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Teen Mom 2 Recap: Something To Build On

December 25, 2012 11:21 AM by Donna W. Martin

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, the four moms faced some tough decisions and tried to sort out where they wanted to go from here. Who made good decisions? Who made bad decisions? And who was left feeling confused? Take the jump to get all the details.

Here’s what happened tonight…


Now that things are official between Leah and Jeremy she decided it was time for him to meet her family. They went to her mom’s house and spent some time with her mom, stepdad, sister, and brother.

Leah’s mom asked him what type of work he did and if he was okay with Leah having two babies because she came as a package deal. Jeremy said he was fine with it. Then her stepdad asked him to step outside so they could talk. He told Jeremy that Leah needs a lot of support because she has two babies and is trying to get through school and told him a lot of the burden would fall on him to take care of her and the girls.

Meanwhile, the women talked inside about how much stability Jeremy has and how good he is with the girls.

Things went well between Leah’s family and Jeremy. So next, he went with Leah to drop off the girls with Corey. Corey and Jeremy shook hands but didn’t have much to say to each other. Leah kisses the girls bye and they go their separate ways.

The next day Corey talked to his dad about Leah having a new boyfriend and admitted he was jealous. He told his dad that he thought she was moving on fast and that he regretted the divorce and was confused.

Later on, Corey texts Leah and told her he missed her and their family. She said, “Huhh?”

Corey said he had to tell her how he felt even though he knew she was happy with Jeremy and he didn’t want to get in the way of their relationship.

When it was time for Leah to go meet Corey again to drop off the girls, she was confused by his texts but wasn’t sure if she should bring them up. However, she didn’t have to because he did. He said he didn’t want to confuse her or ruin what she had with Jeremy but he had to tell her how he felt.

She was confused because he never expressed those feelings when they were together. He told her if she was happy not to worry about it. Then she asked him if he regretted getting a divorce and he said yeah, big time. He told her he thought he’d move on and find someone that would treat him right after the two of them split up, but he couldn’t find the feeling he had with her. He talked about the possibility of a chance of them getting back together and told her it didn’t have to be tomorrow or in a year. She sat quietly and he left. She sat in the car and cried.

Later, she went to her mom’s house and talked to her sister about the situation with Corey. Her sister told her she thought the only reason Corey was doing this was that he knew she had moved on and was happy. Leah was confused and upset because she has feelings for Jeremy but she has a family with Corey.


Jenelle has been able to stay clean for probation but it’s been hard for her. She’s been fighting and arguing with her mom because they keep getting on each other’s nerves, especially about Jace.

Jenelle went to see Josh and talked to him about wanting to move out of her mom’s house. He suggested she move in with him and his mom because they were looking for a roommate to help share the bills. He showed her around the house and she told him if she decided to move in that they’d have to take their relationship slow. She wanted to move out with Jace but realized it’s a big step to move in with a guy so she wanted to take some time to think about it.

Later, school hasn’t been going so well and she’s still unsure about moving in with Josh. She met her friend Amber and talked to her about being Josh’s roommate. She told Amber if things didn’t work out between her and Josh that she could still live there as a roommate because the house was a three bedrooms… but Barbara doesn’t know yet.

Jenelle has been staying clean and getting closer to Jace. She thought about it, decided she was ready to try living on her own, and wanted to move in with Josh and his mom. She admitted she was going to miss Jace but hopes Barbara will let her take care of him some at the new place.

Later on, Jenelle went out to eat with Barbara and Jace. She talked about moving in with Josh and Barbara told her she thought it was too soon. Jenelle told her the arguing between them needed to stop especially in front of Jace. Barbara told her she thought she should stay home with Jace. Jenelle explained that she wanted to take care of Jace once a week at Josh’s house to move toward getting custody back. Barbara didn’t say no but she did say she’d have to see where Jenelle would be living and meet Josh’s mom to make sure it was a suitable environment for Jace.

Barbara helped Jenelle move in at Josh’s house. She met his mom and was pleased with how attentive Josh was to Jace and said if that type of behavior continued that she’d let Jenelle take Jace overnight… but the pool would have to be addressed.

After the move, Barbara and Jenelle took Jace for ice cream. Barbara told Jenelle this might be a good move and told her it was time she start living on her own.


Things have been going pretty good for Chelsea and Aubree. Chelsea has been giving some thought to therapy but doesn’t think she needs it to be able to get over Adam.

Chelsea, Aubree, and her mom Mary went to the salon to get their nails done. This was Aubree’s first manicure. Chelsea and her mom talked about therapy and she told her mom she didn’t think she wanted to go anymore.

Later, Chelsea took a GED math practice test and she failed it. Her friends Landon and Erika came over and she told them she wanted her own salon. She said she wanted to start school. Landon said he’s go with her because he’s already been through it.

Chelsea left Aubree with her mom and her and Landon went to Black Hills Beauty College for a tour. After Landon gave her a tour, they went to talk to Jake, the Student Admissions Counselor. He told her to work on finishing her GED and then they’d schedule an admissions exam to ensure she could handle the course work.

Later, Aubree spent the night with Adam’s parents. Chelsea made dinner for some of her friends. They talked about how much she loved the beauty college. Chelsea plans to complete her GED and then start beauty college when the next class comes available.


Kailyn has been feeling overwhelmed because Jo is dating Vee, there’s no fixing things with Jordan, her mom’s delusional and missing from her life, and she feels all alone.

She talked with her friend GiGi and told her she felt as if there was nothing left for her in Pennsylvania and that she was considering packing up and going to Texas to visit family. She told GiGi she was thinking of going for a short weekend trip while Jo had Isaac. She said she’d never known what it was like to have family support and she wanted that.

Later, Kailyn called her cousin Kaylie in Texas. She told her she was tired of PA that she’d broken up with her boyfriend that Jo had a new girlfriend, and she just wanted to get out of town. Kaylie told her to come whenever, “We love you and want to spend time with you,” she said. Kailyn told her she’d figure everything out and get back with her.

When she went to drop Isaac off at Jo’s for the weekend, she mentioned swapping weekends so she could go to Texas and connect with some of her family and he told her just to let him know so he could make arrangements in his schedule.

Later on, Kailyn found a flight to Texas and looked forward to getting out of town. She called Kaylie to let her know when she was coming. Kaylie said she wished Isaac was coming with her and told Kailyn she wanted her to feel welcome and come for a visit whenever she wanted to. Kailyn plans to leave in a week.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you think Corey really wants Leah back? Or is he just trying to mess up her relationship with Jeremy? Do you think Jenelle’s new living arrangement will work out? Will Chelsea go to beauty school? And what do you think will happen when Kailyn goes to Texas? Post a comment and let us know.

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