her out and said she’d just like to focus on school.

Kailyn talks to her friend Meagan and she advises her to go single for a while but Kailyn is afraid if she breaks things off with Jordan that she’ll regret it and he’ll move on. And she thinks it will be hard to do everything on her own.

Later, Jordan calls to see what Kailyn’s doing and she gets irritated that he’s asking so many questions. She tells him he’s smothering her and that they must have trust in their relationship.

Kailyn goes out with her friends. Later, she calls Jordan to come over so they can discuss things. She tells him she thinks they rushed into getting back together and it would be best to stay apart so she can focus on Isaac, work, and going to school. She told him they were always fighting and she was stressed out.

Jordan asked her if they were breaking up and Kailyn said not currently. Jordan wanted to know if she was going to hang out with other guys, especially Jo and Kailyn told him she didn’t want to date.

Later, Isaac is with Jo for the weekend. Kailyn hasn’t seen Jordan since the break; she’s not stressed and not answering to anybody. She goes out to eat with friends and they talk about the situation. Kailyn tells them Jordan is good with Isaac and it bothers her to think Isaac won’t have a family. She admits that she misses Jordan when she’s alone but that she doesn’t when she’s with friends.

Kailyn and Jordan have been taking a break. Kailyn asks him to meet her so they can decide what they want to do about their relationship but Jordan doesn’t show. Kailyn calls him and asks him if he’s coming. He tells her no, he’s not coming because he’s hanging out with another girl.

Kailyn gets upset because he didn’t show up and didn’t call her, but Jordan is quick to remind her that she was the one that wanted the break. Who’s sorry now?

What did you think of tonight’s episode? What do you think of Leah dating Jeremy? Do you think Jenelle will straighten up and stay clean? Is Adam going to go back to Chelsea? Or is it over for good? And did Kailyn get what she deserved tonight? Post a comment below and tell us what you think.

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