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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap: Moving Forward

January 07, 2013 08:27 PM by Megan Thompson

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills
is all new tonight on Bravo. After feeling attacked at Kyle’s dinner party, Brandi walks out and breaks down in tears. Plus, we get to see how Taylor is handling the lawsuits against her since Russell’s suicide.

The episode picks up with Faye bullying Brandi at Kyle’s dinner party.  After having enough of Faye’s attitude, Brandi walks out of the house.  It definitely seems that Faye just wanted some extra camera time on the show.  Kyle walks outside to find Brandi sobbing on the sidewalk, saying that she doesn’t  have to answer to Faye.   “I’m sorry I don’t feel bad about what I said,” Faye tells the women inside.  As Faye keeps yapping away, Lisa tries to defend her friend.  Even Lisa has had enough of Faye and walks out to check on Brandi.  Lisa puts Brandi in the car and heads back in the house without her sidekick.  “I have to go. I loved the food, I didn’t love the evening,” Lisa says and she walks out the door.  Can these girls ever get through a dinner without drama?

Taylor is stressed out with all her financial and legal issues, since Russell’s suicide.  So in true Beverly Hills fashion she turns to a clairvoyant to help find some answers.  A woman wearing all black bounces into Taylor’s house and gives her a black rock to release all the negativity from her life.  I think even Taylor is creeped out by this woman, but she continues to go along with it.  “Will there be an end to the litigation?” Taylor finally yells at this crazy woman.  The woman looks around and then starts yelling and shaking her head, almost like she has some form of turrets.  But the clairvoyant finally tells Taylor there will be a settlement in the near future.

It’s gossip and yoga at Kyle’s house.  Marissa, who was at Kyle’s dinner party, stops over for a private yoga session.  The women discuss the drama from the night before in between warrior poses.  The instructor can barely tolerate these women and their petty conversation.  But the kicker is that Marissa really likes Brandi and feels that she is the nicest one in the group. 

Retail therapy is just what the doctor ordered for Brandi, so she drags Lisa to the store.  Just when Brandi is getting into the shopping mode, Lisa drops a bomb. The girl who works at Lisa’s restaurant, who slept with Brandi’s ex-husband, wants to get together and talk with Brandi. ”This is the woman who had an affair with my husband, while I was pregnant.  She ruined my marriage,” Brandi tells the cameras.  An emotional Brandi says that she will do it for Lisa, but that she doesn’t really want to give the girl any of her time. 

As Taylor is packing her daughter’s lunch, her lawyer calls to discuss the lawsuit.  The lawsuit is for $1.5 million dollars and Taylor has no money to pay for it.  The lawyer gives Taylor the news that the person will accept her 10 carat wedding ring as money and drop the lawsuit.  “I feel like I’m going to be sick.  I can’t imagine anyone having the guts to ask for the wedding ring,” Taylor cries.  Not only do they want the ring they want two of her Hermes handbags!  Ouch!  I can understand not wanting to give up the handbags, but who cares about the wedding ring from her abusive husband?  Taylor decides she will think about it and hangs up the phone.

Okay, I forgot Yolanda was even a housewife!  Yolanda is at home making dinner for her family.  Just when you think Yolanda is too normal, she is telling her daughter she can’t play volleyball because athletes eat too much!  Yolanda wants her daughter to follow her modeling career and not bulk up in volleyball. 

“I would want to know what he was saying to her,” is Camille’s advice to Brandi.  Brandi is chatting with Camille if she should give “the girl” who broke up her marriage the time of day or not.  Surprisingly, Camille thinks that it will help Brandi close this chapter in her life. “If I can go to therapy with Leann and Eddie, I think I can handle this,” Brandi tells Camille. 

Like a lot of the housewives before her, Adrienne and Paul want to capitalize on their fame.  Paula and Adrienne are working on creating a skin care line.  Do they need a bigger mansion?  Adrienne admits that she is starting to separate from the group, since the argument with Brandi.

Taylor invites Lisa and Kyle to dinner to announce she has settled her lawsuit.  In the end, Taylor gave up her wedding ring and two Hermes bags.  She tears up when she tells them about the ring, but even Taylor has to admit she is relieved it is over. Everyone toasts to Taylor’s good news and they feel she has turned a corner.  Then to kill the mood, Kyle starts talking about her relationship with Kim.  It seems the two sisters can’t get along, even with Kim being sober. 

It’s the day of the big meeting, between Brandi and “the girl.”  “I need a drink for this,” Brandi says as she walks into the restaurant. After saying she is sorry, the girl starts to cry and this is where Brandi speaks up.  Brandi doesn’t think this girl has the right to cry and she tells her so. “You were the other woman, don’t get it twisted,” Brandi tells her.  The girls go back and forth about things, and Brandi hears more than she wants to.  It has to be like pouring salt into her words.  “He can’t act, but he can definitely lie,” Brandi says about Eddie.  Finally, Brandi breaks down when she starts talking about her kids.  “I will never say a bad word about their father in front of them,” she cries. 

What did you think of tonight’s RHOBH?  Let us know what you think, leave a comment below.

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