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Mobbed: My Father The Hero Recap

January 02, 2013 10:57 PM by Megan Wilson

Welcome to a brand new special season of Mobbed!  This show takes extraordinary people, and give them an incredible honor.  An unexpected flash mob!  Hosted by America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel and a crew of helpers trying to deliver the surprise of a lifetime.

We open with Missie Holiday in Cincinatti Ohio, who talks about her father, a firefighter.  In a tragic accident, he lost one of his daughters, and even his firefighting skills couldn’t save her.  Missie begs Mobbed to honor her father and celebrate his life.   The crew want to incorporate meeting the recipients of the lost daughter’s organs, in an attempt to continue her legacy.

Her father, Andy, started out as mayor, became fire chief, and has continued his firefighting career for 47 years.  Missie’s sister was in a tragic accident on an icy road, and didn’t survive.  When they were faced with the decision of donating her organs, they had no idea the lives they would save.  Her organs went to four individuals, saving their lives.

The flash mob gets started out in Santa Monica.  They want to get Andy to believe he’s posing for a firefighter calendar that honors heroes.  The big issue is that Missy’s father is 75 years old!  In a sprawling Santa Monica shopping center, the ruse begins.  The crew decides to set up sound proof curtains in a vacant space in order to make it seem like an actual photo shoot.

The dance mob will be performing to the song “Halo”.  Missy shows up to watch the dance so far.  She’s incredibly touched by the dance, and everyone in the room is in tears!

The ruse is getting set up, and the crew has got quite a few tricks up their sleeves.  They’re going to try to convince Andy to don a thong for a photoshoot!  They think that Andy will catch onto their game, but they don’t have any other choice at this point!

In the mob today are quite a few special guests-not only are DeeDee’s organ recipients present, but along with them are organ recipients from across the country.

The mob starts in five minutes, and everyone is waiting for Andy to show up.  Once he enters the fake studio, Andy meets the photographer for the calendar, and sees his wardrobe-which there’s not much of fabric-wise.  He does, however, man up and wear the outfit.  What he sees off to the side though concerns him-another firefighter completely naked, scarcely covered with a firefighters hat.  As Andy gets upset and ready to leave, the mob begins with a Blues brothers song!

Curtains drop throughout the warehouse, and different dancing troupes start their routine.  They start walking Andy through the mall, and as he descends the elevators, the entire mall is full of dancers solely to honor him.  at the bottom level he exits the elevator into a dancing mob completely with pole dancing firefighter girls.  He makes his way to the podium in complete and utter shock, when out comes Missy.  After a short speech, Missy brings out his wife.  Andy admits he’s taken completely by surprise, and Missy talks about DeeDee and her incredible legacy, as the dancers perform “Halo”.

After the song finishes, they put pictures of Missy up on the mall’s jumbo-tron.  Once her finishes her speech, the crowd separates and a separate group of individuals representing every year that DeeDee saved with her organs, which has totaled 36 years so far.  In a final honor, Missy bring out the individuals that received DeeDee’s organs.

Kim & Cindy’s mom received a kidney, and lived 17 years.

Leah, who received DeeDee’s heart, and is still alive today.

It was a tearful reunion for the whole family.

Howie jumps on stage and the real party begins!

Andy admitted that he was absolutely blindsided by the mob, and was incredibly touched by the gesture.

What did you think of the episode?

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