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Survivor: Philippines Finale!!!

December 16, 2012 11:06 PM by Megan Wilson

This is it folks.  The very last episode of Survivor: Philippines!  We’re down to two original Tandang and two original Matsing tribe members vying for the million dollars and the title of Survivor champion, after voting Abi off last week.  Our very own Ryan Haidet will be there at the live finale on the red carpet rubbing elbows with all the Survivor celebs, but until he dishes all the nitty gritty, we’re stuck watching the show!

We start out our finale recapping the events from the whole season, and see some of our favorite moments.  Once we get to the present, the cast members start rejoicing about Abi’s dismissal.  Everyone’s betting that Malcolm is going to win, but Michael wants his place in the top three.  During the morning the crew gets a special note that a challenge is on the way, and makes their way to a very elaborate obstacle course.  Today’s reward challenge is a series of obstacles, each obstacle with a bag.  Once they collect the three bags, they must put together a dragon puzzle with the pieces in the bags.  Winner gets an advantage in the immunity challenge, which could make the difference between one of our survivors being on the tribal counsel or being the final jury member.

At the first spot, Skupin and Malcolm seem to be tied for first, with Lisa dragging behind.  Lisa amazingly catches up, but Skupin has moved on to the second part of the obstacle course.  As they reach the third obstacle course it’s anyone’s game, and the dragon puzzle has everyone head to head.  Puzzles are DEFINITELY not Skupin’s strong point, as he struggles through the whole puzzle.

Malcolm and Denise are battling it out, but Malcolm wins the reward and the advantage and the final immunity challenge, much to all the other survivors dismay.  All the survivors are bummed that Malcolm won, as he’s already their bet on champion.  Denise pulls Malcolm aside to try and get him to commit to an alliance, but he’s not having it.  Denise then goes to Lisa, and gives her all the dirt, and eventually sides with Skulpin and Lisa, turning her back on Malcolm.  Lisa, Skulpin, and Denise are forming an alliance.  But Lisa and Skulpin ALSO have an alliance with Malcom to vote Denise off!  Uh oh, DRAMA!

It’s time for another challenge!  On the way to the final challenge, torches line the pathway, each dedicated to one of the ousted cast members.  The four remaining survivors spent some time to reflect on each booted survivor contestant.  They rook the nameplates off the toches up to the top of a hill that had a wooden hut.  They put the nameplates on the hut and lit the wooden structure, sending each booted cast member’s name up in smoke.

This next challenge is a weird one-each survivor holds two holders-and inbetween is a segmented wooden bar with a steel ball on top.  Pieces are added to the bar every 4 minutes, making the balancing act more challenging.  It is revealed that Malcom’s advantage is a second chance!  If he drops the ball, he gets to pick it up and keep going.   As we begin, each survivor contestant seems zenned out, concentrating on keeping their stick even.  Malcolm drops his ball very early in the second round, and is visibly frustrated.  Due to his second chance, he gets to try again.  He picks up his ball, and tries again; he doesn’t last long, however, as he drops the ball early on.  Denise drops her ball next, leaving Skupin and Lisa, who complete the second round, and go to the third, which adds two more pieces to the bar.  They both complete the third round, amazingly, and have to add two more pieces to their bar.  Lisa drops her ball, making Skupin the winner of the final immunity challenge!

Denise wants to reconfirm with Lisa and Skupin of the alliance, and she’s not very confident.  Skupin has to choose between Malcom and Denise; he’s obviously having a difficult time deciding, but gives us a hint saying he’s leaning toward Malcolm.

The time has come for the final tribal council, and Abi looks PISSED.  If looks could kill, all our remaining survivors would be dead as door nails.  Each survivor discusses their feelings and their alliances, and it all comes down to strategy.

Denise votes for Malcolm, and Lisa votes for Denise.  As the votes are read, the results are clear.  Malcolm is going home.  Malcom’s final words are “Congratulations on your million dollars, Denise.” and he takes his leave to go pack his stuff.  I, for one, will miss seeing Malcolm with his shirt off!   Now it’s off to Dangrayne to reflect on their journey and what do they have but champagne, pancakes, sausage, jelly, and a ton of fresh fruit and veggies.

Tribal Counsel, night 39.  Each eliminated contestant re-emerges.  The jury will now listen to each remaining survivor’s pleas for votes, and have a chance to ask questions.  Denise’s speech seemed to fall on deaf ears, while Lisa’s and Skupins resonated.  The floor was given to the jury, and they let the survivors have it!  Each axed survivor got to ask why the remaining survivor deserved their votes, as well as airing out ALL the dirty laundry.  Denise was really made out to look like the bad girl of the three.  Each survivor contestant is sent to vote, and once it’s done, we switch to the live reunion show!

First vote goes to Lisa, second goes to Denise.  Third goes to Skupin, and fourth goes to Denise.  Fifth vote goes to Denise, and the sixth vote goes to Denise, which makes her the winner of Survivor: Philippines!  Congrats, Denise!

What did you think of Denise this season?  Did she deserve to win?

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3 Responses to “Survivor: Philippines Finale!!!”

  1. Jen Says:
    December 17th, 2012 at 1:46 am

    I am not really a big fan of Survivor. But upon seeing Malcolm and Denise at the 3rd Episode of Season25, I’ve been rooting for the both of them to the finals. I love the Season 25, players were amazing and cool. Denise deserve to win but Malcolm deserves it at most. He is a strong player. I am actually rooting for Malcolm as the Sole Survivor, but “Blindside” always happen in this kind of game. But all in all, I am still happy that Denise won :)

  2. David Click Says:
    December 17th, 2012 at 2:55 pm

    i liked penner until his bitter comments that had nothing to do with the show toward Lisa… what a jerk and i am thrilled he was voted off and will never be the sole survivor!!!!!!

  3. Mr. E. Says:
    December 17th, 2012 at 8:25 pm

    Although I missed the show this past Sunday, I sort of had a hunch that Denise was going to win it. Each contestant did a good job at playing out their stratagy. Some better than others, but that’s why there is only one winner.
    I am looking forward to the next season.


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