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Real Housewives of Miami: Parents Fly South

December 20, 2012 10:59 PM by Megan Wilson

This week on The Real Housewives of Miami things stayed quite cordial since almost every housewife had in-laws arrive before each pair took off for a vacation to Bimini.  There were parties galore, along with more drama from Elaine!  What happened?  Read below to find out!

Lea opened the episode, by hosting a birthday party for their 11 year old son.  Lisa arrived WAY early, and thought the house was less than impressive.  Adriana and Alexia showed up, along with Lisa Plier.  They sit and gossip, while Ana dishes to her daughters about the Elaine and Marisol drama.  Ana says she’s pissed about Marisol not defending her.

Lisa is expecting some important guests over at her house: Lenny’s parents are coming in while Lisa goes to Biminy.  The in-laws completely ignore Lisa, even going so far as to greet the dogs and ignoring Lisa!  They also drop a not-so-subtle hint by saying “Where’s a grandchild?” Which is not only rude, but makes Lisa completely feel like crap.

Marysol has made an appointment with Elaine to clear the air.  Elaine shows up in all his splendor, while Marysol says that she thinks that Elaine’s stirring up the drama because of Leah.  Marysol says that when James is James, he’s easy to get along with, but when James is Elaine, he’s hard to get along with.  Marysol has no idea what she’s apologizing for.

Lisa decided to get some acupuncture done to help her get pregnant and carry the baby to term.  Lisa is a needlephobe (ME, TOO!), but after three miscarriages, she’s desperate to try anything!

Karent grabs Rodolfo and takes him back for a cleaning.  She talks to Rodolfo about Lisa’s fertility issues, and she admits to Rodolfo that she wants to get married have a baby.  Rodolfo says he’s not ready because he travels too much.

Karent and Lisa meet up for lunch with Joanna to see if Rodolfo is just playing her.  Joanna seems to think Rodolfo is a BIG TIME player, and is just looking to have fun.  The trio of ladies head to the bathroom so the guys can go over Rodolfo with a fine-toothed comb.  Rodolfo admits he’s been engaged before, and after a bad break-up, he’s trepeditious to jump into the marriage pool again.

Adriana comes home to find her in-laws visiting from Paris, who are celebrating their 50th anniversary!  Adriana discovers that she’s going to be throwing a party for the pair, and her mother in law has a vintage Dior dress for the occasion.

Joanna rushes off to meet her mom and sister who’ve arrived from LA.  Joanna and her mom have a heart to heart, where Joanna admits that she wants to have kids, but is unsure of her relationship with Roman-as they fight quite frequently.  Her mother tells her that a big stumbling block is her drinking; Joanna admits she needs to stop.

Lisa throws a Seder for family, friends, and parents alike.  The subject of Lisa’s fertility comes up, but she changes the subject by making a toast to America.  Later in the day, Lisa attempts to cook with Lisa’s mom, which ends up a disaster, as Lisa has to keep defending her way of life.

Frederick’s parent’s 50th anniversary arrives, and Suzanne arrives in the vintage Dior dress.  Other party-goers arrive, and the event is gorgeous.  Marysol admits during the dinner she’s nervous about getting married, as her past relationships have fallen apart.  Shortly after, Marisol dresses up as a Brazilian dancer and drummers come out to spice things up!

Ana and Robert dredge up old business, trying to figure out what to do now that the relationship is over.  Robert tries to bring up the subject of the divorce, but it’s quickly dismissed.

In the preview of the next episode, it seems like everything is falling apart with cheating accusations flying all over!  Will you be tuning in?

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