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Laura Kathleen’s PRAS Flapper Face Off Flop

December 21, 2012 01:20 PM by Donna W. Martin

On last night’s episode of Project Runway All Stars, we said goodbye to Laura Kathleen when her 1920’s inspired design failed to measure up. Keep reading to find out what Laura Kathleen had to say about getting eliminated from the competition.

According to Lifetime, Laura Kathleen wasn’t upset at all about her elimination. In fact, she was relieved she wouldn’t have to sew anymore. “I don’t like sewing that’s why I have a manufacturer,” she explained, “so I am kind of relieved not to have to do that anymore.”

“Right now, I feel happy about what I did on the runway so that’s really all I can be at this moment. [Did I] “want to go all the way to the end? Absolutely, but something else is in the cards.”

She went on to say, “this show is extremely unpredictable” so she wasn’t sure who would be going home. “I know Ivy was convinced she was going home,” she said. Ivy “never thought I was going home but right before we walked out on the runway, she said it’s me and I said I’m not banking on it either way.”

She explained, “Sometimes the judges go off track records and sometimes the judges go off of whatever they’re feeling. I think with what was up there, Ivy should have gone home, but that’s not what happened.”

Leaving the competition was no big deal to Laura Kathleen. “I have a business to go home to,” she said. “I think I did wonderful work here and I’m excited about what I showed to the audience.”

Despite her elimination, Laura Kathleen seemed grateful for the experience. “I’m not sad [about leaving] because I am so appreciative of everything I’ve been given in life already – even to be here and make it to the top six is huge and it’s something that so many people haven’t even been given the chance to do.”

What did you think of Laura Kathleen’s design? Did the judges make the right decision to send her home? Or should it have been Ivy going home instead? Post a comment and let us know what you think.

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Photo Credit: Lifetime

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One Response to “Laura Kathleen’s PRAS Flapper Face Off Flop”

  1. Amyjo9 Says:
    December 23rd, 2012 at 2:02 am

    Obviously, the judges were just keeping Ivy in to try and create some drama in what has otherwise been an incredibly uneventful and boring, ho-hum season. Bravo “judges” (actually the producers). By keeping Ivy in the competition with her ill conceived outfit over Laura’s outfit, which Isaac referred to as the most exquisite things we’ve seen in the challenge, you have lost all credibility in the “judging” process.

    I’m done with this garbage.


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