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Project Runway All Stars Recap: Retail Ready To Wear Fashion

December 28, 2012 06:00 AM by Donna W. Martin

On tonight’s episode of Project Runway All Stars, the five remaining designers were faced with a retail ready to wear challenge. And there was a fabulous prize for the winner too! Who had their design all sewn up? Who failed to make the cut? Take the jump to find out…

Tonight’s episode started with the designers strolling down 5th Avenue to Elie Tahari’s design studio where the met up with Carolyn and Elie. Carolyn described this week’s challenge as a retail ready to wear design taken to the next level, a wow look. She explained, “You are catering to a modern, sophisticated, and feminine lady” while working toward the “most important number in the business, the retail price.”

She went on to say, “Your designs, fabrics, embellishments, and the amount of work it takes to manufacture” your garments must be at a cost low enough to make a profit when the retail price point is between $500 to $700.

The winner of this week’s challenge will win a prize Elie told the designers. He said his company would manufacture the winner’s garment, feature it in their windows, and sell the design in all their stores and online at elietahari.com. Plus, all profits made from the sale of the winning design would go to benefit Save the Garment Center there in New York.

Carolyn told the designers that Elie’s team would be on hand during the challenge to make sure the design and fabric they chose would hit the targeted retail price point. And Elie told them they would have full access to his fabric floor and could choose whatever they wanted to create their design.

Carolyn instructed them to gather their briefs and HP tablets with Intel to begin their sketches. After 30 minutes, the designers headed to the fabric floor. Once they chose their fabrics, the designers went to the cutting room where they had a price consultation with one of Elie’s staff. Then it was back to the workroom to get busy.

Back in the workroom, Uli realized she was the only designer to choose white fabric, which worried her because everyone else had chosen a color or print.

Later, Joanna and Elie come in to have a look at the designers work in process. Elie told Ivy she had chosen a bold print and it showed she had a lot of guts but it should be shorter. Then he questioned what was going on with Joshua’s open front garment and said that the fuchsia fabric and lace took the garment to another place.

Joanna said Emilio’s design looked hard to wear and Elie said the back without the coloring blocking looked stronger. Then they moved on to Uli. She was still worried about her fabric choice and fussed over her design. Elie told her it looked heavy to wear and Joanna said the garment looked enormous.

Anthony Ryan described his garment as casual but still forward. Joanna and Elie could see it was a look that could be worn to work and then after. Elie gave him a little heart to heart and told him you appreciate things more when you fight for them. As Joanna and Elie left the workroom, he told the designers to work with “all love; no fear.”

Then the designers got busy making changes. Uli removed the center drape of fabric on the front of her dress and Emilio took out the color blocking to make the entire dress have the same look as the back that Elie liked so much.

Anthony Ryan and Ivy took a short break to video chat. Anthony Ryan chatted with his boyfriend and Ivy with Casanova. Teary-eyed, she confided in Casanova that she felt discouraged but he told her to fight; she wasn’t a loser.

Then it was time for the model fittings. Anthony Ryan’s design fit pretty good but he needed to make some minor adjustments on the sides. Uli however, needed to take in two inches on each side because her manikin was larger than her model. And poor Joshua had to deal with droopy boobs and a weird zipper in the back. Uh oh…

Before they knew it, time was up for the day and the designer’s called it a night. Back at the hotel, they spent some time talking about Elie Tahari. They talked about how he got his start in the fashion industry, and how they needed to be appreciative for what they have. Elie came to New York with only $30, slept in Central Park, and worked as an electrician, but now has the largest design studio on 5th Avenue.

The next day, the designers had two hours to finish their garments before it was time to hit the runway. Uli was wishing she had chosen a print fabric while she worked on her garment’s lining, zipper, and took it in two inches on each side.

Ivy was busy working on the neckline and armholes for her dress but she ignored Elie’s advice to shorten her garment. And Joshua’s zipper is still giving him problems. It has created a wave effect down the back of his dress. “It looks like there’s a dump in her butt,” he said referring to his model. But he couldn’t fix it because it was runway time.

After the models walked, the judges weighed in on each of the designs. Uli was up first. Georgina said the detailing was pretty on the shoulder and that it drew attention to the models face. Isaac said he liked the length of the dress. Carolyn loved it and guest judge Stacy Keibler said it was classy and that she would wear it. Elie Tahari added, “You used the fringe in the right way.”

Then it was on to Ivy’s panel print. Carolyn said she loved the color blocking but didn’t like the slits on the sides. Georgina added the length made the dress feel frumpy. And Elie said the print should lift up and make it lighter. “The black at the bottom should be tucked; she looks heavy,” he said.

The judges said the way Anthony Ryan cut the fabric and gave his dress pockets made the garment feel young and fresh. Elie added the design was easy to wear. “I was impressed,” he said.

Georgina loved Joshua’s fabric color choice but said the profile of his design looked like the breasts were down to the model’s waist. “No one wants droopy breasts,” she said.

Isaac said, “The fabric is gorgeous but I take issue with the fit a lot, I take issue with the length, and the zip thing in the back. I don’t even want to talk about the zip thing in the back. But the lace appliqué makes it go modern.”

Elie said Joshua had a delicious fabric but he got in trouble when he added lace to the dress that did not stretch and Carolyn said the zipper cheapened the dress.

Emilio’s dress was somewhat plain but the judges still believed it was a sellable garment. It was better than some they had seen. “It was a fine dress,” they said. And after the designers left the runway for the judges’ final deliberations, Isaac even said, “I won’t let Emilio go this week. I will lie down on the runway.” Georgina agreed.

Elie said his favorite designs belonged to Anthony Ryan and Uli. All the other judges agreed they were the high scores. The designers in the bottom two were Ivy and Joshua. Georgina said, “I am really torn.”

The judges had to decide who to keep. Ivy does too little. Joshua does too much. So the question was should they keep Ivy and push her to do more or keep Joshua and encourage him to tone down?

The judges made their decision and called the designers back to the runway. Carolyn called Uli and Anthony Ryan and told them one of them was the winner and would have their design manufactured and sold by Elie Tahari designs.

“Anthony Ryan, you are the winner,” she said.

Elie said, “I started 40 years ago on that stage and giving something back is a wonderful feeling.”

Carolyn told Uli she was safe. Then she told Joshua, Emilio, and Ivy they had the low scores.

“Emilio, you are safe,” she said.

Then it was down to Joshua and Ivy. Carolyn said, “Joshua, your fabric was gorgeous. It had so much potential but in your hands, it became average.”

“Ivy, your dress may have worked once a woman put it on but she’s got to want to take it off the hanger first,” Carolyn said.

Then she said, “Ivy, you are out. Joshua, you are in.”

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Whose design was your favorite? And do you agree with the judges’ decision to send Ivy home? Post a comment below and let us know.

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