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Jillian Michaels’ Biggest Loser Return: Motherhood

January 07, 2013 10:00 AM by Megan Wilson

Jillian Michaels made a huge splash when she appeared on The Biggest Loser.  Her take no prisoners style of coaching made contestants squirm, and left viewers begging for more.  She left the show, and went on to appear on The Doctors, along with releasing a few fitness DVDs, and she’s now returned to The Biggest Loser campus for another season-as a mom!  Why did she return?  What’s different?  Keep reading to find out!

Jillian Michaels was one of America’s favorite trainers on the Biggest Loser, and viewers are excited to see her in the role of trainer on the new season of the famous weight loss show.  Many viewers don’t know, however, that she’s returning as a mother!  Jillian and her girlfriend, Heidi Rhodes, adopted two children:  Lukensia, 7 years old, and Pheonix, 8 months-both from Haiti.

In an interview with TV Guide, Jillian speaks on her return to the Biggest Loser, when asked about the motivation behind her return to the campus, Jillian said, “A year after I left, people on Facebook and Twitter were still like, ‘Please go back to The Biggest Loser!‘ No matter what I do – and I do everything: radio shows, DVDs, books – there’s something about the show that gets in people’s heads in a way that other mediums just can’t. If this is what resonates with my audience the most, I can’t get around that. I went to see Madonna in concert and she played all this new music. And everybody just wanted to hear ‘Holiday.’ I realized this is ‘Holiday’ for me.”  Jillian also said she missed her coaching partner, Bob Harper.  Meeting Dolvett Quince was also exciting for her.

While she wants fans to be excited about her return, she doesn’t want anyone thinking motherhood has weakened her no-holds-barred coaching style.  When asked if motherhood had changed her style, Jillian said,  “Everybody was like, ‘You’re going to be so much softer.’ And I really wanted to be, but it’s not the case.”  She did, however, say that children changed EVERYTHING. “It’s a zoo in our home. That’s my fault, because I’m the biggest kid. I throw the kids and spin them around. Even Phoenix, I hold him like an airplane. I chase the toddler all through the house and she’s screaming. It’s chaos. Heidi’s just like, ‘Oh, my God. We’re all going to have to go to the emergency room.’ I have these moments when I say, ‘Whose life is this?’ You know your life has changed when a baby pees on you and you just leave the shirt on. You think, ‘He’s just going to puke on me in a minute.’ But it’s worth it in every way.”

We can’t wait to see what the new season of The Biggest Loser holds for Jillian and the contestants!  Do you think you’ll be able to tell a difference in Jillian this year?  Let us know in the comments!

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