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Teen Mom 2 Recap: Letting Go Through Smiles & Tears

December 18, 2012 05:30 AM by Donna W. Martin

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, the girls are in for more changes as they struggle to move on from the past and regain control of their lives. Who’s happy? And who’s left crying the blues? Take the jump for all the details.

Here are the details of tonight’s episode…


Leah has been juggling school and taking care of the girls.

Her sister has agreed to watch the girls so she can go out with Jeremy again. Things have been going well and Jeremy took her for a bike ride. After the ride, Jeremy asked Leah what she thought of them so far and she said she thought it was going really well and then asked him what he thought.

Jeremy told her that he thought it was time to make it official and asked her to be his girlfriend. She said of course she would and then joked about how funny it felt to have a boyfriend after having been married and divorced. Then they talked about her relationship with Corey.

Later, Jeremy is coming over to meet the girls for the first time. He played with them. After Leah put the twins down for a nap, she asked him if he was freaked out about her having two babies and he said no. “I’m not going anywhere,” he said.

Later on, the girls spend the weekend with Corey so Jeremy and Leah share a great weekend together. But now he has to go away for a week to work. He promises he’ll be back on Friday and they hug and kiss before he leaves.

Meanwhile, at Corey’s dad’s house, Corey and his parents are playing with the girls. His parents talk to him about dating other girls and encourage him to find someone with a different moral standard. His dad cautions him about having another girl around the twins until their relationship is really serious.

Corey told his parents that he wasn’t ever getting married again. But his dad said, “You let your guard down” referring to Leah, and “you got kicked to the curb” but don’t let her ruin you.

In the meantime, Leah met up with her friend Kayla to share the news that she and Jeremy are officially dating. And later that day, she calls Corey and tells him because she wanted him to hear it from her and not anyone else. Corey said he wanted to meet Jeremy since he was going to be around the girls and Leah said that would be fine but she didn’t want things to be awkward. We shall see…


Jenelle has been doing well, has passed all of her drug tests, and has started fall semester. But she hasn’t been taking her medications. So far, she said she feels good and hasn’t had any mood swings.

Her friend, Marissa has introduced her to a new guy named Josh. And Barbara said that Jenelle has started to step up and is spending more time with Jace. “Keep it up!” She said.

School has been going well and Jenelle meets with Marissa and Josh to go out to eat. They talk about Jace, Josh’s job, and probation. Come to find out, Josh has been on probation before for stealing his mom’s credit card. Uh oh… is this guy going to be bad news for Jenelle?

Jenelle invited Marissa and Josh to go with her and Jace to Myrtle Beach to the aquarium. Later on, they meet up and go to Myrtle Beach. Jenelle is looking forward to finding out more about Josh. She notices that he’s good with Jace. She likes him.

Things went well at the aquarium so now it’s time for Jenelle and Josh to spend a little time alone with each other. She met him at the bowling alley. They talked, had a good time, and agreed NOT to smoke weed.

Sometime later, Josh came over to meet Barbara and to spend the day with Jenelle and Jace. But Jenelle was in a bad mood and she thinks it’s probably because she hasn’t been taking her medications. She told Josh and Barbara that she was tired and didn’t want to go out like she had promised Jace.

Jenelle and Josh get in the car to leave without Jace. Josh told her that her main focus should be Jace, herself, and moving on. Jace walked up to the car and gave him mommy a flower. How sweet…


Chelsea and Adam haven’t talked since they broke up and she is depressed. Her friend Erika suggests that she go to therapy to get help coping with the situation. Chelsea said she doesn’t want to let go of Adam. She admitted that depression runs in her family and that she had problems even before Adam.

Chelsea is also upset about falling behind on getting her GED and thinks therapy may help with her depression and get her back on track.

She goes out to eat with her mom and they discuss therapy. Mom thinks it’s a good idea.

Later, Aubree is with Adam’s mom and Chelsea went to her first therapy session. She talked with the therapist about Aubree and Adam, and how she was attracted to Adam even though he was a jerk. Chelsea admits she can’t let go of stuff and said she didn’t want the separation for Aubree.

At the end of the session, the therapist gave Chelsea an assignment. She told her to go to the internet and research boundaries.

Later, she talked with Erika about going to therapy. Chelsea admitted that she still didn’t want to let go. She looked up boundaries on the internet and discussed it with Erika. Come to find out, Chelsea had all the symptoms of unhealthy boundaries. She feels incomplete without her partner, relies on her partner for happiness, has an inability to maintain friendships with others, and is unable to let go.

After she made the realization that she meets all the criteria for unhealthy boundaries and meets none of the healthy criteria, she decided she didn’t want to be like this forever and said she would go to counseling.


Kailyn has been upset lately because she wasn’t expecting Jordan to move on and start dating other girls so quickly.

She said she is confused and confides in Jo when he comes over to drop Isaac off. He laughs it off and tells her enough is enough…to let it go. But Kailyn cried and said she was afraid she couldn’t find anyone else who would accept her the way Jordan did.

Later on, school is going okay but Kailyn is trying to decide what to do about the situation with Jordan. She went to get her hair done and decided she was ready to call it quits with him. She said it was time to break up and move on.

Kailyn called Jordan and said it was time to end things. She wants to move on. And much to her surprise, he “completely agreed.” But he did ask if their breakup had anything to do with Jo. She told him no. Jordan told her he was tired of the fighting and the bickering but that he was going to miss her and Isaac.

Kailyn was sad but relieved things were over with Jordan. On Sunday, she went to meet Jo to pickup Isaac. They talk about Isaac and Jordan. Jo asked her if she was going to start dating and she said “sometime, but I’m not going to go looking for it.”

Jo admitted that he wasn’t single anymore. Kailyn asked him who he was dating and he said Vee. Jo asked if she wanted to meet her and Kailyn said “absolutely not! I’m happy you’re happy,” she explained, “but it’s hard to think of someone else stepping in with Isaac as a mother figure.”

She went on to say she couldn’t help but wonder if they’d get back together someday. “It’s sad because Isaac will never know what it’s like to have parents together,” she cried, then got up to leave.

Jo walked out to her car and found her crying. She told him she didn’t want to think about them never getting back together. “Isaac will never know what it’s like to have a family together.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Jo said. “It doesn’t bother me anymore, it really doesn’t,” he added and then walked away.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you think Leah has found a good guy? What about Jenelle’s new man? Do you think Chelsea will continue with therapy? And where do you think Kailyn will go from here? Post a comment below and tell us what you think.

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2 Responses to “Teen Mom 2 Recap: Letting Go Through Smiles & Tears”

  1. Karen Says:
    December 18th, 2012 at 11:49 am

    Chelsea & Jenelle need both psychiatic help as well as counseling. Jenelle needs to focus on Jace not boys, drugs or thievery. Chelsea needs to focus on herself & Aubree & her education not boys. Adam is bad news for for her. Chelsea needs psychiatric help & therapy. Leah is too busy focusing on boys than her children. Leah cheated & will do it again. Kailyn just needs to move on & realize life isn’t always as you plan it.

  2. carmin robertson Says:
    January 4th, 2013 at 8:27 am



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