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Project Runway All Stars Recap: 1920’s Flapper Face Off

December 21, 2012 05:11 AM by Donna W. Martin

On tonight’s episode of Project Runway All Stars, the six remaining designers traveled back in time to the roaring twenties where they drew inspiration to create a modern look. But, that’s not all; this week’s challenge was a fashion face off! Who went head-to-head? Who passed the test? And who got a failing grade? Take the jump to find out.

For this week’s challenge, Carolyn held out six envelopes and each designer picked one. Each envelope contained the name of an event from the 1920’s. In all, there were three events, two of each.

The designers picked an envelope and then opened them to see who they were against in the face off. Emilio and Joshua had the afternoon garden party, Ivy and Anthony Ryan had the afterhour’s speakeasy, and Uli and Laura Kathleen had the evening social soiree.

Each event would have a high score and a low score. The challenge winner would be chosen from the high scores and the losing designer from the low scores.

The designers went to the workroom where they sketched for 30 minutes. Then they headed out to Mood. They were given a budget of $250 and 30 minutes to shop.

Back in the workroom, Laura Kathleen made a snide comment about using feathers, which scored a direct hit with Uli who had used feathers in her designs for the last several challenges. “I’ll combat trims and feathers with fur,” Laura Kathleen said.

Joshua said he wanted to create a clean, classic, great daywear look while Anthony Ryan chose a full-feathered capelet. Joshua gave the idea a thumbs up as well as a quick modeling.

Then Joanna Coles came in to peek at each designer’s work in progress. She told Uli her design felt similar to something she’d already done. But she liked Laura Kathleen’s pants and Anthony Ryan’s capelet. Then she cautioned Emilio saying his choice of fabric could be found on grandma’s couch.

At the model fitting, Uli’s design came up short when it was completely see through but she scurried to make an undergarment to correct the oversight.

The next day, the designers had two hours to complete their look. And nasty comments were abundant. Laura Kathleen said Uli’s designs looked like that of a stylist instead of a designer. But she wasn’t the only one who had something ugly to say about someone else’s work. Ivy said Anthony Ryan’s dress looked more like a curtain from the 1920’s than a dress from the 1920’s. And Joshua said Emilio’s designs looked like costumes and if he wasn’t careful, he was going to wedge himself into a 1920’s costume.

Before they knew it, time was up and the models hit the runway. Both looks for each event emerged together at the beginning of the runway and then each model walked individually so the designs could be compared.

Then it was judgment time. First up was Joshua. He said he wanted to explore the freedom and fluidity of the 1920’s. Georgina said she loved the cut of the dress and that it felt modern. Guest judge and designer, Jenny Packham said the design was snappy and had a great shape. Guest judge and actress Gretchen Mol said she was struck by the lime stripe on the back. Carolyn said it was modern and had a great cut but it was too safe. Isaac agreed saying it wasn’t interesting enough but it was good looking and could be very commercial if presented properly.

Emilio said he was inspired by print fabric and used a geometric pattern. Carolyn said she loved the detailing in the back and Gretchen said the dress looked “really ladylike.” Jenny said it was a very elegant design but it was more dated than she’d like it to have been and Georgina agreed saying it lacked personality.

Uli said she wanted her design to have a loose fit and used fringe for movement. Isaac said the design was great and that he loved it but he didn’t like “white” fringe. Jenny said it felt very modern and Carolyn said she liked the cow-neck shawl.

Laura Kathleen chose to go with a whimsical pant look. Isaac said there were brilliant things about the ensemble but the fur was too much and the look “went cavewoman.” Jenny said the design was very sophisticated and “looked beautiful on the catwalk.” Carolyn said she didn’t love how the pants flared out to the side. Georgina agreed saying, “Trousers need to be perfect.”

Ivy said she wanted to create a geometric silhouette and used feathers to give her look more femininity. Carolyn said the look was “too literal” and Isaac said it “feels heavy.” Jenny added that the feathers were too light and Gretchen said the dress looked like something she’d see worn to an art opening.

And last but not least was Anthony Ryan. Jenny said she loved the design and thought it was very modern but the “underneath could have been closer to the body.” Gretchen said it was young, fun, and very striking. Isaac said he didn’t like the feathered capelet then reconsidered and said he did in fact like it. Georgina said Anthony Ryan had a good way of taking something and making it his own to create a modern, young, fresh look.

So who had the high score and who had the low score for each event? Joshua had the low and Emilio had the high for the garden party event. Laura Kathleen had the low and Uli had the high for the evening social soiree. And Ivy had the low and Anthony Ryan had the high for the afterhour’s speakeasy.

The designers were dismissed while the judges made their final decisions and then they were called back to the runway.

Uli, Emilio, and Anthony Ryan had the high scores and one was this week’s winner. Carolyn told Emilio he was safe and then Anthony Ryan he was the winner. “Your look was stunning,” she said.

Anthony Ryan left the runway and quipped, “Ivy rated my design a 5; I bet she won’t do that again!”

Carolyn told Uli she was also safe. Then she moved on to the three low scores, Ivy, Laura Kathleen, and Joshua. Carolyn told Joshua he was safe and could leave the runway.

Then it was down to Ivy and Laura Kathleen. Isn’t it funny how the two who trash talked their competitors the most ended up being the bottom two?

Carolyn told Ivy she had chosen an amazing fabric and her intention was clear but her modern version was weighed down. “If you stay, you need to get back on track and quickly,” she said.

Then she told Laura Kathleen her pantsuit was wonderful but showing it with fur was a mistake – the look was so much lighter without it. “If you stay, you’ve got to start showing some versatility.”

“Laura Kathleen, you are out,” Carolyn said, “and Ivy, you are in.”

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Were you glad to see Laura Kathleen go home? Who do you think is going to win? Post a comment and let us know.

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