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A Year In Review for Lindsay Lohan: 2012 Timeline

December 12, 2012 02:56 PM by Megan Wilson

This year has been a whirlwind for Lindsay Lohan.  The Punk’d star has made headlines every week for months, with one outlandish claim after another.  As 2012 draws to a close, we’ll recap some of Lindsay’s biggest hurdles, and what we think is next for Lindsay!

The beginning of 2012 was incredibly quiet for Lindsay.  Late 2011 brought most of her legal blunders to a close, and early 2012 marks a time when Lindsay was regularly testing negative for both drugs and alcohol.  Her judge was proud of her, saying “You’re in the home stretch.”  Lindsay thanks the judge, and a few weeks later after she was removed from felony probation, the judge said, “I know it’s hard when people are following you all over the place, but that’s the life you chose.  Live your life in a more mature way, stop the nightclubbing and focus on your work.”  Sadly, it all pretty much goes downhill from here on out.

Starting in June, Lindsay started making headlines once again for all the wrong reasons.  Lindsay was involved in an accident where her porche smashed into an 18 wheeler along the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica.  Originally Lindsay had reported that her assistant had been driving; however, Lindsay has now been accused of lying to the police, as many witnesses have come forward to say Lindsay was the one behind the wheel.

September found Lindsay in an auto-related incident as well.  Lindsay was arrested at the Dream Hotel in NYC for a supposed hit and run.  The prosecutors decided against prosecuting her, but she didn’t get far.  Later that same month she was involved in an altercation with Christian LaBella over cell phone pictures at a party.  Lindsay and Dina both go on the defensive after Dina appears on the Dr. Phil show completely out of it.  Lindsay calls Dr. Phil a fraud.

October was an explosive month for Lindsay.  Cops respond to Lindsay’s house after she calls her father screaming that Dina is on coke and they are having a fight.  There are still no confirmed reasons for the altercation, however sources say money may have played a part in the fight.  TMZ recieved a recording of the call, and released it.  Lindsay stepped forward to say she lied about her mom’s drug use, and that Dina doesn’t do drugs after all.  (Yeah right!)

Later in October, Lindsay is a no-show for a number of interviews, and her father says they had recently tried to schedule an intervention that went south.  This stint would’ve been her 6th time in rehab.

November plays host to Lindsay’s no-show month.  She literally cancels on everyone-citing her filming of “Liz & Dick”  she does, however, have time to tweet her support for BOTH presidential candidates, and deletes one.  Funny thing is-she isn’t a registered voter!  Lindsay FINALLY surfaces late November on Good Morning America to promote Liz & Dick, and finds out she has a long lost sister.  While she said that was the first she’d heard of it, there are recordings of her talking about it from years past.  All this does is prove that her dad is a loser.

Liz & Dick finally premieres, but nobody really tunes in.  The reviews are so-so, and Grant Bowler said he really didn’t like working with Lindsay all that much.

December rolls along, as do the poor ratings for Liz & Dick.  Lindsay decides to party it up, even though she’s got some money problems.  Charlie Sheen even gives her $100,000!  Lindsay obviously blows the money by going out, and ends up in a fist fight with psychic Tiffany Ava Mitchell.  She is subsequently arrested and then released.  Lindsay fires her assistant after he bails her out, and he pleads with her over Twitter to get help, and rats her out to police that she was the one behind the June accident.  Authorities are not pleased.    Lindsay’s money problems also come to surface.  The IRS literally grabs the purse strings and seize all of Lindsay’s accounts.

She also skipped out on court to follow a love interest all the way to the UK.  She’s making a habit of skipping out, as she also skipped out on a contract with Bravo for a show called “Million Dollar Decorators.”  Reports say that Lindsay’s home was remodeled to the tune of $200,000, but Lohan refuses to let cameras in to film the finished work.

PHEW!  What a year!  What will 2013 bring the troubled star?  We see no end in sight unless Lindsay gets back on the wagon-and fast!

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