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Mobbed: Marry Me Now Or It’s Over Recap

January 03, 2013 06:59 PM by Candace Young

Tonight, a woman will give her long-term live-in boyfriend a life-changing ultimatum on Mobbedmarry her or she will move out and move on! Cheryl just turned 50 years old and calls Terry a wonderful man, who needs to make a commitment and make an honest woman out of her. Will her gamble pay off or will she wind up miserable?

Howie Mandel is shocked to hear that Cheryl and Terry have never discussed marriage before, but thinks that’s the fun of it. Some of Howie’s Mobbed team members believe Terry will run for the hills, others think he will accept.  Cheryl and Terry have been together 4 1/2 years and live on an organic farm.  Cheryl explains she’s never had the nerve to sit Terry down and ask him about marriage…but seemingly has no qualms about doing it on national television!

A Mobbed producer goes to meet Terry at the farm under the guise of inviting him to be on a cooking show. He gets Terry working in the kitchen and chats to him about Cheryl and marriage. Terry doesn’t think he needs the ring to be committed forever. “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.”

Howie is busy helping turn a Universal Studios movie lot/theme park into a scene where an instant wedding could take place. Cheryl is there to help choose the ‘venue’. They choose a set of a French street – except there’s a horror themed event being set up there. Howie decrees that it will have to go. They plot about the fake organic cooking show being filmed in the setting and spot a fifties diner that is perfect. Cheryl reiterates that she will walk away if Terry says no. Cheryl will pretend to be surprised about the setting for the cooking show, even though she’s in on it.

It’s glitch time – Universal Studios theme park doesn’t close until six so they can’t rehearse their ‘mob’, comprised of 1000 people, until late. With only three days to go they finally get into rehearsal. Cheryl shows her stuff. The choreography involves the twist.

As everything is set up, Howie is loving it. His big concern is working around the swarming tourists. He takes Cheryl to the tents where they will control everything. Her nerves kick in and she rambles and seems weepy. Howie thinks she is sensing the enormity of her decision for the first time.

The scenario will involve one of the producers telling Terry that he doesn’t ‘feel’ his connection with Cheryl as they tape the cooking show; questioning their love. It also requires Cheryl to wear a ‘quick change’ dress that will become a wedding gown in the middle of the mob.

One hour to crunch time, the park has closed and they are scrambling to set up and do a last rehearsal with the mob. There’s a scary amount of confusion as Howie calls out that Terry is due in 10 minutes.

Cheryl and Terry greet the producer near the cafe. Terry tells him the most important ingredient in cooking is butter and fat. The producer tells him it’s love. Terry looks dubious. Cheryl goes to the restroom and the producer winds Terry up about their relationship – there’s no passion, no commitment. Terry blurts that it could be him – he’s not sure he could be married again. In the tent, Howie groans and holds his head. Cheryl returns and the producer questions if they’re right for the show – there’s something missing. He hollers to the couple at the table next to them to show him they’re in love. They start singing, as do other ‘characters’ around. Terry looks puzzled but grins accommodatingly.

Soon it’s like a Broadway production happening around them. Terry claps along rather confusedly, and ends up gamely joining in the dancing as they’re taken into the fifties diner. There the dancing and singing continues. Howie laughs that Terry has NO idea this is about him! Suddenly, Cheryl hollers, “Stop!” She launches into her choreographed dance with the group. Terry looks totally puzzled, and a bit uncomfortable. When the music stops, Terry claps, clearly impressed, and joins Cheryl in the spotlight…

She tells him she loves him but needs a little more. “I’ll see you in a minute.” She disappears and Terry hears the strains of “I Think I Wanna Marry You” playing. He sees Cheryl at the end of a long white carpet ‘aisle’. They awkwardly look at each other as the mob dances and gestures. Bridesmaids and groomsmen block Cheryl for a brief moment and then her wedding gown is revealed. Terry gasps. She tells him then, that if he doesn’t marry her tonight, she’s going to walk away from him forever. A minister takes the mic. He asks Cheryl if she takes Terry to be her husband. She says, “I do.” Next, Terry is asked if he takes Cheryl to be his wife…

He DOES!! Screaming, clapping, and kissing ensue! Aww! Howie appears and Terry confirms he had no idea what was going on. Howie teases Terry about taking it real slow, saying tonight they did it real fast! Celebrating and dancing kicks off. Terry kisses his bride repeatedly. Later, he admits he went along with everything thinking it was all part of the cooking show! Hilarious!

Did you love tonight’s episode?

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3 Responses to “Mobbed: Marry Me Now Or It’s Over Recap”

  1. Crissi Says:
    January 3rd, 2013 at 9:56 pm

    I’m watching this episode right now, and I am floored! That poor guy was so not sure about marriage at all before the mob scene even happened, and then he’s roped into saying yes right there on national TV in front of hundreds of strangers or his girl walks? I think his girl is more crazy than romantic to have put together a stunt like this without knowing right away that he would say yes. She totally forced him into saying yes!

  2. Steve Says:
    January 3rd, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    Phew! I had to run out real fast right before the ending… Glad i found the ending details on this site, even though I couldve waited for it to appear on the fox site. THANKS!

  3. DJ Says:
    January 5th, 2013 at 2:20 am

    Crissi nailed it. He was bullied, harrassed & shamed into doing something that he didn’t really want.


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