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Survivor: Philippines Reunion

December 17, 2012 12:03 AM by Megan Wilson

Oh man.  We just learned that Denise the sex therapist was the winner of the last Survivor season, and now we get to see the reunion of all our favorite cast members.  While our regular Survivor writer Ryan Haidet gets ready to dish the dirt from the red carpet, let’s recap the live reunion! What is everyone doing now?  How do they feel?  Stay tuned  and find out!

Denise begins the reunion by saying she battled her confidence throughout the whole season, going from tribe to tribe.  After backstabbing Malcolm, Denise said she still wasn’t confident of her win until her name was announced.  Jeff asked what Denise’s clients thought of her appearance on the show, and she said nothing negative really came to her attention from filming the show.

We all know that all the dirt comes out at the reunion shows, and each of these survivors is ready to let loose!  Skupin is openly dissapointed that he didn’t win, and after watching his effort, we agree.  Lisa says she learned so much, and it was completely worth it; she has learned to love both sides of herself, which was priceless.  Jeff said that he’s got some natural instinct to compete, so Survivor was a perfect fit for him.  (PS. Anything a former Giant says wins with me!  Go Giants!)

One of the funniest parts of the show is focusing on Skupin’s injuries.  This guy is one big bloodblister!  They did a great blooper reel from all of Skupin’s bumps and spills-so hilarious!

We jump to Lisa, who played Blair on The Facts Of Life.  She felt quite at home on the island, and drew strength from her Christianity during the game.  She says she didn’t want to make her religion a point in the game, and said that her relationship with God and with the game boiled down to acceptance.  We jumped to the loved ones visit, and saw the heartbreaking moment when lisa, sobbing uncontrollably ran into the arms of her brother, eliciting tears from every single person that saw it.  When Jeff asked her what was said during the visit, Lisa said that her brother said, “Do your best, and it’s a game.”  Words that she said gave her incredible strength.

Jeff touched on the 21 day rain spurt with Survivor vet Russell.  Russell said that at one point he hoped a towel would just materialize, but was alltogether dissapointed.

The wounded survivor, Dana, who was airlifted out, said that she chalked it up to hard knock, but never was up for elimination.  Will we see her return to Survivor?  She said, “Maybe!”

Malcom, who won like every challenge, said that the show changed his life.  The former bartender said that he knew when seeing the final challenge, that he wasn’t going to win, citing his shaky hands as the cause.  When Jeff asked about the fame that comes with being on Survivor, Malcolm said that it’s cool to know that people really like him for who he is.  He touched on the whale shark experience, and said that he will take it with him forever.  He also said he considers himself single.  LADIES!!!!

Abi, who was described as having all the social grace as a Mack truck, was up next.  She admitted that she realizes how awful she seemed on camera, and realized she needed to take a chill pill.  Roberta said that she should’ve “Faked it”, and may have been the winner.

Next up was the reveal of Sprint’s Player of the Season.  Only .07% determined the winner between Malcom and Lisa.  Lisa pulled it out, leaving Malcolm to loose out…again.  I’ll bet we’ll see him on another round of Survivor soon.

Angie said she had a great time, and would love to do it again.  Zane admitted that he made dumb mistakes, which led to him leaving.  Roxanne, a seminary student, was incredibly proud of herself, and said that a lot of her spirituality won’t be forgotten.  Katie, the beauty queen, said that she is totally fine, and that she had a blast with everyone.

Artis said “If I’m not smiling, I look like I’m about to take your head off”; he said he feels as if he came off as the “Angry black man”, even though he said he wasn’t angry throughout the show.

Carter chalked up the experience to this: Coconuts, new people, and sunshine.  He also mentioned he battled hunger throughout his appearance.  Poor guy.

Dawson decided it was time to run right up and gave Jeff a kiss on the lips.  Always the light of the party!

Denise gets her check for $1,000,000, and says that it’s life changing, “In Iowa?  You can do a lot with this baby!”

For the next season, ten survivor superfans will go up against ten survivor favorites to see whom will emerge the new champion survivor on Survivor Caramoan!

What did you think of the reunion?  Let us know in the comments?

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Photo Credit: CBS

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