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Kitchen Nightmares Recap: Revisits Are Delicious And Drama-Free

December 14, 2012 07:04 PM by Stephanie Gustafson

Every once in awhile, Gordon Ramsay likes to check in on the worst atrocities to see if they’ve improved. That’s right, it’s time for yet another edition of Kitchen Nightmares: RevisitedFirst visit? Cafe Hon, the restaurant for which the owner had been receiving death threats from community members.  Second will be a quick visit to Chiarellas, where owner Tommy had a penchant for smashing holes in the wall. Finally, a stop for Leone’s is in the works — the estbalishment that had unsuccessfully passed hands from mom to son.

First up, a return to Cafe Hon, the restaurant adorned with a huge flamingo. During a former visit, Chef Ramsay learned that Denise (the owner) was in a huge battle with the rest of the community over, of all things, the rights to use the word “hon.”  Add that to mediocre food and horrendous treatment of the staff, and you can see why this restaurant has earned a spot in the Kitchen Nightmares hall of fame.

One year later, Chef Ramsay returns to Baltimore. He’s disappointed to see the flamingo still on display, but otherwise satisfied to see that Cafe Hon is busy and that the customers are satisfied. Chef Ramsay asks Denise to prepare him a special. She returns with a guacamole burger, and, amazingly, the celeb chef’s reaction is, “That’s delicious!” The feel-good update wraps up with the City of Baltimore recognizing Denise and Cafe Hon for impressive dedication to the community.

The first visit involved lots of great news, which means there has to be something nasty in the works. It’s just too weird to see such a lack of yelling on Chef Ramsay’s part. But the beginning of the second go-see is, well, peaceful. The relationship of Chiarella’s owner Tommy and his wife has improved greatly, which is nice to see.

Things go downhill somewhat when Chef Ramsay heads to the back room, where, during the original episode, there were several holes in the wall.  Tommy has yet to repair those holes, and it looks like he’s created a few new ones since Gordon Ramsay was last there. The real test comes when Chef Ramsay orders a meal. Again, it’s an echo of the Cafe Hon visit, as his response to the taste test is once again, “That’s delicious!” As he departs, Chef Ramsay tells Tommy to continue serving great food and stop putting those damn holes in the wall.

With two out of three visits being so, well, congenial, I’m ready for a little drama. I don’t tune in to Gordon Ramsay shows to see the chef smiling and happy! Looks like I get my wish, for, during a quick stop by Leone’s, I learn that owner Michael has not been stepping up to the plate. Yes, he got rid of that awful television that he had in the restaurant during the last episode, but he’s now heading across the street to watch TV at a local bar. And he doesn’t usually come into work until 5:30 p.m. Chef Ramsay is pissed and he explains that Michael’s lazy streak could be his ruin. There is a bit of good news, however: the food is actually tasty!

Next week, we’re back to the usual format, with Chef Ramsay heading to a family-owned Boston restaurant where the owners hate the staff and the staff hates the owner. In other words, more of the usual drama!

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