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Project Runway All Stars Recap: All Stars And Stripes; A Salute To US Veterans

January 04, 2013 06:18 AM by Donna W. Martin

On tonight’s episode of Project Runway All Stars, the final four designers paid tribute to the US Armed Forces by creating custom, special event garments. Who rose to the challenge? Who failed to impress? Take the jump to find out.

The night started when the designers met Carolyn on the deck of the Intrepid. She introduced this week’s guests, four female veterans and explained this week’s challenge. The designers were asked to create custom garments for the four female guest veterans to wear to special events and the veterans would be this week’s models.

Carolyn told the designers that the judges would look at how well they worked with their veteran to create a custom design specifically for their special event.

The designers had 30 minutes to meet their veteran, learn about the event they would be attending, and sketch their designs.

Joshua’s veteran was Captain Leslie Nicole Smith, US Army. Captain Smith had a prosthetic leg but that didn’t deter her from asking Joshua to design a short dress and she loved leopard print. She said she would be attending a formal military event to honor the nation’s veterans.

Anthony Ryan’s veteran was Officer Donna Barrios, US Air Force. Officer Barrios’ event was her 40th birthday and she wanted a long strapless dress for the occasion and asked that her boobs be hidden.

Emilio’s veteran was Petty Officer First Class Lisa Dalhouse, US Navy. She said her event was her best friend’s bachelorette party in Las Vegas. She wanted something fun, short, and preferably yellow.

Uli’s veteran was Corporal Jessica Lord, US Marines. Her event was a friend’s wedding. She said her favorite color is purple and wanted a long dress much like the one Uli was wearing.

With sketches in hand, the designers were off to Mood where they had a budget of $150 and 30 minutes to shop for fabric. Emilio wanted to find a fabric that had the “wow factor” for Vegas, and Uli struggled to find a nice print in purple. The designers finished their shopping and then it was back to the workroom.

Joshua decided on a black and white print but thought it was too graphic so he decided to dye it. Emilio chose yellow fabric and decided on a design that had no glitz and wasn’t too flashy. Uli was going for a long flowing dress, and Anthony Ryan was just terrified.

Joanna Coles came into the workroom and looked at the designers’ works in progress. She told Anthony Ryan he should consider a one shoulder or strap for support. She told Uli it looked like she was designing the same dress she was wearing. She liked Emilio’s short, flirty, yellow dress but questioned whether he could pull it off. And she told Joshua he seemed to have the wind beneath his wings. As she was leaving, she told all the designers she was impressed with all their designs but told them to remember that this is a competition.

Then it was time for model fittings. Uli’s dress fit and needed very little alteration. However, Emilio needed to create a new top for his dress. Anthony Ryan discussed the need for a strap and his veteran agreed. But Joshua could not fit his model because his design wasn’t ready at that time. Then the models leave and the designers get back to work.

At the end of the night, the designers go back to their hotel room and reflect on the season. Anthony Ryan realized the final four designers left in the competition had finished second in their season except for him. He had a brief OMG moment, and then they toasted themselves as the final four and were off to bed.

The next day, they had 2 hours to wrap it up and finish their garments. Emilio realized he had to reconfigure his entire dress and Anthony Ryan tried to figure out if the illusion of the waist was going to work on his dress.

Then the models came back in for the final fitting. Anthony Ryan’s waist still wasn’t quite right so he drew it in. Joshua’s veteran loved her dress and he made an outfit for her service dog as well.

After hair and makeup, it was time to hit the runway. After the veterans walked the runway, the judges spoke to the designers and their veteran about their garments.

Joshua was up first. Guest judge, actress and designer, Katie Holmes said the dress is beautiful, it feels comfortable, and feels very you. Guest judge, designer Carmen Marc Valvo asked Captain Smith if she purposely wanted her prosthetic shown. She said, “Yes, I’m proud of my service and my survival story.”

Valvo told her he was happy she said that. Carolyn said the dress was very flattering. Isaac agreed but said he’s like to have seen the dog in something a bit more glamorous, especially because the dog’s name was also Isaac. And Georgina said she loved the illusion of breaking up the animal print.

Emilio was up next. Holmes said she loved the color and that it looked fun for the event. Georgina said it looked beautiful but asked if he had used two different fabrics. Emilio said it was all the same fabric but the top was fused, which gave it a slightly lighter shade. Georgina said, “It looks like a mistake, like you ran out of fabric.”

Carolyn said she loved the back of Uli’s dress and that it had a beautiful shape. Georgina said it was very smart making the dress feel so secure and that the high low hemline feels very free; it feels like you could have a good time in the dress. Isaac said he loved the shadowy effect around the bust line. Holmes and Valvo agreed.

Carolyn said Anthony Ryan’s design and veteran looked lovely but she felt hidden. Officer Barrios assured Carolyn that was the way she wanted it. When Carolyn asked why, Barrios said she was a bit curvier than she liked and wanted to hide the weight. Carolyn said, “That’s my issue with the dress, you look hidden…and the bust is not so flattering…you should rock them.”

Georgina said she would like to have seen Barrios’ body show up a bit more. And Holmes suggested the strap be beaded and fun. Isaac said, “I love the spirit of this. It’s not the most flattering thing but it feels fresh and young.”

Then Carolyn dismissed everyone so the judges could make their final decisions. They agreed Joshua and Uli had the two strongest designs and then argued over who should go home between Anthony Ryan and Emilio. With the final decision made, Carolyn called the designers back to the runway.

Carolyn called Joshua and Uli. She said, “One of you is this week’s winner…and that designer is…Katie will you do the honors?”

“Joshua,” Katie said.

Carolyn said his dress was perfect for Leslie’s military event. Then she told Uli she was safe and could also leave the runway.

Then she said, “Emilio, we loved the color but the execution was off. We expect perfection.”

“Anthony Ryan, your fabric choice felt fresh and young but we wish you would have celebrated your client’s curves more.” Carolyn said. “A real Project Runway All Star has to design for all body types.”

“Anthony Ryan, you are safe.”

Then there was a shocking twist. Carolyn said, “Emilio, you are also safe. This is the first time we have no reason to eliminate any of you.” She added, “But don’t get too comfortable. We’re down to the best of the best.”

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Were you surprised nobody went home? Which design was your favorite? Post a comment and let us know.

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