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Mobbed: We’re Having A Baby Recap

January 03, 2013 08:00 PM by Candace Young

In the second Mobbed episode tonight, a couple has been trying to get pregnant for over five years, and Deanna Scott has finally found out she’s expecting a baby and has confirmed its a healthy pregnancy. She wants Mobbed to help her tell her husband, Kevin, in a big and amazing way. How will Kevin handle such a public announcement?

Howie Mandel and the Mobbed team first decide that her doctor should be involved – Howie’s going to the gynecologist! He’s excited about a secret coming out on the show – you’re going to be a father, we’re going to be a family.

Deanna describes to the camera how she had almost got to the point where she thought a baby wasn’t meant to be. She says Kevin never gave up hope.

Howie visits the gynecologist and forms a plan surrounding an ultrasound photo. His crew, meanwhile, is planning the mob – everyone will be pushing strollers. A group of fitness moms pushing strollers magically appear and Howie has them demonstrate their exercises. Howie then describes wanting to use a huge blow-up of their ultrasound photo as part of the reveal. They agree on the idea of an art exhibit, and Howie wants to use a child as the ruse to get Kevin to where he’s supposed to be. The team is skeptical to say the least, citing the unreliability of children. Howie ignores them and imagines the child teasing Kevin that he doesn’t like children before the strollers show up.

The producers visit Deanna and Kevin at home under the guise of doing a home makeover show. They give the producers a tour and Deanna notes the room that may one day be a nursery. Kevin blurts that they are considering adoption. Alone, he gets interviewed about their difficulties conceiving and how much he wants to be a father. He thinks a nursery might bring good karma. He says it would be amazing if Deanna got pregnant.

Deanna visits the dance studio to see the choreography being planned and practiced. They tell her about the sonogram being blown up and how it will be part of the reveal.

A hormonal Deanna tells Howie she’s second-guessing herself and almost didn’t show up. She questions if she should be telling Kevin the baby news privately, and warns the announcement has to be magical – not funny.

Children are brought to the set, and Howie is fascinated to see they have come with teachers so they don’t miss school. Howie joins the ‘class’ while his team puts the mob through their paces – only 3 hours to go! Deanna arrives for a walk-through and is amazed he’s brought percussion performers from Vegas. Howie tells Deanna how the ruse will go – a woman will ask them to watch her little girl for a moment, Deanna will somehow move away, and the little girl will tease Kevin about not liking children to mess with him. Once the mob has performed, their huge wedding picture will appear – when they turn it over, it will be the ultrasound photo. Howie amazes Deanna by giving her a piggyback ride out of there!

Soon, Deanna and Kevin are on the property and making their way up the street.

They are seated in a VIP waiting area. As the scenario goes into action, a random guy blocks the screen. Howie hollers for him to be moved. The mother leaves her little girl, Theresa, with Kevin and Deanna at their table and goes. Kevin gamely holds the girl’s doll. Deanna is taken away to sign some papers. Theresa and her doll dance for Kevin and she grills him on why he doesn’t have a baby. As Kevin shifts in his seat, Theresa gets him to hold her doll again. He cradles it and gives it back.

Suddenly, the child actors’ teacher appears and approaches Theresa, asking if she’s okay and if she’s bored! Howie and the team blow a gasket! She doesn’t seem to know they are ‘on’ and is ruining the ruse!! Kevin asks the woman if she knows the girl. She says she’s a welfare worker and tells Kevin that children can’t come out to work without her being present! Howie cues Theresa to drag Kevin away from the table. She does, and the mob begins dancing with strollers.

Kevin looks positively mystified as he is surrounded by dancers with strollers singing “Baby Love.” Howie and crew howl as he tries to text Deanna!  Soon there are children dancing and the percussionists from Vegas do their bit. The dancers with the huge photo of Deanna and Kevin’s wedding appear. They part and Deanna appears, dancing in a red skirt and black leather jacket.  Kevin grins stupidly.

The music stops and Deanna takes Kevin over by the huge wedding photo. She’s emotional as she tells him this isn’t the picture she brought him here to see…

As the photo flips to the sonogram, Deanna opens her jacket. She’s wearing a t-shirt saying ‘Baby Here’ with an arrow pointing down. Kevin is thrilled and in disbelief! He jokes that he thought she was going to tell him they were adopting Theresa! Hilarious!

Howie comes out and “Baby Love” kicks back in as Kevin and Deanna celebrate. After, Kevin talks about how bizarre it all was, and they joke about baby names.  Photos are shown at the end – they had a little baby girl they called, ‘Ever’.

How did you like this episode of Mobbed?

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  1. Kaysa Sandifer Says:
    August 1st, 2013 at 7:23 am

    I loved it. Beautiful family. So happy for them


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